Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 19

~ Killian ~

I roared when I found my room empty, with Lucy and the two guards shaking outside of it as they stared into the ground. My eyes blackened as I slammed my fists on the door.

I didn’t have to ask them where she went. She was with him. I tried to contain my jealousy, but the wolf inside of me had lost control; a storm inside my chest convinced me to kill the rogue.

I marched into the room where the rogue was, chained. I slammed the door open and heard a thud as it fell off its hinges. My eyes found the rogue as he sat miserable in the corner, holding his knees up to his face. He was covered in dried blood and tears.

“WHERE IS SHE?!” My roaring voice shook the room.

“I am here,” I heard her whimper behind me.

I spun around, and relaxed once I saw her, in the same position as the rogue, with streams of tears flowing down her cheeks. I knew she had rejected him, but that had little effect on my wolf who was craving blood.

I felt like I was standing at a crossroad, with two possible paths to choose. Ignore my mate and kill the rogue, or comfort my mate and ignore the rogue. Clenching my fists, I restrained myself and chose my mate.

“My love,” I whispered as I assessed her condition. It was my duty to control my mate, and punish her when she broke laws. But how could I break her spirit? She was unique. She had rejected her second mate; she chose me. Did she deserve punishment? Did I have to follow society despite the fact that my heart and soul were screaming at me to go down a different path. A new road.

I sighed and sat down next to her. “I was going to take care of him for you.” I pulled her into my side and once her head was by my chest, the storm in my chest was but a slow breeze.

“I know,” she whimpered, swallowing hard as she tried to suffocate the sobs which were about to erupt from her chest.

The rogue’s gaze moved from the floor to us, and as I saw his tear-filled eyes, I couldn’t help myself from pitying him.

“What do you want me to do with him?” I stroked her hair and held her hand. I felt her sobs diminishing with each stroke.

“He must live,” she cried. “I rejected him, but he must live. He must live.” She continued repeating that one sentence: ‘he must live’.

“Why must he live?” I pulled myself slightly away from her so I could look her in the eyes.

I jumped up and threw her back, my eyes widened and the hairs on the back of my neck rose. Her eyes were completely white, and in her monotone voice she repeated the same thing. ‘He must live’.


The Moon Goddess had spoken through her, my Lena. She was now passed out on our bed, and I had invited the rogue to remain at the mansion as a guest under supervision of my most trusted guards, Xavier and Max. Xavier was smart and cunning, something he inherited from his father’s Hispanic mistress. His eyes were always narrowed, as he studied everything and everyone around him. He was unpredictable and untrustworthy in appearance. That was why I trusted him with my life. Max was… simple. He was strong and loyal, but he was also quite naïve and not the brightest guy in the world. I trusted him completely to never knowingly betray me, so those two were now keeping a close eye on the rogue while I waited for Lena to wake up.

I had given Lucy the day off, which she unexpectedly accepted without question. Once I saw her running off with a newly transferred guard, her unusual behavior explained itself.

I held my hands together behind my back as I paced around the room, waiting for any sign of life from Lena. I had decided that I would go easy on her. This wasn’t her fault. Plus, her father would probably declare a war if I laid a finger on her with bad intentions. I looked at her in her purple dress and admired her. She was so beautiful and peaceful. The memory of her all-white eyes flashed before my eyes, forcing me to look away.

Suddenly, she jolted up and widened her eyes as she looked around the room, her eyebrows drawn together and her pupils appearing as tiny dots in her eyes. She backed up in the bed like a cornered deer until her back hit the wall, at which point she whimpered and spun around. She fell out of the bed and before she could panic more, I ran to her and fell to my knees. I pulled her close and began to soothe her.

Her shallow, rapid breathing slowed down and once it was deep and steady, I let her go. With her hands still on my chest, she looked up at me through her long lashes and asked with tears in her eyes: “What happened?”

I tightened my lips together, and had to close my eyes to avoid breaking apart in front of her. Seeing my beautiful, strong Lena in this state was the worst thing I had ever seen. She was still trembling, so I began to run my hand in circles on her back. It seemed to work.

“What happened,” she inquired.

“I- I don’t-“ I paused and sighed as my head dropped. I closed my eyes and started over. “I don’t know… exactly… what, um, happened.”

This time she pulled me back into the hug, burying her face in my chest and I knew she was listening to my heart beat.

“What do you remember?” I finally said after she hadn’t replied.

“I rejected him,” she took a deep breath, “I collapsed in the opposite corner… I woke up here.”

I froze and narrowed my eyes and felt my brows join together as I stared down at her. “Do you remember me coming in?”

She stayed silent. “I, um, I’m not sure.”

How can she not be sure?! I exhaled but decided not to question her further about it. In fact, I was going to drop this discussion when she suddenly inhaled sharply and pushed herself away from me.

“The Moon Goddess!” She shouted with her eyes wide. She came to me and wanted to borrow me.”

“Borrow you?” I asked, fusing my eyebrows completely as I narrowed my eyes in confusion.

“She spoke to you, did she not?”

I bit down hard as I relived the moment in which she had begged me to let her second mate live. “She did. She told me to let him, the rogue, live,” I hissed. I couldn’t stand to talk about him.

“He does,” she whispered as her eyes stared off at nothing in particular. “He has a role to play.”

“What do you mean?”

“A war is almost inevitable,” she whispered, still looking at nothing, but now her eyes were lined with tears.

“We can stop it, right?”

“I don’t know,” her voice quaked as she clearly imagined the horrors the Moon Goddess had shown her. “I don’t know.”

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