Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 13

~ Helena ~

As they began talking again, I felt tension rise. As I had done before, I opened a mind link with the most tense alphas, and drained them of their anger and frustration. Discussions were much more pleasant when everyone was calm. Alpha Jack kept eyeing me. I was certain he suspected me of something. When he entered first, his attraction towards me and his disrespect of everyone else had pissed me off. I usually had perfect control over my emotions, but he angered me. I had snapped.

If I had known that my anger towards him would only increase his attraction towards me, I would have kept my mouth shut. I had sent waves, each new one stronger than the previous one, of emotions to make him feel uncomfortable. I had barely succeeded.

But as I walked back in, I felt his eyes on me. It was different than the stares of all the other Alphas. Yes, Alpha Luca wanted me as well, but Jack’s stare was different. It was a mix of lust and admiration, as if he sensed that I had performed a trick on him.

“Let’s get straight to it. Blue Moon.” I snapped out of my thoughts. Alpha Robert, Killian’s uncle, had spoken.

I felt the room get quiet again. A surge of tension caught me off guard. I closed my eyes for a second, preventing them from becoming yellow.

“An Alpha must take over,” Alpha Luca exclaimed.

The Alphas all murmured in agreement.

“Why?” I asked. Killian froze. I felt his stress rise.

Alpha Luca scoffed. “I know you just became Luna, little girl, but Alphas are natural leaders. Not Betas.”

I narrowed my eyes on him. I felt everyone panic. They weren’t sure who to fear more.

“How would you know? Has a Beta ever gotten the chance to lead? Have you any proof they would be bad?” This time, I scoffed.

“The Moon Goddess chose Alphas,” he growled.

“If you want, I’ll ask her myself if we can make an exception… Old man,” I said and allowed my eyes to go yellow.

No one said a word.

“Tell me, Luna, can you really communicate with her?” It was Alpha Jack that had asked me.

“She spoke to me yesterday. She gave me a gift. Tomorrow, I will have an answer. All I know is that she warned me of this situation. I personally trust her more than a power-hungry Alpha,” I said, never moving my gaze from Alpha Luca.

He became very fidgety all of a sudden and looked away. A wolf’s stare was a challenge. The fact that he looked away means that I won.

The Alphas all became uneasy as I revealed that I spoke to the Moon Goddess. I wondered if I had made a mistake in telling them the truth, but I had been taught that lying never paid off.

“I believe that a single Alpha ruling that much land will lead to no good. Either, an Alpha’s second son should transfer there, or we give the Beta’s a chance,” I suggested.

They looked around. “Only three Alphas have a second son,” Willia- Bill, said.

“None of them have mates,” Alpha Luca growled.

“I suggest we will meet tomorrow to discuss this further. I know the Moon Goddess will send me a message this night. I feel it,” I said determined.

“The Luna is right,” Alpha Nick said and everyone agreed expect for Alpha Luca and Alpha Jack.

They all stood up and nodded to me and Killian. I smiled kindly to everyone.

“You must tell me what you are,” I heard Alpha Jack say to me through a mind link as he nodded his head to me and left.

“I am but a simple Luna of the Silver Moon Pack,” I replied wryly.

I heard his chuckle from the hall. I frowned. He saw this as a game… I did not.

Only Alpha Luca remained.

“Alpha Killian, we must speak more of this issue,” he said and eyed me, “alone.”

“Everything you want to say to me you say to my Luna. Do you oppose that?” Seeing Killian stand up for me made me want him more. I couldn’t help but smile, which pissed off Alpha Luca who practically ran out in anger.

I took Killian’s hand. “I love you,” I whispered.

His face lit up. “I love you too!”

“Shall we,” I paused for dramatic effect, “go to bed?” I looked at him through my eyelashes and smiled coyly.

I felt his body tense up, and my own body got warmer.

“As much as I would love that, I promised to meet the Beta twins of Blue Moon Pack,” he said reluctantly.

“Should I stay?” I asked.

“Oh, you have to,” he said. “What would I be without you,” he teased me.


The Betas entered the room, both were nervous yet excited. I felt immediately that one of them had anger buried deep within him while the other seemed to be more collected.

“Alpha Killian, Luna Helena,” they said, bowing before us.

“Betas Uther and Arthur,” Killian answered. The one named Uther had the anger.

“Betas,” I said, nodding as I smiled.

They sat down, but could barely sit still.

“I am assuming you want to discuss the future of the Blue Moon Pack,” Killian said.

“Yes. We would like to take over,” Beta Uther said.

“How would that work,” I questioned them.

Killian looked at me and raised an eyebrow. Beta Uther seemed to be taken aback as well.

“What do you mean?” Beta Arthur asked.

“There’s two of you, is what I mean,” I said and gave them a condescending smile.

Beta Uther shifted in his seat as Killian moved his gaze from me to him.

“We would rule together,” Beta Arthur answered hesitantly.

“And when you two have sons, who will take over?” I asked again.

They went quiet. Uther glanced over to Arthur. It was clear to me now that Arthur was the brains while Uther was the brawn.

“We could have our pack vote,” Arthur suggested.

“Beta Arthur,” I said and chuckled. “We both know that if we would allow voting to decide the future alphas, the purity, strength and superiority of the alphas would decrease with each generation.”

Arthur looked down in submission. “Indeed, wise Luna.”

Uther looked at him, clearly dissatisfied with where this conversation was going. He stood up suddenly, alerting the guards who all took a step towards him. “Well then, Luna,” he hissed. “What do you want then? Would you honestly want a war with the Red Moons or worse, would you just give our pack to Alpha Luca?”

“SIT DOWN,” Killian said in his loud, dominating, alpha tone.

Without hesitating, Uther sat down and muttered an apology.

“I do not know of a simple solution, Beta Uther. I do not believe it would be wise for Alpha Luca to gain more power. In fact, I oppose to that determinately. However, I believe it would be beneficial to allow a second son of an Alpha to transfer. Or, you could simply choose between yourselves who should ascend to the Alpha position.”

They both nodded at my suggestion. I knew it would be hard for them to decide who was superior.

“However, we must decide this late. I intend on conversing with the Moon Goddess tonight. She will send me a message. Do not worries, my Betas,” I said in a motherly tone. “Whatever will happen will be decided by the Moon Goddess, and not vain Alphas.”

Killian grunted. “Vain?”

“Oh, not you my love,” I said teasingly, and then winked towards the Betas to calm them down.

When they left I stood up and sat down in Killian’s lap. “Are you done for the day?” I let my eyes go yellow for a split second to show him that the animal within me wanted to surface.

He stood up, holding me. “You are too much, Lena,” he growled and his eyes darkened.

He put his head by my mark; in the crook of my neck and took a deep breath. I moaned. He signaled with his hand for the guards to leave. He put my on the table and began kissing my neck. I moaned again and my eyes went yellow.

“Killian,” I moaned. He growled and looked me in the eyes. Seeing my eyes yellow caused his eyes to get even darker. He ran his hand down my back, loosening by dress and my bra as he did so. I arched my back as a shiver went down my spine. While he undressed me, I opened up his belt buckle and slipped my hand into his pants. He groaned from pleasure.

This time, I was sure. Was it lust or love? It was both.

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