Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 12

~ Killian ~

We walked to the office and took our seats at the round table. My father was there as well, just to give his opinion, along with my uncle Robert.

Lena was wearing a blue, formal dress, that had long sleeves and showed no cleavage. I wanted desperately to ask about the scars on her shoulders but I wasn’t sure if that would be overstepping any boundaries. The dress reached the ground and did not do justice to her figure, but she still looked amazing. She had her hair in a bun with a braid that circled the knot. Already, a lock of hair had fallen out of it, which in my eyes made her even more beautiful. I loved her imperfections.

My father and Robert stood up when they saw us enter, but their eyes soon landed on Lena.

“Luna,” they said at the same time.

“Alpha,” she said, nodding to Robert before looking at my father. “Mr. Darcy.”

“Call me Bill, please,” my father responded and smiled. Lena smiled back and bowed before him.

Robert could not take his eyes of Lena. Like anyone who saw her, he was enchanted. I wondered if she was using her mind trick to create this aura around her. Knowing her, she probably was.

As we were sitting, I looked over the schedule. First up, an Alpha meeting. I sighed, knowing that I had to sit with the Alphas of all the packs. Only Alpha Viktor would be missing, my Lena’s father, since he was still fighting off rouges. He rarely showed up anyways. And this time, his daughter could report to him what took place in the meeting.

I looked around as the Alphas came in. Alpha Robert was of course, already here. His pack was the White Moon Pack, not to be confused with Lena’s Silver Moon Pack. Then Alpha Luca came, leader of the Red Moon Pack. I was Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. And Alpha Viktor was missing and there was no one to represent the Blue Moon Pack which just lost their Alpha. The Green Moon Pack Alpha, Stefan, entered the room followed by Alpha Brent of the Yellow Moon Pack and Alpha Nick of the Purple Moon Pack. As always, Alpha Jack of the Golden Moon Pack made us wait.

We all greeted each other and chatted awkwardly. All the Alphas were eager to greet my Luna, who radiated in the attention. She clearly had a talent for leading and public relations. I was now certain she used mind tricks, since Alpha Luca was sitting still and smiling cautiously. There was no tension between the Alphas, which was rare.

After about 10 minutes, Alpha Jack of the Golden Moon Pack finally joined us. He came in and greeted us all, not individually, but as a group. None of us could stand him. Yes, we respected him, but he was arrogant and flaunted his power since his pack was the most powerful one.

Then suddenly, a voice spoke, shocking every single Alpha in the room, my father included.

“Thank you, Alpha Jack, for finally joining us,” the voice was cold and clearly being sarcastic. It belonged to my Luna.

Her killing glare had landed on Alpha Jack, who was just as shocked as the rest of us. Her eyes were still the normal icy blue, but specks of yellow had appeared. Jack’s eyes had gone from hazel to black. I wondered if they were speaking through a mind link, and I felt jealousy rise within me, but I ignored it. I trusted her. His eyes finally became hazel again, and he ran his hand through his black hair.

After a long pause, filled with tension so strong that it could be cut with a knife, he finally responded. “Of course, my Luna, you are right. It was disrespectful of me to make you wait,” he said, to everyone’s surprise.

“Indeed,” Lena responded coldly, but all yellow disappeared from her eyes.

She looked over to me and smiled, gently, calming everyone in the room. She put her hand to my face, and pushed away a brown lock of hair that had fallen in front of my eye. I smiled at her, thankful that she had stood up to him.

Alpha Robert cleared his throat, catching my attention. Lena looked down, slyly. She was pretending to be embarrassed but I knew it was a trick. My Lena was too confident and coy to be so easily embarrassed.

“So, what needs to be discussed?”


After discussing some of the usual topics, such as upcoming events and territory issues along with transfers, we decided to take a short break. So far, we had planned on hosting a mating ball for unmated, high ranking wolves. The Blue Moon and Silver Moon wolves would be excluded since one was without an Alpha and the other rarely wanted visitors anyways. Alpha Jack was keen on finding his own Luna, since he was already 21. His parents had resigned when he was 18, as was tradition for them, but he had not found his mate. Alpha Stefan and Nick were also desperate to find their children’s mates since they were on the older side, with sons who were old enough to take over.

Some territories issues further south had also been resolved, but they did not concern me. A few transfers had been requested and accepted. What concerned me was the topic that would be discussed after the break. The topic of the Blue Moon Pack. I sighed just thinking about it.

My Luna had not said anything during our discussion. She had just observed carefully, and listened. She had watched every move and heard every word. I had noticed her icy blue eyes occasionally develop yellow specks, which confirmed my suspicion that she was calming everyone down without them knowing.

It had bothered me, the way everyone stared at her, especially Alpha Jack. She was mine to look at. MINE. I clenched my fists and jaw, shut my eyes, and took a deep breath.

Everyone was slowly returning, stopping outside the office to chat. I joined them. I was greeted with hands on my shoulders. Everyone was patting me, congratulating me on a fantastic Luna. I laughed. Suddenly, some of them noticed that a man was sitting by the table inside the office. We all took a peak. Suddenly, I noticed that it was Alpha Jack.

A hand on my shoulder caught my attention. “Alpha Killian!” Alpha Stefan was talking. “Your Luna managed to tame him!”

His comment resulted in an erupt of laughter from everyone. I laughed along but, on the inside, my wolf was howling out in pain. I clenched my fists and turned away from them so they could not see my eyes darken with jealousy. My Luna was meant for me and me ALONE! Not Jack. I tried holding in a growl but a low grumble escaped my lips.

Suddenly I felt a touch on my arm that sent jolts of electricity through my body. I looked at Lena, who stared into my eyes. She had such a soft and sweet look on her face, that I knew could change in a second. She leaned over to me and put her lips against my ear so I could feel her breath on my skin.

“I’m yours,” she whispered. Suddenly, jealousy was replaced with lust. I wanted her and I wanted her now. She leaned away and smiled. It was just us now. The two of us in our own little universe. I heard no other voices, I felt no other presence. I only felt her touch on my arm, I only heard her heart beat.

“Shall we start?” Someone had spoken, ripping us from our own little universe and forcing us back to reality.

I huffed. Lena smiled wider when she heard me and her nose wrinkled up. It always made my insides warm when she did that.

She turned around, holding onto my fingers, leading me back in. Seeing Alpha Jack stare us down as we walked past him made me happy. Now he was the jealous one. Seeing everyone so lustful towards Lena reassured me that what we had was more than lust, it was love. Or at least the beginning of it.

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