Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 7

~ Killian ~

I had gone back to sleep after Lena left, but I woke up not to long after that. I felt pain. I felt like my chest was being crushed, and I needed air. I tried to take deep breaths but I couldn’t. And as I was fighting for air on my bed, I suddenly got the worst headache I had ever felt. It felt like someone in my head was screaming. I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror only to see that my green eyes were black. My wolf was surfacing, and that only happened when my basic emotions and instincts were overpowering my rational thinking. I closed my eyes and tried again to breath in to calm down but I couldn’t. I was certain I would suffocate when suddenly, the feeling went away. I could breathe. The headache was gone. The weight had been lifted off my chest. I opened my eyes, expecting to see them green, but as I opened them, they appeared blue and terrified. I blinked and they were green and confused. I stumbled to a wall, and let myself slide down.


I don’t know for how long I sat on the bathroom floor, trying to recover. But I decided to get up and take a shower. I got dressed into the Alpha uniform which was traditional clothing that in my opinion belonged in the 1800s but werewolves were stuck in the past.

I walked out of my room to find my father. He wasn’t eating breakfast like I thought, so I grabbed some cereal before continuing the search. After looking around the mansion, I figured he had to be in his room still, which was unusual. I knocked on his door, and heard him shouting at me to come in.

I entered and looked around. His room was similar to mine in size and design, but it was more cluttered. He didn’t let the servants clean his room, and I doubted that he had ever tidied it up after mom died. He was in his study so I walked in there. He was holding a photo album. I knew he was looking at pictures of mom, so I decided not to ask him about what had happened to me in the bathroom.

“Hey father,” I said and walked over to him.

He looked up at me, teary eyed. He showed a picture of my mom holding me as a baby. He laughed but shed a tear as he did so. “She was so beautiful,” he said.

I looked at her. I had her brown hair and green eyes. She was tall for a human woman, and although I have never told dad, I always suspected that I am taller than him because of my mom’s genes. I chuckled and pulled dad into a side hug. “She was.” I smiled as I recalled her laughter, her scolding, her singing, her heartbeat. She was so kind to everyone, even after dad’s Beta kidnapped her.

Dad loved telling that story and I knew he would tell it to me again now.

“You know, she looked just as beautiful the last day I had her as she did the first day.” Dad laughed weakly. “Beta Aaron, your friend’s father, he saw the change in my immediately. The moment I found her scent, I became depressed and obsessed. He forced me to tell him who my mate was. I, of course, was devastated that she was a human. He went the next day and kidnapped her.”

Dad laughed and I smiled too. I never interrupted him or reminded him that I had heard the story before. I loved seeing him happy as he relived those moments.

“He presented her to me, and son, you should have seen her. She was absolutely furious with me. I thought she would kill everyone. I took her to my room and told her stories of my parents, and my grandparents. She calmed down slowly, until she finally told me how her parents met.” Dad sighed. “She was of course devastated having to leave her family, so I allowed her to write letters to them. My only regret is that I didn’t let her go to them. You should have met your grandparents… and your aunt.”

I froze. “My aunt?” I questioned him. “You never told me that mom had a sister…”

My father was very old school, so it didn’t surprise me that he had kidnapped his mate, that still happened nowadays. But he should have brought me to my family and told them of my mom’s fate.

My father said nothing for a while. “We must hurry and get you ready for the ceremony.” He ignored me. I did not forget this matter but decided to let it go for now.


I still could not forget the moment from this morning. I was still shaken. I did not understand what had happened. Had it been anxiety? Then it hit me. What if something had happened to Lena?!

I was in the great hall preparing for the ceremony. The first part of the ceremony was the exchange of titles. My father would be giving me the title of Alpha. Then, and only then, would Lena come and the Marking would take place. After that, there was a ball and people would congratulate us. Some of our ally Alphas would be coming, and by best friend Xavier would be coming as well. He is my age so he has been travelling to neighboring territories in search of his mate. I hadn’t heard from him in a while.

“MAX,” I shouted at one of my future main warriors. Even though I wasn’t an Alpha yet, my voice and my presence had authority.

He scurried over to me, and had he been in his wolf form he would have had the tail between his legs. As soon as he came over however, he realized I wasn’t mad but rather concerned.

“Yes Killian?” He replied, anxious.

“Find out if Lena is okay. Since she isn’t marked yet, I cannot form a mind link with her.” I was pacing.

“Lena?” Max said hesitating.

“Helena. My mate. Your future Luna.” I replied, getting quite annoyed.

“I will go right away!” Max ran off which calmed me down. I knew he could be trusted.

Just as he left, the doors to the great hall opened, and in walked the crowd. It was mostly high-ranking pack members or visitors from other packs, including Alpha Luca, although he wasn’t an ally, and Beta twins Uther and Arthur. Alpha Robert was here as well, but he was my uncle and his pack was a good ally.

Just as everyone was settled, I saw my future Beta Xavier walk in. He could not come talk to me so I opened a mind link with him.

“Xavier, brother! Good to see you! Have you found her?” I asked him telepathically.

“It has been too long Killian.” He didn’t sound too happy. “I did not find her.”

I sent him a sympathetic look across the room and he gave my smile back.

My father entered the room and the crowd went quiet. Just in time, Max opened a mind link with me and informed me that Lena seemed fine. That calmed me down.

“Thank you for coming to witness this magical ceremony. For far too long, this pack has been without a Luna, but not much longer!” The crowd got restless as he announced that. Excitement filled the air. “But first,” my father’s voice boomed, “the crowning!”

The crowd cheered. I stood up and placed myself in front of my father, and went on my knees.

“Killian Darcy. Do you accept the responsibilities and duties of being an Alpha of the Black Moon Pack?”

“I do.”

“And Killian Darcy. Do you vouch to put the safety of your pack before anything else?”

“I do.”

“Killian Darcy. I thereby give you the title ‘Alpha’. In the name of the Moon Goddess, may you rule justly and follow her guidance.”

My father cut his own palm and then took mine and cut it. Then we grasped each other’s hands, and I stood up now and simultaneously, my father knelt. There was a power shift, and everyone felt it. “Thank you for your service to the Black Moon Pack, William Darcy.”

I turned around and the crowd cheered my name.

Alpha Killian.

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