Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 18

~ Helena ~

I had dozed off in the arms of my true mate. The throbbing pain from injuries had all but disappeared. His presence relieved me of all pain, stress and fear. I knew he felt deceived and I could not meet his eyes. But the minute he had touched me, I knew he had forgiven me.

The world lit up once I felt the sparks that erupted when we touched.

I woke up frightened as I realized he was gone. I scrambled out of bed and sniffed the air. My eyes widened as I recalled the events of the past two days.

“Killian?!” His scent was fading, so he must have left some time ago. I hastily dressed myself, choosing a simple dark blue dress and shoes. I put my hair in a quick bun and didn’t bother to check how it looked. Opening the door, I was met with a concerned Lucy and two guards.

“The Alpha has ordered you to stay in your room,” the guards said simultaneously.

Lucy bowed but then peeked at me. “May I enter?”

I nodded. “Of course, Lucy.” As she entered, I briefly gave the two guards a glare to indicate my displeasure with them.

I shut the door with a loud thud and turned to face Lucy. She exhaled and sat down on my bed. “He will be taking a decision tonight about your,” she hesitated, “your second mate.”

“He gets to decide?!” I growled. “I should be included!” I slammed my fist on the wall.

“Lena, the Alphas have been sent away so that they don’t find out about this.” She sighed and averted her eyes. “This would be scandalous for Alpha Killian.”

I rolled my eyes. “Men!” I groaned. “They can only ever think about their masculinity.”

Lucy chuckled. “To be fair, this was unexpected and Alpha Killian is expected to do something about a rogue within our territory that tried to kidnap his mate.”

My eyes landed on the floor. “I know.” I sat down next to Lucy, and ran my hand through my hair which had already fallen out of the bun.

“What do you want to do with him?” She asked cautiously.

I raised my eyebrows and gestured my hands at nothing as I tried to find any words that could describe how I felt. Nothing came out.

“Do not worry, my Luna.” She took my hand. “I know that it is hard to ignore the mate bond, but you belong with Alpha Killian.”

“I know! I know… But, there must be a reason that the Moon Goddess connected us. I feel like his part in her plan is not over.” I looked up, fighting to keep the tears at bay, and took a deep breath. “I just need to see him.”

Lucy began to fidget with my fingers. I felt that she was holding something back.

“What is it, Lucy?” I asked and looked at her.

“Well, I might be able to distract the guards,” she said, coyly as she looked away and blushed.


“One of them transferred yesterday to our pack,” she looked up at me. “You were right, I did find my mate.” Her cheeks became dark and I could tell that she was blushing. My gaze moved to her yet she could not look me directly in the eyes.

I laughed and nudged her. “Which one?!”

She smiled, timid, looking away and blushing. “The one with the red hair,” she whispered.

“They both had brownish hair in my eyes,” I eyed her, “you must give me further details.”

She looked at me and raised a brow. “Umm, the shorter one,” she laughed as she shrugged.

I just grinned and pulled her into a side hug as we sat side by side. “So, what is the plan, Lucy?”

“I will go and ask the other guard to bring you food and then I will, uh, distract my mate!” She was beaming. Her cheeks darkened even more as the blushed just thinking of ‘distracting’ her mate.

I pulled her closer and kissed her forehead. “You are amazing.”

She stood up, practically bouncing around the room with excitement. “So? Are you up for it?”

“You know you can get into trouble.” I narrowed my eyes as I waited for her response.

“Who cares?”


Soon after Lucy exited the room, I heard giggling. That was my cue! I snuck out the door, and tip-toed down the hall. I wanted to change forms so that I could fully use my wolf senses, but I restrained myself from doing so.

I smelled the air to try and figure out where my mates were. It was much easier to locate Killian, who was in his office with his Beta, Xavier, and his father. The scent of my second mate was leading me somewhere else entirely.

After what felt like hours, I finally located a room on the first floor that was heavily guarded. I had not thought this through. I was fidgeting with my dress as I analyzed the situation. The guards were dozing off as their long shift was coming to an end.

I narrowed my eyes and grinned as I thought of a plan. I closed my eyes, and opened a tiny mind link which they could not detect. Then I began sending in the felling you get when you wake up in the morning. The sun shining through the window, and all you can feel is hunger. The feeling you get when you aren’t certain if you are actually awake, but still get up to find food after the night.

Sure enough, the guards began to feel uneasy. I saw them mind linking each other, their shifting eyes cluing my in. Finally, they decided to leave for just a moment. They ran off and I did not wait before taking my chance. I silently approached the wooden door. It creaked as I pushed it open, and the room inside was filled with my mate’s scent. I frowned as memories of his attack flooded my mind.

There was no furniture, but in one shadowed corner there was a man in chains. He had his knees up to his face, and looked down at the floor.

“You,” I whispered.

His head shot up as his eyes adjusted to the light before widening as he realized who I was. “Mate!”

“Shut up,” I hissed at him. “Why did you come for me?!”


“Is that all you are capable of saying?!” I was fuming with anger. “Why did you come now?!

“You are my mate,” he uttered, clearly confused.

I groaned and rolled my eyes. “I fucking know that!” I froze when I hear myself curse. This was unlike me. I took a deep breath and exhaled before speaking again. “Rogue,” I hissed. “I am aware we have a mating bond, but you have been stalking me for three fucking years. Why did you decide to come after me now?

He narrowed his eyes as he reverted his gaze from me. “I am not sure, mate. I have always wanted to approach you. The Moon Goddess told me to wait. She came every night to deliver the same message. But then, she suddenly stopped. So, I came.”

I saw innocence in his eyes. He was harmless. I continued to study him as I sat in the corner, too ashamed to look at me. His hair was brown with darker streaks in it. He was clearly a Southern wolf. He was only slightly taller than Killian, but not close to my brothers. He had dark brown eyes with a hint of gold in them. His scars and weathered face told a story of a wolf who endured endless torture and hardship from the universe, but I could tell that he was harmless despite all that.

I tilted my head as I continued to think about what to do with him. “My name is Helena,” I decided to say. “You may call me Luna Helena.”

His eyes slowly moved back to me, and I swear that for a second, I saw him smile. “I’m Peter,” he replied. He tried to move but his injuries prevented him from moving. His body was black and blue and the clothes he had been given were stained with blood.

“You know I have a mate,” I finally said.

He shed a single tear. “I know.”

“I must reject you. I have been marked and mated with Alpha Killian. The Moon Goddess advised me to choose him and not you.” I had decided to be honest with him. He deserved that at least.

“I- I understand,” he stuttered. I could see him swallow as he fought back tears and tried to ignore the lump in his throat. It was a pain that no wolf wanted to feel. Even though I was mated with Killian, and my bond with him was much stronger, it broke my heart to see Peter this way.

“I won’t let him kill you,” I promised.

He forced a smile. “I know.”

I was at a loss for what to do. I could not leave him in this state. He was broken, both physically and mentally. I didn’t notice that I was crying as well when I sat down in the opposite corner from him. Maybe I just had to be here for him as we both processed my rejection.

I knew Killian would be furious, but what else could I do. I had rejected him. I had broken him. I could not do more. I would fight Killian if I had to. I would fight him and his insecure masculinity that was the root of his possessiveness and jealousy. In fact, my grandmother had taught me that it was the root to every male werewolf’s attitude.

For now though, my mind was completely focused on the presence. It was focused on me, and Peter as we sat, crying silently, in the cold and gloomy room.

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