Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 15

~ Killian ~

I saw that she was in pain. I felt it. But I did not want to wake her up in case I would interrupt her vision. The sun was already rising as I paced back and forth in my room.

“Killian,” she said, waking up.

“My love, are you alright?” I bent down next to her.

“We cannot let Alpha Luca nor the Beta twins take over the pack,” she said, before fainting.

“Lucy!” I shouted.

Lucy came running into the room. “The Moon Goddess drains her,” she whispered worried as she examined her.

“I know. But we do not have a choice,” I said with tears in my eyes. I hated seeing my mate like this yet I knew deep down that it had to be done.

“I think she should remain on bed rest today,” Lucy determined. “I hope she gave you all the information you needed.”

I sighed. She sort of had. She had told me what not to do, but she had not told me which alternative to go with. “Take care of her Lucy,” I said. “I must go take care of some business.”

“I will not leave her side, Alpha.”

I nodded thankfully to Lucy and then left.

Entering the office to the round table with all the Alphas there already, waiting impatiently. They all took notice of my Luna’s absence. I ignored their stares and sat down next to my father.

“So,” I said. “She was sent a vision by the Moon Goddess.” I sighed. Not sure of how I could word her message without causing war.

“And?” Alpha Luca asked impatiently.

“She warned me of letting one of us take over, as well as the Betas,” I said cautiously.

Alpha Luca stood up. “THEN WHO?!”

“She lost consciousness before being able to tell me that,” I growled at him coldly.

“Is she okay?” Alpha Nick and Alpha Stefan asked.

“Yes. Talking to the Moon Goddess drains her,” I explained. “She needs rest.”

“I believe we must consider her suggestion from yesterday then,” my father suggested and Robert nodded.

“Yes. It would be best,” Alpha Jack agreed.

Alpha Brent cleared his throat. “So. Whose son then?”

Silence filled the room once more.

“To be clear, the options are the sons of Brent, Nick and Stefan… None of which have mates,” my father said.

Alpha Jack sighed. “Perhaps we should ask Luna Helena for advice. She might know more than she managed to say.”

The Alphas all murmured in agreement.

“I propose that in a month, during the ball, we will announce the new Alpha who will take over,” I suggested.

Everyone nodded and began to leave. Alpha Luca was still standing, furious with how things had turned out for him. He glared at me. I knew what he was thinking. He wanted to take me down.


When everyone had left, my father put his hand on me. “You did good.”

“It was all Lena,” I said and put my head in my hands. I groaned. “I hate this.”

“You two are doing this together,” he said and then paused. “Be vary of Alpha Luca.”

“Believe me father, I do not trust him.”

We both sighed. I did not know how much time passed, but when I stood up, my father was gone. How was I supposed to please everyone? Goddess, I hated politics.

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