City Lights

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Chapter 2

He walks in very smoothly but in a way that makes my jaw drop. How can a man be so perfect.

I didn't realize it until I looked up but he was staring at me. The entire time. He kept his eyes on me until my dad cleared his throat. Why he gotta ruin the mood.

" Let me show you to your room" my dad said looking at me with intensity which I knew actually meant. He wanted me to show him. My dad was a very hard working businessman, but when he wasn't working, he was lazy as fuck.

I ended up having to do the one thing I dreaded. "It's fine dad I'll do it" I said through gritted teeth.

Yoongi's smile went from no teeth to teeth in less than a second. "That be great" he said.

I walked through the one hallway in our whole damn apartment that was honestly way to small for three people. Let alone four.

As I walk all the way down the hall to the last room that was once a studio where I'd write my music, Yoongi pushes me into the wall. I felt my heart skip a beat and my breath halted. He then leaned in really close. A little too close.

"Never. And I mean NEVER walk into my room. Got that" he whispered in my ear.

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