Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 16

~ Helena ~

I woke up and it was already evening. I tried to recall what happened. I had the dream, I woke up, talked to Killian, and… passed out? I jolted up.

“Oh!” I had startled someone.

I looked around, narrowing my eyes, trying to focus on my surroundings.

“Lucy?” I questioned the person.

“Lena, are you okay? How are you feeling?” She sat down next to me.

I took a deep breath as everything came into focus. My stomach grumbled.

“I need food,” I said and chuckled to calm her down.

“Of course, my Luna,” she said lovingly. I decided to ignore the fact that she called me Luna. I just smiled, thankful to have someone by my side.

She left and I stood up and stretched. I prayed quickly to the Goddess that she would not give me another vision. At least not a vision that was this intense. Recalling the final battlefield brought tears to my eyes. I had barely recognized myself. And then came the howls and screams from the first door.

“Mate,” a deep voice said.

I swiftly turned around. Something within me stirred.

“You,” was all I managed to say.

A tall man with black hair stood in my doorway. His eyes were yellow. I took a step back. He had never come this close. He was wearing a T-shirt and loose jeans paired with sneakers.

“You should not have come here,” I growled as my own eyes went yellow.

“You are mine,” he hissed as he began to shift. His bones began to shift and dislocate. Dark fur grew out of his back and arms. His clothes ripped and fell off. “Mine,” he growled in an animalistic voice that sounded inhumane.

“No,” I growled back. My yellow eyes were practically glowing as my own bones began to break, crack, and shift around. White fur grew from me I quickly stepped out of my pajamas.

I realized soon enough that he was a rogue. His withers were higher than his hind, his front paws still partially resembled human hands, and his snout was shorter than that of a wolf. His ears were set further apart than normal wolves and his teeth were sharper and longer. That’s how I knew Killian was wrong, he was a normal werewolf, not a Silver Moon wolf like me.

I completely resembled an Arctic wolf, but slightly bigger. Other than the size, there was no difference between me and a wolf.

I snarled at him. I felt the mate pull to him, but it wasn’t as strong as the pull I felt towards Killian. Where was he anyways?! My Moon Goddess had warned me off, which made me question why she had paired us.

“Come,” he growled aggressively in a monstrous voice.

The hairs on my back rose, my tail went up in the air and I took a dominant stance. I kept snarling at him, baring my teeth. I could not speak in my wolf form unlike him.

My stance had little effect on him. I heard a plate break, which caught me off guard. Lucy had arrived. The wolf in front of me took the chance to lunge at me. He pinned me down. I snarled, trying to bite at him but he put his paw on my head and held me down.

A rogue could grow as strong as an alpha the longer they stayed alone. This one had clearly stayed alone for long. The fact that he was one of the Southern pack wolves concerned me as well. How had he sniffed me out? And how could Killian confuse him with a Silver Moon wolf.

Someone lunged at the wolf, giving me a brief moment to get lose. Looking up, I saw a small black wolf. She too, had a similar form to the rogue. High withers, human-like front paws, ears set wide and a short snout. She had dark, amber eyes and I knew in an instant that it was Lucy. I watched in horror as the rogue lunged at her and threw her into a wall. A sharp whimper from her cut deep into my heart.

I snarled and jumped at the rogue’s neck. I bit deep. My long snout and sharp teeth allowed me to wound him. He let out a howl. By now, this fight was attracting attention.

Although he was not my true mate, it was still painful to hurt him. He shook around and clawed at me. I whimpered as he managed to claw into my side. He hesitated when he heard me in pain. The bond he felt was clearly stronger than what I felt for him.

I did not let go. I saw Lucy trying to stand up in the corner which broke my heart. I latched on harder, getting a grip with my own claws.

Suddenly he managed to get his claws on my neck, and he dug deep. Then He stood on his hind legs, and jumped onto his back. He crushed me, and that along with the pain from the claw wounds forced me to let go of him. He turned around, and was beginning to shift back into a human. I whimpered and tried to growl, but I could not even raise my head.

I struggled to stand up as he neared me. A loud, booming growl distracted both of us. Killian. His guards had alerted him and were now attending to Lucy. Killian’s black glare was fixed on the rogue. I tried to stand up, but I failed, and the thump that my body made as I fell caught both of their attention. Killian, noticing my state, lost it.

His eyes went black, I felt nothing but anger radiating from him. Brown fur grew from his body, as his bones broke and shifted, transforming him into a monstrous wolf. He too had the typical form of a Southern pack wolf; high withers, hand-like paws with long claws that resembled small daggers, and his fangs were much larger than that of a normal werewolf. His snout was short and his ears were spread wider than mine. He was about a foot larger than the rogue.

The rogue took a defensive stand. He had begun to shift back into a human, but now he quickly returned to his wolf form.

Behind Killian, I saw Xavier, who ran over to me. His brown skin made him stand out from the rest even though he had black hair and brown eyes like almost everyone else in this pack. Xavier lifted my wolf head and began to pet me gently. I huffed at him, giving him the A-Okay. He examined my injuries.

“Xavier, right?” I asked him through a mind link.

“Yes,” he said out loud.

I huffed again, which made him chuckle. I saw that he was broken hearted. I was his Luna after all. I was a mother figure automatically to every wolf in the pack.

Behind him, I could see Killian easily beat the rogue. He bit and clawed and body slammed him. I heard furniture being wrecked as guards quickly hurried Lucy out to safety.

I saw the rogue now lying on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. Killian had completely lost control. I tried to stand up. Xavier gently pushed me to signal me that I shouldn’t try it. I let out a low rumble to convey my warning to him to leave me alone. He put his hands in the air. I stood up, shaking, I let out a snarl. It caught Killian’s attention.

Even though I despised the rogue, I had a connection with him. The hurt in his eyes as he realized broke my heart a hundred times. I collapsed as I watched him run away on all four. Xavier sighed, and signaled some guards to arrest the rogue.

I whined and howled. Xavier made everyone leave, and sent for a healer. He urged me to turn back into a human, but how could I explain to these Southerners that my kind preferred this form. The look of desperation in Xavier’s eyes was what finally convinced me. I made my way to the bathroom and changed there. The healer quickly entered and began to examine my wounds. I could see the fear in her eyes. It reminded me of how connected I was to these people.

I could not cry in front of them. It would break them. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

I opened a mind link with Killian.

“Where are you?” I asked desperate.

“Who is he?”

“Come back, my love.”

“Who the fuck is he?!”

“He is… he is my second mate.”

He did not respond.

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