City Lights

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Chapter 3

I was shocked. I couldn’t move because of what he said. All I could think is, Why does he not want me to walk into his room? What is he keeping secret?

Just then he pulled away with a smile on his face. Was this a joke? He laughed super loud suddenly and slapped his knee. “I’m just kidding” he kept saying through laughs. “Your face was priceless”. I was a little annoyed and I could feel my face getting red with embarrassment. But I just laughed it off and said ” OMG you asshole I thought you were serious. I was about to ask if you were secretly an axe murderer or something”. He just kept laughing after that but then stopped to catch his breath.

He then looked at the door on the right. ” Is this my room?” he asked. “Yes. It should have curtains and empty drawers in there already, but if you don’t like something we can exchange it at the store since we kept the receipt.“. After a long pause I said, “this used to be my music studio. I would be in it whenever I needed a place to think, I hope you find it a place to do the same know....think”.

He looked at me with a confused face and then smiled softly. ” I know what you mean. I love music too. I always find myself getting lost in the music sometimes. I make my own music with a group of guys. The name of the group is BTS and we want to start making music for the rest of the world to hear, we just don’t really know where to start.“. I look at him intently, seeing he really wanted to be famous. He loved singing and I was going to help him.

“I know a person who works at an entertainment studio. I can make a few arrangements to get them to hear you. I mean I barely know you and I’ve never actually heard you sing-“he cuts me off, ” Oh I don’t sing, I’m a rapper”. “oh then I’ve never heard you spit fire before so I can’t promise anything but I can try to help you either way.” He thanked me and I could tell he wanted to lean in for a hug but knew that it be crossing a line.

I left him a few minutes later to unpack and get settled. I wrote in my diary and song book until I heard a knock on my door. It opened slightly and Yoongi’s head popped in. “Hi, I’m sorry if I am interrupting you but can I ask you something?“. With a confused nod I said sure. ” Do you have a boyfriend?“. My mind went blank for a second and then I shook my head, ” I don’t have a boyfriend. Why?“. He then opens the door a bit wider to pull out the condom that Johnny used this morning. “Because I found this in the trash when I accidently knocked down my deodorant.”

I look away with embarrassment and curse under my breath. ” That ummm...well....I can explain that but is a long story, that I don’t want to get into.“. He nodded his head and said it was okay while closing my door.

I am never coming out of this room I thought. I wrote one more verse in my book before closing it and started to get ready for bed. I brushed my teeth and then took out the trash before anyone else saw the dilemma. I then crawled into bed and thought, Why do I feel sad that he saw that. I mean it’s not like I like him, right?. I fell asleep, not knowing that in the room right next to me, the boy was feeling a sense of guilt. Not for finding the condom but for feeling anything for Jo Yiseo.

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