No Way Out

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Alara has hemophilia. So she bleeds more than the average person. Funny how an assassin is after her. ~~ Alara lived a normal life until she met Ashton, he was her everything. Little did she know that being with him would cause her to get kidnapped. When she was finally rescued, all she knows is that THE MAN is after her. Little does Alara know that THE MAN will stop at nothing to find her.

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Alara POV-

I was sitting in my room finishing my homework. The door opens and I assume its my brother Leo. He’s ugly, well to me he is, all the sluts are after him. He’s 6′2, muscular but not really. Eh whatever.

“hey dude I thought you were at the gym” I turn my chair to see him, but its not him. Uh oh.

“hello princess.” that’s all hear before a needle is stuck into my neck.

There was darkness all around. My head was throbbing and I could feel my chest tightening. Fuck. I was having panic attack. I leaned back only to fall on a wet concrete floor that smelled like shit. After a few minutes of laying there a I see a short burly man looking down at me.

“Get up you piece of shit” the man said.


I woke up to an annoying buzzing sound. I groaned. It better not be another bee stuck in my ear again.


Today was the day after I got rescued from hell by these so called NAVY SEALS. I mean why are they rescuing people aren’t they supposed to be in the ocean or something? whatever. I noticed a slight pain in my left ear, I barely noticed it because it was like a poke compared to what I had went through. Since I was in the hospital obviously I called for a nurse. I told her that my ear hurt, she grabbed her ear magnifying glass thingy and told me to hold still.

“Holy shi-”

“umm are you ok?” I asked

Turns out there was a bee stuck in my ear. A BEE. Luckily with the help of a few more nurses they were able to get it out.


To this day I do not know how a bee managed to get stuck in my ear. It must’ve thought my ear wax was tasty. And yes I have earwax everyone does.


It had been a 9 months since I saw my babygirl. My love. My life. Her names Alara. I don’t know where she is but I’ve never stopped loving her. As soon as her brother Leo realized she was missing he immediately called me. He knew I had eyes everywhere. But no one knew anything. The police searched for her but gave up long before I did.

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