Rewrite The Stars

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Luna Werewolf, Battle scarred, Insecure, Good girl, Nice, Good with kids Tonraq Bad Boy Gangster, Human, Slightly cold, Good fighter, Flirty, Good with words(Sometimes) Both meet after one helps the other and a new feeling sprouts between them.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Luna yelped hitting the ground hard. She yipped in shock feeling something slash her back. She whined pinning her ears back. "GET UP!"Her mentor yelled. He slashed her shoulder letting blood trickle down.

She yipped covering her head shaking. "GET UP!"Her mentor repeated angrily. She couldn't take this training any longer her mentor hates her guts like hell. "I'm not gonna say it again...GET UP"Her mentor yelled.

She swiftly turned over onto her back and kicked him knocking him away. "Good job"Her mentor grinned getting up. She smiled at Ragespirit panting slightly. He sighed twitching his ears.

"Good job..."Ragespirit mumbled turning away. Her smile widened he never complimented her before. "Keep this up and you'll be a pro warrior for sure"Ragespirit grinned.

His face went back to expressionless. "But don't think that your gonna get a break time next time we train"Ragespirit growled. She nodded grinning slightly at him. He grinned back then walked away into the dark woods.

Luna stood by a tree looking at the village below. She heard footsteps behind her recognizing the sound. "Why can't i go to the village"Luna asked pinning her ears down. "The world outside our woods is a dangerous place"Her father replied.

She looked at him looking at his missing eye, his ripped ears, and the scars all over his neck and arms. She looked away sighing. "Why don't we go back to our village"Her father suggested.

She bounded after him the two running through the woods together laughing. The two stopped at a sunlit field the wind blowing through the grass and flowers causing them to sway calmly.

Werewolves ran through the field to strengthen their legs. Apprentices followed running through the field the wind blowing through their hair. "When will i be able to run with them"Luna asked quietly.

Her father walked over to her looking serene. "Won't be too long now your baby feathers will shed if you were anything like your mother was"Her father responded chuckling. She looked at Chief Blade curiously. "Am i...?"Luna stared.

"Well one way to find out"Chief Blade chuckled. He ran into the field at top speed his long hair whiping behind him. She beamed chasing after him. She watched her father pass up everyone taking the lead.

She laughed running beside her ex best friend. Nyla sped up trying to pass her. "Come on young one!"Chief Blade called. She sped up passing Nyla. Luna caught up with her father a large smile on her face. "Just like your mother"Chief Blade chuckled.

She beamed the two leaving the rest of the pack on the dust running back into the woods. She stopped then leaped at a grasshopper beaming. "Come on dad"Luna beamed making the grasshoppers leap out of the grass.

He stared at her curiously before looking left then right and then behind him. He leaped up and landed making it rain leaping grasshoppers. He stared then looked at her smiling as she laughed. He cheered making it rain more leaping grasshoppers.

Luna yelped as he tripped her making her fall into a shallow river. "Jerk"Luna laughed splashing him. He dodged leaping into the river a little deeper. He splashed her soaking her clothes. She kicked up water hitting him in the face.

He grabbed her pushing her through the water on a smooth rock. "We better get back the sun is going down"Chief Blade smiled. She followed him giggling from all the fun they had. Barking came from behind them. "Burning dogs!"Chief Blade growled.

He ran down the river with her at his side as a group of six dogs came into view. She pinned her ears back feeling terrified as the dogs continued to chase after them. He bit down on her shirt and leaped over a large log.

"Run"Chief Blade yelled as he set her down. She bolted with him behind her. Chief Blade looked back then looked away. He climbed up a log reaching the time. "Papa!"Luna gasped her grip on the log starting to slip.

Her father grabbed her quickly pulling her up as a dog snapped its jaw at her leg. The two bolted heading up the dirt path. "Turn!"Chief Blade yelled making a sharp turn left. He pushed her right as another werewolf hunter appeared.

He stopped finding themselves on the hunters camp. "Calm down"A hunter chuckled. "Two catches our lucky day"a second hunter grinned. Luna pinned her ears back eyes wide. A shotgun was loaded alerting her father.

"Stay behind me..."Chief Blade ordered. She moved behind him nearly shielded from sight. Chief Blade got down on all fours fur growing from his skin. He snarled turning into a large wolf.

"A big one!"the first hunter laughed grinning. Chief Blade looked at her his red eyes staring into hers feeling her fear. A second shotgun was loaded from a third hunter aiming it at them. "BROTHER"A familiar voice yelled.

Two she-wolves stood on a high rock looking down at them terrified. Chief Blade looked down at Luna then back at his sisters. Thinking fast he bit down on her shirt and tossed her into the air.

Time slowed as the leader of the hunters aimed at Luna. Skylar caught her falling to the ground. The shotgun was pointed back at Chief Blade as he roared and leaprd forward his claw raised.

A gunshot echoed through the forest. Chief Blade flew back and hit the ground. "Papa..."Luna stared stepping closer to the edge. Her father didn't move, he didn't blink. He laid there staring at her. The chief was dead.

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