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Samatha Grey was just a normal surgical intern to everyone around her. But that all changed when she had a one night stand with a man who had heart. And while she was trying to make her way through her internship her mom being a world renowned surgeon made it to where she can't fail. Join Samatha on this journey... (Disclaimer this book has some mature parts that is not suitable for certain ages)

Romance / Other
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Chapter 01

Samatha walked into the bar trying to get away from all the stress that is going to come tomorrow. She sat down at the bar and was in so deep of thoughts that she didn't realize the bartender approached her, "Hey, what can I get you?"

Samatha was startled at first but then she came back to her senses, "Umm... a glass of Tequila would be fine." The bartender poured her a glass of tequila and said, "Must've had a rough day."

Samatha shook her head and said, "Oh no tomorrow is my first day at my new job, so I'm just trying to calm down my nerves." The bartender gave her a smile then went to attend to other people. Samatha day there alone sipping her glass of Tequila when a man approached her, "Is this seat taken?" Samatha looked at the man and she knew that he was trying to hit on her but she wouldn't pay attention to him, "It's not taken." The man sat down next to her, then he went and ordered a Whiskey. "So what brings you to this bar?" The guy asked but got no response. "So your going to ignore me."

"I'm trying to." Samatha said after she took a sip of her drink. "You shouldn't ignore me, I'm someone you should get to know." The man smiled at her.

Samatha scoffed, "You really think highly of yourself don't you?" Samatha turned and faced the man. "I don't think highly of myself I'm just a guy bar."

Samatha smiled and said, "And I'm just a girl in a bar."


Samatha woke up and found herself naked on her couch. She got up and found the guy from the bar asleep on the ground while he was naked to. Samatha could only put two and two together and realize that she just had an one night stand 'Just greet Samatha...' she looked at the clock and realized that she was going to be late on her first day. She got something to cover herself with then she took a pillow and threw it at the guy so he could wake up, "You have to go." As she was walking to go to the stairs the guy lifted up her bra and handed it to her. Samatha face turned red, "So embarrassing, but you have to go."

The guy sat up and said, "Why don't you just come down here and we finished what we started." he smiled.

"Seriously you have to go, I'm going to be late and that's what you don't want to be on your first day of work, So..." she picked up the clothes that she wore yesterday. The guy sat up and asked, "So, uh, you actually live here?" Samatha looked at him confused and said, "No I don't."

"Well yes, kind of." The man looked at her and said, "Oh. It's nice, a little dusty, odd but nice." As the man was putting on his clothes he started looking around the house and said, "So how do you kind of live here?"

"I moved two weeks ago from Boston. It was my mothers house. I'm selling it." The man expression softened, "Oh I'm sorry." Samatha looked at him confused, "For what?"

The man looked up and said, "You said, 'was'." Samatha realized what he was saying so she quickly answered, "Oh, my mother she's - you know what? We don't have to the thing."

The man put on a sly smile and said, "Oh, we can do anything you want."

Samatha shook her head and said, "No the thing, exchange the details, pretend we care. Look I'm gonna go upstairs and take a shower and when I come back you won't be here. So goodbye... umm.." Samatha felt stupid for forgetting his name. Did she even get his name?

"Derek." The man said looking disappointed. Samatha was so embarrassed, "Right Samatha." The man hopped across the couch and the distance that was between them disappeared, "Nice meeting you" the man said. "Bye Derek." Samatha ran upstairs and took a shower and got herself ready for her first day of work which she was going to be late for.

'Good job of not trying to fail Samatha.'

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