Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 2

~ Helena ~

After being greeted by Alpha William Darcy of the Black Moon Pack, I looked over to his son. The wolf within me stirred. I felt a tingling feeling in my stomach and I couldn’t help what came next. “Mate.” I realized I had said it out loud when my father went quiet.

He coughed awkwardly and asked Alpha William Darcy to escort the family to the rooms so they could unwind after such a long trip. He was hinting at the Alpha that me and his son, Killian, needed alone time.

Once we were alone I broke the silence by letting out a chuckle. “I apologize, Mr. Darcy.” I bowed like I had been taught; one foot behind the other and bend the knees and lower the head. It was a muscle reflex at this point.

“No worries. I was having a hard time controlling myself earlier. Just knowing you were coming…” His voice faded. I knew where he was going.

“When will the Union take place?” I asked, changing the subject quickly. I heard his heart thumping fast in his chest. He was anxious. How cute, I thought to myself and smirked.

He paused. “You mean the Marking?”

I quickly realized my mistake. “I am sorry Mr. Darcy. Of course I mean the Marking.” I cursed in my head. These mistakes could not be made by a Luna, I told myself. “I am sorry. The trip has me exhausted.”

“You must want rest,” he said. “And please call me Killian. The Marking will be on Sunday during the full moon.”

I nodded. “Thank you for the information, Killian,” I said and smiled. “Some rest would be nice.”

I followed him as he carried my bags up the stairs, down a hallway and into a huge bedroom. These Southerners sure lived differently. In my old pack I had a room for myself that had a single bed and a bathroom. This room was about three times as big with a walk-in closet, a huge bathroom and an office. Bookshelves covered the walls and above the bed were huge windows where I knew he had been watching me as I arrived. There was also a balcony out there and that was probably about the size of my old room.

On the bed there was a dress. It looked quite revealing and I immediately took notice that it had no sleeves, just straps. I swallowed my pride. As uncomfortable as I was with it, my future Alpha chose it for me and I had to wear it. I walked over to it and touched the fabric. It was a brownish grey color which I disliked, but the fabric felt nice between my fingers.

“Do you like it?” Killian asked, breaking the silence.

“Yes. I think so. What color is it?” I replied.

He looked confused. “Red.” He narrowed his eyes and studied me.

“Oh,” is all I said back.

“Are you…” He was afraid to ask.

I shifted my gaze quickly from the dress to him. I saw him get startled when our eyes locked so suddenly. I felt the jolt of electricity too, but I had learned to ignore my feelings. “I am colorblind. Our vision is the same as wolves.”

“I didn’t know that,” he said. I knew he was uncomfortable with all the differences between us.

“My grandmother always used to say that whenever you call someone or something a bad name, they are probably saying the same about you.” I moved from the bed to the books, studying them to try to figure out more about my mate.

When he didn’t answer, I realized he was not sure of what I was hinting. I turned towards him and kept talking. “I know you call us bad names. You think we are beasts just because we are more similar to wolves than you are. But we say the same about you. You are the beasts, the weak ones… Because you resemble people more.”

“Your grandmother was wise. Was she a Luna?” Killian was trying to change the subject. He was clearly uncomfortable with this conversation. I wondered if it was the seriousness that made him uncomfortable or if he wasn’t used to females having strong opinions.

“No. She was a healer. She was hated for a long time for willingly becoming a witch’s familiar. When her daughter became Luna, everyone changed their minds though,” I said and chuckled. “Now you tell me something.”

“Fair is fair,” Killian said. “I lost my mother at 8. I never really knew my grandparents. I am an anxious person, but with you around I am calmer. And that’s the hardest part.”

I was taken aback by his honesty. “The hardest part is that I make you stronger?” I scoffed.

“Yes. Because without you I am weak. And that makes me even weaker.” Killian wasn’t joking. His heartbeat was steady. I felt my cheeks getting warm so I looked away.

“I will need to bathe after this journey.” This time I was the one who was uncomfortable.

“Of course,” he replied and showed me to the bathroom.

Killian started the bath for me while I found something to sleep in. I didn’t have to tell him that I wanted to be alone since he left once I started getting undressed.

And just as I was getting into the warm water, I felt it. I smelled it. Him. The other one. I felt my eyes go yellow and I went out of the bathtub. I made my way over to a small window in the bathroom and looked down. And there he was. The other one. My other mate.

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