Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 10

~ Killian ~

I sat, completely frozen, on my throne. I could not take my eyes of my Luna, my mate.

“The Moon Goddess,” I finally managed to say. She was smirking, which annoyed me. How could she take everything so carefreely? She was always so calm and collected.

“My love,” she said, sending shivers down my spine. “I cannot explain it. She came to me first three years ago, and this morning in her pool.”

I narrowed my eyes. “So, she is the reason we almost suffocated?” I could not comprehend what was happening.

“She is a goddess; her form is too much for any mortal to handle,” she said casually.

“The headache?” I asked, curious yet concerned.

“Her voice,” she replied. I saw pain in her eyes as she relived the moment. I decided to change the subject.

“Hey, how did take my anger away?” I decided to ask her as I began unconsciously to rub her hand as we held each other.

“Oh, that,” she chuckled shyly. “It is a family trick that we are teaching our pack. My grandmother learned it from her witch. Basically, the witch revealed that werewolves are much more powerful than they realize. We can make mind links that convey emotions. We can also mind link others without them knowing who it is coming from. It is even possible for us to mind link sensitive humans.”

“Humans? Why would someone want that?” I scoffed.

“Well, many of your people mate with humans,” she said, emphasizing ‘your people’ and ‘humans’. Clearly, she was a bit repulsed by it. “Usually it can only happen between mates, however,” she added after a pause.

“Neat,” I said awkwardly. She looked from the crowd and stared at me, studying me.

“Neat?” She scoffed and raised her eyebrows as she playfully nudged me. I looked away.

“I might as well just tell you now; I am incredibly awkward,” I looked at my feet and laughed.

She didn’t say anything for a while. She just smiled and looked at me. “I like it,” she finally whispered.

“Why?” I had to ask as I looked back at her.

She looked away and shrugged. “I think we balance each other out. Yes, we are different. But in a good way.”

I held her hand tight and smiled. Her eyes met mine and for a second, we saw just each other. I felt my body get warm as my lust for her grew. I sensed that she was feeling the same way. I noticed goose bumps on her arm and her gaze was completely fixated on me. She quickly glanced down and then back at my face. The wolf within me tensed up. Our breaths became deeper and steadier.

“Alpha Killian!” A deep voice ripped me from her gaze.

I looked annoyed at the owner of the voice and a deep, rumbling growl erupted from my lips. I narrowed my eyes and clenched my fist at Xavier. Although I missed him a lot, he just ruined my first chance at getting intimate with my mate.

“Beta Xavier,” I answered reluctantly. I saw that my growl had startled him.

Xavi looked at me with an apologetic look in his eyes. “I am sorry if I interrupted you, I should have known better.”


Both Xavi and me looked at Lena.

“My Luna,” Xavi said, enchanted, and bowed before her.

“You are the Beta?” She asked, her eyes not moving from him.

“Yes,” he answered, clearly tense.

“I am assuming that means you are a son of the previous Beta?” She looked him up and down.

“That, my Luna, is a bit complicated. I shall be leaving now, if you allow me, but Killi- I mean Alpha Killian, can answer all your questions.” Xavier smiled at her and she smiled back, her eyes glowing with kindness.

“Of course. You may do as you please,” she said in such a calming tone that it felt somewhat magical. Her presence was otherworldly. The energy coming from her was not only calming, but alluring as well, and made anyone respect and love her.

I clenched my fists and jaw. I narrowed my eyes at Xavier and then Lena. Once Xavier was gone, she looked at me and her smile faded. She pulled her hand away from mine, and that is when I realized I had been hurting her hand.

I went from being angry, possessive, and jealous to feeling ashamed and worried. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me.”

She stared into my eyes, making me question again if she could read my mind. Then her smile returned to her face. “It’s okay. It’s to be expected from an Alpha.”

She touched my upper arm, and I felt as all the tension disappeared from my body. She looked at me through her eyelashes and smirked.

“Shall we go?” She said as she traced her finger up and down my arm, sending shivers through my body.

I didn’t answer. I stood up, causing the crowd to go silent, and then I picked her up. We walked out with everyone staring at us, but we did not notice. Our eyes were locked, and we felt only each other.

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