Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 11

~ Helena ~

He threw me onto the bed. I whimpered as I saw him making his way to me slowly, like a wolf hunting prey. His eyes darkened, sending shivers through my body. I felt my loins burning, and I let out a slight moan, just to tease him. I saw his body tense when he heard me. He let out a growl and pushed me back as he climbed on top of me. I smirked and arched my back. I wrapped my arms around him as he began to undress me.

I could not tell if this was lust or love. The Moon Goddess paired us together so our bond was naturally strong. Alphas and Lunas generally had stronger bonds which meant more lust. It ensured that there would be heirs.

Right now, in this moment, I could not care if it was lust or love. Nothing mattered. It was just me and him. He kissed me passionately and I took the chance to bite his lower lip gently. I traced my fingers up his back and then ran my hand through his hair. He grunted from pleasure as his fingers dug into me. I moaned and my eyes went yellow.


I woke up in the middle of the night, naked in the arms of my mate. I looked at him sleeping peacefully and smiled. I stood up and went to the bathroom. Something was nagging at me from the back of my mind. I tried to ignore it, but as I got out of the bathroom I caught a glimpse of it- of him. Standing outside in the forest looking up at me. I sighed. Why could he not leave me alone?

“My love?”

I turned around, startled. “Oh, I woke you up, I’m sorry!” I smiled at Killian. He was so cute with his messy hair, all tangled up in the bed sheets.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes, my Killian,” I sat down next to him and gently stroked his hair. “Let’s go back to sleep.”

I looked out once more to see the wolf who longed for me. I wanted to know who he was so I could mind link him to go away. I sighed and looked back at my mate who was already asleep again. I chuckled and nuzzled up next to him. His warm embrace took away all my worries.


I was standing in a field, a field that I did not recognize. I turned around and saw a huge castle. Walking towards it, I noticed modern houses below it on the other side. I looked up at one of the windows of the castle. Something drew me to it. I blinked and suddenly I was standing inside said window. I looked around and saw Killian. He was talking to the man from our Marking, the one who was an Alpha and had undressed me with his eyes. His eyes were dark, he was furious. Two identical young men stood there as well. There were other men there as well. They did not see me. I walked over to them to see that Killian was exhausted.

“LENA!” I shot up as Killian shouted at me. I stared at him, confused. “Are you okay? I could not wake you up.” He was worried.

I looked around, trying to figure out where I was. Where was the field? The castle? It was too real to be a dream. The words of the Moon Goddess rung in my head. The gift.

“Lena,” Killian put his hands on my shoulder. “Is this related to the incident from yesterday?”

“The Moon Goddess,” I whispered. Her voice and her eyes flashed before my eyes as I relived the moment from yesterday. The felling of suffocating came over me again.

“Tell me, my love,” he said and took me into his arms.

As he pressed me up against his chest, I felt his heart beat steadily which calmed me down.

“She gave me a gift,” I whispered. “I don’t know if I want it, but I have to be grateful. She is our Goddess after all.”

“What was the gift?” I questioned me and hugged me tighter.

“She told me she would give me dreams of possible futures. But yesterday I held Lucy’s hand and saw a vision of her future, and I was awake,” I said and squeezed his arms which made him hold me even tighter.

“Love, she would not give you anything that you could not handle,” he let me go so he could look me in the eyes. “Plus, she said possible futures. She is guiding you.”

I smiled and looked away. He was so kind. I looked back up and kissed him. “You’re right,” I said smiling.

He seemed a bit taken aback with my intimacy. He cleared his throat. “So, what did you dream of?” My smile vanished as I recalled the dream. A look of concern appeared on his face. “Lena? What was the dream?”

“I dreamt of a field with a castle surrounded my modern houses. I did not recognize it. My eyes were drawn to a window, and then suddenly I was inside, next to the window,” I paused. “I looked around and saw you. You were talking with other men, those who stood out were twin boys and an Alpha that I saw yesterday- the one you talked to that made you so angry.”

“Alpha Luca and the Betas of the Blue Moon Pack,” he whispered and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Well, Alpha Luca-“ I paused. “Alpha Luca was furious over something. His eyes were black. I felt nothing but fear when I looked into his eyes. He has evil intentions.” I tightened my lips from worry.

“Sweetheart, nothing will happen, I will make sure of it,” he put his hand under my chin as he spoke and made me look him in the eyes. His steady heartbeat and the reassuring eyes calmed me down.

“Do you know what could cause his anger?” I asked, curious.

“I’m afraid so. The Blue Moon Pack’s territory is situated betwee-“ he started but I cut him off.

“Between the Red Moon Pack and the Black Moon Pack. As a daughter of an Alpha, I was forced to study some politics. I know that the Blue Moon Alpha died along with his Beta. My father went to the funeral,” I said, slightly annoyed that he underestimated me.

“I’m sorry,” he said awkwardly. “Well, some Alphas, including Alpha Luca, believe that only Alpha can rule packs, and that betas can’t step up as it would offend the Moon Goddess. Meanwhile the Beta twins both want to take over. In fact, I have a meeting with all three today.” His body tensed up and I felt it.

Now it was my turn to hug him. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him to my chest. He gladly obliged.

“You are Alpha Killian Darcy of the Black Moon Pack. You can handle anything,” I kissed his head. “If you want, I’ll join you. My parents trained me as they trained my brothers, so I am well prepared to assist you and even take on some responsibilities. We should work together, my love.”

I was hoping he would allow me to come. I couldn’t stand the thought of being a housewife. I needed responsibilities and work to do.

“I don’t think I can say no,” he chuckled and pulled out of my hug to look me in the eyes. “You would come anyways.”

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