Under The Moon

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Kea was home schooled for years and she was badly mistreated by her family turning into a werewolf and a beta at that. Kea runs away on a full moon leaving her family behind her which she hated. When she moves to a new town. Kea meets Vin at a new high school and little does she know that this school runs in different wolf packs. While Kea is in the middle of turning near the school one full moon when a rogue wolf attacks her, however, Vin saves her from the werewolf. Their friendship turns into more than just friends when things get serious and Kea starts to open up about her family and speak up about her past.

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Chapter1: The reaon for leaving

As I lay on my bed looking over my modeling profile, taking a look at each pose and outfit that was taken. I then looked over to where my desk was and there lied a pamphlet about a private school called “Red Moon Academy” I was laying in my green and purple room on my green sheets with my rainbow long pillow.

My Father walked into my room as I heard his footsteps get closer to my bed. I looked up as fear crept into my body and soul. The same fear I've felt before as my Father walked up to my bed throwing my portfolio across the room pictures flying all over the room floor. My Father then pulled me out of my bed by pulling my hair down to the ground slamming my body to the ground as I screamed.

“let me go!”

My Father yelled “you’re a disgrace to the family! Now come get dinner!”

My Father spits on my face again, and without a care in the world, he leaves me alone after a loud bang from the door. I stood up brushing myself off in fear of my father. I thought when is this going to end! He is a monster! Then as I slipped out of my thoughts.

I opened the door to my room and walked out of my room shaking in fear of the ones who are my so-called family and to the dinner table. I sat down looking at my hands that were shaking in fear of what was to happen next. After all dinner time was never any fun it was and is a horror of my existence. My Mother set the table I shook in fear of another beating then I slowly spoke

“ W-What’s for dinner Mother?”

My Mother looked up from the plates in her hand and she just sighed and slowly spoke

“Food, not that it matters to you, you will eat what is given to you.”

I sighed thinking I need to escape from this hell! Then slipping out of my thoughts my Sister brought the food to the table and it was meatloaf. We ate in silence, everyone slowly taking bites each person looking at the other. The air was quiet and still as everyone stared at me with hate that had built up over the years since it turned Into a werewolf.

a curse to them and a gift to me but ever since then nothing has been the same, As my Mother looked to my sister Lea and smiled saying

"How was your book club at the cafe?" I looked at them giving them a cold stare and my sister stuttered like she was afraid of me and then she took a gulp

" I-It was g-good"

As the room once again I looked up from my plate taking a gulp and spoke,

"So I got a call from my agent about my next photoshoot” My parents looked up at me with disgust and my Father scoffed and spoke

“Who would want a monster like you to be a model for them”

My blood starts to boil as I could feel my body changing my ears into the pointy ears I known on full moon nights then I took a deep breath and calm my nerves and slammed my hands on the table making the whole table shake as I shout


I could see the glaring disappointment stares coming from my family this look I've seen many times before, my Father spoke up with concern

“ Kea, do you think there’s a cure to what you are?”

My eyes twitched at him as once more I could feel my blood boiling at the core as I said “ No! There’s not and even if there was I wouldn’t take it! I love the power of how I am can’t y’all just accept it!”

My fangs were coming through as I flashed them a smile showing my fangs. Then both of my parent's eyes widened and you could see anger across their faces even more than before. My Mother stood up and looked to my Father when my Father said,

“You think we are scared of you, Kea. If there's anything we feel for you it's that we feel sorry for you!”

My eyes widened in anger when my sister Lea was in shock when she went to open up to say something when my mother shook her head and walked over to me pushing me on the ground and yelled


Lea's eyes widened in shock as she shook in fear. I could smell fear all over her then looking at my parents I closed my eyes letting all my senses consume me.

I felt the pain of my head hitting the ground. I squinted in pain as my back arched against the hard floor and then I could feel my blood boiling. My sharp teeth coming forth once more and my eyes turning a golden-blue color.

I grabbed my Mother’s hand as I dug my claws into her skin, piercing the skin. Then my Mother screamed in pain as her body shook in fear of me as I thought wow this felt good I feel even more powerful. I should have done this year's ago. I sighed in relief and started to laugh at them saying,

“Ha-Ha oooh I should have done this when I turned 14 when you found me in wolf form!”

I let go my Mother jolted up and yelled “YOUR A MONSTER KEA!”

My eyes filled up with tears as the pain of those hateful, words echoed in my ears. Even though I've heard them many times before, the pain in my chest started to pound fast in my chest. Tears fell from my face as I ran to my room, shutting the door behind me. I looked around my room and then at the sky outside my window. As I looked down from my window and said out loud “this could work!”

As I paced around the room feeling disgusted, sick to my stomach I then sat at the end of the bed, and then my cell phone rang as I looked over at it. As I looked at the caller ID it was Jason as I picked up the phone I said

" Hello, Jason what is it?"

I could hear him breathing slowly as he spoke

“So how did they take it? Your family?”

I started to cry when I said

“They called me a monster!”

Then taking a deep breath I spoke once more

“ Jason, I need to leave this place.”

Jason then sighed

“did you get that pamphlet in the mail?”

I smiled and slowly spoke in a whisper

“ Yeah, I’m leaving tonight into scarlet town.”

“will I be able to count on you to get me a place to lie low?”

Jason cleared his throat

“yeah sweetheart I'll set you up a gig for modeling”

“ Okay, Jason see you soon”

I then hung up the phone

As I looked back out the window, the drop from my window was about two stories high as I looked down, plotting in my mind I thought tonight's the night I'm leaving this hell hole! Then I took a deep breath.

As I looked at my desk I looked at the pamphlet that came in the mail for me, I glanced over it picking it up and reading the cover that reads “Red Moon Academy” as I traced the pamphlet over with my fingers reading each part of it and looking at the pictures on it, it looked promising.

As I sat at the desk I read the top part “a chance place for a better future.” As I sighed I remember that my modeling agent gave me this last Friday telling me it might be a good change and they have amazing modeling jobs in the town for working in for tuition for the school. I think to myself maybe I should tell Jason…… No this is my secret. Then as I snapped out of my thoughts remembering all the pain from age 14.

All the time's cps came knocking on the door never doing anything because they never had any proof about my family abuse. I grabbed my suitcase and packed putting clothes, shoes, hats, and my portfolio and zipped it up.

I opened my bedroom door, I looked to see if it was clear and I saw my family doing karaoke without me having a blast without me and I closed my door. As I slid down the door I could feel tears fell down my face as I thought out loud they don't need me anymore. I'm better off gone from this place.

I opened my window and took a rope ladder and threw it over the window and latched onto the wall as I grabbed my keys and put on my hoodie. I looked back and sighed as I took a breath and I could hear their laughter. I lowered my suitcase down to the ground looking back at the door just to make sure they didn't come in to check on me. I then thought I hope the come after me! I shook in my shoes in fear of them.

I then climbed out my window and down the ladder, walking over to my motorcycle I set my suitcase on the back and latched a Bungee cord across the suitcase securing the suitcase. As I took a breath I looked up at the night sky and was in awe of the stars in the sky then I whispered “tonight was the best night to do this Red Moon Academy here I come!”

Then as the night was full I knew this would be one of the hardest full moons, after all, I have to control myself changing into a wolf tonight. I looked to the moon which was almost at its peak with my emotions on high alert after all that has happened tonight.

As I put my helmet on, turn the keys in the engine, start my motorcycle, and ride off into the night…….

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