My Possessive Soulmate

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"Hey sorry I didn't mean to get your boyfriend angry, I'll call you tomorrow morning" Kelvin spoke from the other end of the phone. "Oh don't be silly it was just Aiden" i said then I realized who I called silly. "Apologies Mr Kimani, I didn't mean to call you silly" i apologise faster. "I don't mind it, I like this playful side of yours, and stop calling me Mr Kimani, it makes me feel old, just use that name at the seminar" he stated and I got hot by just listening to him. "So why did you call?" I asked, my voice came out as a whisper which made my clear my throat in embarrassment. "I wanted to know if you'll be free tonight I take you somewhere" "I... Umm.. I don't think it will be possible, we are having a friend's night at my place with Aiden and Milana, I can't skip" "Ohh, then I'll come to you, be there in an hour" "I don't think that's a goo...." The line went dead. He hanged up on me, who does he think he is and how does he boss me around? He isn't my father to think he'll do as he please and come to my house. Wait.. he doesn't know where I leave yay. I did a happy dance and swirled around to find an amused Aiden and Milana staring at me. "What did hot muscle guy tell you that you are dancing?" Aiden asked. I explained to them how he wanted to take me out and then said he was coming and that I was dancing a happy dance since he doesn't know where I live. Jus

Romance / Erotica
Atou shiffoe
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Chapter 1

“I don’t feel comfortable in this dress,” I told Milana my best friend, “it’s too short and too tight, I can’t go out like this.” She just rolled her eyes at me and continued arranging my braids in a ponytail. I was preparing for my weekly visit at Club Legend for an open mic which happens every Thursdays.

After she finished with my hair she gave me a hug and told me I look great and incredibly sexy in that dress “you going to make Ryan break all the glasses at work today, you look delectable,” Milana told me. Ryan is my friend with benefit as I don’t do the whole dating thing, I don’t like committing myself to one man, it’s overrated .

“You look good yourself honeybee, and sexy AF,” I told Milana, I really love this girl, I would be dressing like a clown if not for her, she has a good fashion sense. I’m grateful to have her in my life. She is like a sister to me we’ve known each other since we were at our mother’s wombs.

Every Thursdays I usually go to Club Legend for the open mic, sometimes I sing my original songs other times I do covers but tonight I will be doing my original song, I wrote it a few days ago. When I sing I usually feel like am on another world.

Milana is doing my make up now, she likes to doll me up every time we go out. I love how she has transformed me to another person, I look good I can’t stop admiring myself at the mirror. I was wearing a little black dress with a sweetheart neck with small glittering glass at the chest area. It was tight at my torso and then flowed freely from the waist to the knee. It was a beautiful dress.

I finished the look with a matching silver heels and a purse, I stood in front of my full size closet mirror admiring the view, I twirl around checking if everything was okay, I’m so going to torture Ryan with this dress the whole already anticipating the look in his eyes when he sees me.

The club was on the other side of town Kahawa Sukari and I knew I have I few drinks and wont be able to drive back, we decided to catch a taxi. We were seated at the back of the taxi, millana was on her phone flirting as always. “Honeybee we should stop taking drinks from men and running away from them,” I told her “we should start buying our own drinks we can afford to.”

“Yoh girl are you crazy? We can’t buy drinks for ourselves, our money if for buying clothes, food and makeup”

“I understand but we need to stop, with our allowance we can afford our drinks and everything we want, I don’t want it to backfire on us one day.”

“Okay we will stop but not tonight, there is this heels I’ve been eyeing and I want to buy it tomorrow, if we pay for our drinks tonight then I can’t buy it,” she said with a pout

“Sawa(okay) whatever you say girl, let’s just go and have the time of our lives.”

I saw the taxi guy giving us dirty looks while we were talking but it didn’t bother me that much. We arrived and paid him his money and walked hand in hand to the entrance of the club. Milana entered and I was left there talking to Dan the bouncer who is a good friend of mine.

I walked inside and walked straight to the bar where Ryan was working, he saw me going towards him he whistled and I saw his jaws dropping like he can’t believe I was wearing a dress to the club, I was used to jeans and leggings. He even ignored the girl who was ordering a drink from him. His tongue darted out and he licked his lips.

“Damn Aliana, you look smoking hot,” he told me

I waved dismissively at him. “go back to work Ryan or you won’t have it anymore.”

I looked around trying to find milana, I saw her at a table with some really hot dudes and beautiful ladies. I headed to their table. “Hey” I said to no one in particular but everybody mumbled a hey back and continued with their conversations. I sat down next to milana while studying the people around me. There were four boys and two girls I dint know plus milana .

I asked her if she knew them and she told me they are her father’s acquaintances. The guy beside her was really handsome, he had a chocolate complexion, with the darkest eyes I have ever seen, he had broad shoulders and I could see some biceps underneath the t-shirt he was wearing. He had a clean shaved face with afro hairdo. It suits him he looked good.

The next guy was a light skinned, his head and face was clean shaved, he had a lean body not big nor small with simple muscles, there was a girl on his lap. She too was beautiful brown skin, skinny with a loot of makeup, I was wondering to myself how she would look without makeup.

Then next to her was a man with a big stomach, he was really huge, but he too was handsome, I wonder how he would look without all that fat, I guess handsome but all in all he was good looking, but not my type.

Next to him was a girl, she was dark skinned and extra curvey, she had big boobs, and from how she was sitting you could tell her but too was big, she didn't have any makeup but she was pretty as it is, she was talking to the heavy man and the other who was next to me.

The man next to me was dark skinned and from outside he looked all built up, he had huge muscles everywhere, not the intimidating type but good built muscles, he had short hair but a face full of beards, he was really hot, I couldn't help but stare at him, he caught me staring and I looked away embarrassed.

I turned to Milana and asked her what she wants to drink, she told me to come with any drink she would be fine, I went to the bar and found Ryan there I asked for vodka cranberry two glasses, and he went ahead to prepare our drinks.

"What will you be singing today?" He asked.

"Today I will be singing an original I wrote a few days ago."

"Okay can't wait to see you up there, you will rock as always"

"Thanks, and give me your house keys I will be going there later to wait for you"

He gave me our drinks and his house keys and I returned to our table. I placed Milana's drink in front of her and took my seat, I sipped my drink and enjoyed the taste, I love fruity drinks alot. Milana cleared her thought and started to talk.

" This is..."

I put my hands to her lips.

"No please, no names, let's just enjoy the company and see how the night goes."

They all turned to me.

"Why don't you want to know our names?" The brown skinned guy asked.

"It will spoil the fun of the unknown, and I might forget it by morning, just save the hustle for when we meet while not drinking." I said

The hot muscles guy (yeah that's what I will be calling him) shaked his head and raised his glass,

"To mystery night without names" he said.

We all clinked our glasses together and goes back to talking, we talked about random things happening around us and everywhere. The night goes well and they ordered other drinks for us. After the fourth drink it was my time to go upstage to sing. I excused myself and head for the stage and took the mic, I had communicated with the band guys about the song they know how to play the instruments to match my lyrics. I throwed a glance at my table and saw them looking confused as to what I'm doing upstage, I looked and Ryan and saw him winking at me, I cleared my throat and began singing.

"Hi guys, I will be singing my original today called soulmate, enjoy"

I was walking down the street with my friend

The boys were whistling and staring at us

I didn't give them any attention at all

Cause I've been waiting for my soulmate

I keep wondering why am single

But then again I've been turning down all the advances from men I've been waiting for my soulmate but then again do they really exist

Everyday my best friend tells me

That I'm gonna die all alone

She says I need some good 'd'

And maybe I'll change my mind

About meeting the one

I keep wondering why am single

But then again I've been turning down all the advances from men I've been waiting for my soulmate but then again do they really exist

I have been dreaming for so long

That when I finally meet my soulmate

I will look into his eyes and the will will stop

I can't wait to finally meet my soulmate

I keep wondering why am single

But then again I've been turning down all the advances from men I've been waiting for my soulmate but then again do they really exist.

I was singing with raw emotions, I almost believed what I was singing. When I finished there was a lone tear that escaped my eye, I heard the people clap and cheer all around the club, I said thanks and walked back to my table.

When I reached my table Milana stood up and hugged me and I sat down, the hot muscle guy gave me a drink and talked,

"Wow, I wasn't expecting the no name girl to sing like that, you were good"

"Why, thank you"

" Hey no name girl, dou you believe at what you sang there?" Asked the huge guy.

"Haha nope, that was just a song I don't believe soulmates exist"

After another two drinks I was super tipsy, I looked over the bar and Ryan was glaring daggers to the hot muscle guy, I didn't pay attention, maybe I was seeing thing at my tipsy state, I should get going.

I pinched Milana's thigh signaling her it's time to escape, I stood up and excused myself saying I needed to use the washroom, I grabbed Milana's hand and my purse dragging her with me, from the looks of it they knew we won't come back.

We headed to the washroom but diverted and used the back door out of the club. While outside milana told me she is going to her boyfriend's house and I told her my plans to head to Ryan's. We parted ways and took different taxi.

I arrived at Ryan's and let myself in and headed straight to his kitchen to look for something to eat, I only found crisps, I took them to the sitting room and plopped myself on the sofa munching the crisps while waiting for him to come back. But all the while I had the hot muscle guy on my mind, I was wondering how good he would look naked. I sighed and went to his bathroom to refresh and remove the makeup.

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