City Lights

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Chapter 4

I wake up forget (or at least trying to) about the awkward condom conversation I had with Yoongi. I continue doing my morning routine while listening to Mamamoo’s new song Dingga.

I suddenly jump when I hear a big bang at the end of the hallway.

I look up from what I am doing and rush to see what it was. And in the middle of a hallway with a broken vase was non other than Min Yoongi on the floor, groaning.

“Shit. Fuck. Shit.”


Oh dammit, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to break it, I’ll buy your mom a new one” he says while picking up all the pieces from the floor.

“You know it’s fine. My mom and dad were gonna replace it anyway. It was kinda ruining our vibe, ya know.”

“Oh ok.”

As I walk back to my restroom, Yoongi grabs my hand. I stared at our hands in shock; not hating the fact that we were touching.

He immediately lets go and says sorry then walks back into his room.

I wonder what that was about.


I walk out of the house with Yoongi to go to school.

Since I am one of the popular kids I told him not to worry, and that I will help him find his way around the school.

We walk in silence for what seems like forever but then I break the silence by coughing like a maniac. Yoongi laughed hysterically while I literally die from my saliva.

“That wasn’t funny what if I died”

“If you died it would of said on your grave stone ‘Death by own saliva’ “.

“Haha so funny.”

We walk to the front of the school and right away I see that he is nervous. He tugs on his backpack a little which is kinda cute.

“Don’t worry we don’t bite. Well some of us don’t, others...I’d stay away from” he laughs which I can tell means he is less stressed.

As we walk through the door I can see all my friends huddled in a corner. I drag Yoongi over so they can all meet him.

Everyone seemed to like him except one person who kept their eye on him for a long time.

Someone’s P.O.V.

Who the fuck is he?

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