Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 14

~ Helena ~

I was standing in a field. There were no trees, no buildings, no mountains nor any clouds visible. There was just a field. Suddenly, three doors appeared in front of me. I knew each represented a choice.

I opened the first door. I saw burning houses around the castle which I now knew belong to the Blue Moon Pack. I froze as I heard children scream and painful howls as dark werewolves ravaged the village. I looked for signs to see who was the Alpha. I ran through the smoke, trying to ignore the horrors around me. I suddenly came to an open square in front of the castle. In the middle, some of the dark wolves had gathered. They stood around a single figure. I pushed through the crowd to see the twins. One of them was about to execute the other with a gun. I could not tell them apart. Unlike before, where one of them had anger and the other not, they both had fury burning inside them. With tears in my eyes, I turned around and ran back.

Back in the field, I took a deep breath. I walked to the middle door and opened it. I was met with quiet. I looked around. It seemed peaceful. I walked to the town again, looking for signs. I saw a banner hanging from the castle. ‘Blue Moon Pack’ it said. People were walking through the streets, laughing and smiling. I was confused. Who was ruling? I walked into the castle and looked around. There was so much peace and calm. I even saw the twins laughing as the exited a room. When they walked past me, I went to where they had come from. I saw a man sitting there, with a woman in his lap. I could not make out his face, since he had buried his face on the side of her neck. Instead, I took a good look at this future Luna. I memorized her face. Although I could not see the man’s face, I sensed it was someone I had not met. Therefore, it was not Alpha Luca.

I returned to the field and opened the last door. I took a deep breath and entered. The village was in ruins, along with the castle. On one side of the field stood Alpha Luca, baring his teeth in his wolf form. His dark fur had streaks of grey hair. I turned to study the other side of the field. To my horror, I saw Killian. It was clearly him. His auburn fur flowed gently in the wind. He was exhausted. Next to him I saw a white wolf with burning yellow eyes. It was much smaller than any of the other wolves but its teeth were sharper and it was faster.

It was me.

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