Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 6

~ Helena ~

I woke up to knocking on the door. I looked at the clock to see that it was 5 in the morning. I groaned and got up. Killian did not wake up to the knocking so I shook him. He growled and opened his eyes. Another knock caused him to jolt up. He looked at the clock and sighed.

“It’s the maid. She is here for you. She will get you ready since we can’t meet.” Killian rubbed his eyes.

I nodded. I was nervous. I had never been to an Alpha Union or Marking so I was sure I would manage to do something wrong. I took a deep breath and went to the door. I opened it and sure enough, it was a maid.

“Hi,” I said and smiled. “My name is Helena, but Lena is fine.”

“I know who you are Luna Lena…,” her voice trailed off. We both heard how ridiculous ‘Luna Lena’ sounded. The maid was too afraid to say anything.

“Luna Lena is insane. I insist on being called Luna Helena when it is formal, but you sweetheart may call me Lena. No Luna-nonsense.” I said and put my hand on her hand.

The maid lit up. “Thank you, Lena. I’m Lucy. Now we must be on our way.”

While I followed her to wherever we were going, I tried to figure out as much as I could about her. She had completely black hair and what appeared to me as grey eyes. She was pretty and petite, and her nametag said Lucy Parker. She couldn’t have been much older than me and I was 19. She was younger than Killian though, who was 24. She must have worked at the mansion for a while though, since she knew her way around and greeted everyone we met.

We finally came to a staircase that led down to a room. It appeared to be a basement, but a very fancy one. We walked down there, and she used her key to open it.

Inside were lights on the walls which were bare concrete. The floor had white tiles and in the middle was a pool. Engraved in front of the pool was a picture of a women with her hand on a sitting wolf.

“They say She blessed it,” Lucy said when she noticed me staring at the picture. “That is why a new Luna must bathe in it before the Marking. I have your dress ready over there.” She pointed towards a door at the opposite end of the entrance. Then Lucy pointed towards a bench for me to put my pajamas on.

I undressed, and I heard Lucy’s heartbeat pick up. She wasn’t certain of what to do. “Do not worry,” I assured her. “My people are not afraid of nudity.” I chuckled.

I slowly entered the water, which was warm to my surprise. I felt like I was being embraced by it. I took a deep breath and went completely underwater. Once I was down, I opened my eyes and to my horror I saw completely white eyes staring back. I tried to go up for air, but I couldn’t. This presence was holding me down.

“Calm down, my child,” I heard a voice in my head say. It was booming loud and I could tell it belonged to a woman.

I pleaded in my head for mercy, I felt like my head would explode.

“Look at me,” the voice boomed again.

I forced myself to look into the white eyes at the end of the pool. The voice, still loud, began to feel more soothing.

“I am the Moon,” the voice claimed. “I am the mother of your kind. We met once, three years ago, in a dream.”

I started to calm down. I stopped fighting, but I could feel that I was crying and I needed air.

“I told you then to avoid your second mate, the one who chases you, and so far, you have obeyed me.” The voice stopped for a second. “I will grant you a gift today, my child. Now, it is up to you to decide which road to follow.”

“What gift?” I asked in my head.

There was silence. For a second, I could only hear the muffled voice of Lucy as se ran around the pool, knowing that it was forbidden for her to enter it but wanting to save me from drowning.

“I will send you dreams of possible futures,” the Moon Goddess finally said. The eyes disappeared, and her hold of me vanished with them.

I went up for air and gasped once I reached the surface. I desperately made my way over to Lucy who dragged me up and held me as I shivered.

She stroked me and held me. She knew that this had been the work of the Moon Goddess, and she knew that right now, I needed to be held.

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