City Lights

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"You are the best thing that has happened to me...Kim Yi seo" Min Yoongi said into my ear as we were slowly dancing to the music playing in the background.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Ring Ring” the most annoying ass ringtone wakes me up. I am not in the mood to go to school since I spent half the night drinking and clubing. But can you blame me? It was the night all the football players would be celebrating their victory for their Championship win, how could I not go?

I slowly wakes up and stretches...I feel a it was Johnny Suh, the captain of the football team. He has had a crush on me since grade school but I never gave him the time of day...but in the night was a different story...

I get up and immediately smacks him with a pillow. “Ahhh Yi Seo dont hit your boyfriend!!” Johnny says into the pillow. “You sir are not my boyfriend just a friend that....makes out with me whenever I get drunk. Anyway you need to leave before my mom walks in and finds you in my bed”. “It wouldn’t be the first time someone walks into us having some fun” he giggles and brings me down to kiss my lips. I allows it...but only for a second till we hears footsteps.

I quickly rush him out the window which is on the second floor of their apartment complex. As the door opened he slowly dropped all the way down to the ground.

My mom slowly walked in to find me by my window. “What are you doing?” her mom looks at me with a smirk on her face. “I’m just....getting some air, it is very hot in the house”. My mom knows what ’s going on. She laughs and says “Johnny you better have used protection!!“. “Uhhhh.....yes ma’am” was all that came out from the window.

My mom slowly laughs and says in a serious tone, “Get dressed I want you to meet someone who will be staying with us. He has no where to live and he is the son of my dear friend who sadly passed away in a car accident. I said he can live with us till he graduates and is steady on his feet.”

I make a pouty face which my mom delivers right back at me and sticks out her tongue. “Your such a child” I tell her. ” You are a child” she responds back. ” Now get dressed. You have a lot to work with” she yells while laughing. ” Aish...why are you mean” I cry out. But I enter the bathroom anyway.

I looked at myself for a second before going to get in the shower. I put on my best clothes that are only worn twice a year for special occasions....which are very rare.

I brush my hair and teeth and start on my makeup. I suddenly hear the doorbell ring. Showtime.

I slowly get up and wait with my dad at the door, my mom already hugging the guy. Suddenly the earth started spinning. This guy was hot.

My mom greets him and tells us to introduce ourselves. ” Hello my name is Kim Yi seo, nice to meet you” I bow. He returns the kindness and says, “Hello my name is Min Yoongi, nice to meet you”.

Crap. He is sexy as hell.

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