Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 8

~ Killian ~

After the crowd had settled, a row of females walked in. They all wore white and surrounded the future Luna. The females in white were all over 18 and unmated. That was the tradition.

In the middle of the white was red. That was the future Luna. She was wearing the dress I had picked. It had a low neckline that ended above her belly button so her breasts were quite visible. The back was also open, and it was held up by thin straps that went over the shoulders, and the straps also connected to a red choker around her neck. It came in at the waist, but below that it became flowy. It was tradition to have revealing dresses. The other females who wore white had revealing dresses.

As they approached, I saw her and lust took over. My eyes shifted and became black, signaling that my wolf was surfacing. Lena was looking down as she walked, and then suddenly I noticed on her right shoulder some awful scars. Lust became rage. Who could do such a thing to this beautiful creature?

I swallowed hard, ignoring my feelings. I had to remain calm. Becoming an Alpha meant that the Moon Goddess heightened your senses and made you stronger and faster. But that also meant a bigger temper.

When she was in front of me, the ladies in white left, and I heard people in the crowd gasp and murmur. My heightened hearing heard some of the things the crowd was saying.

“She is so beautiful!”

“A beast from the North.”


“I’d mate her in a second.”

That last comment made me angry and jealous, and my eyes became black again. Suddenly, I forgot about everything that had been said. All I could think about was Lena. She was touching my arm, whilst still looking down.

“Helena, daughter of Alpha Viktor of the Silver Moon Pack.” I said, sounding as confident as I could. She went on her knees. “Do you accept the responsibility of becoming Luna of the Black Moon Pack?”

“I do,” she said softly yet loudly, such that everyone could hear.

“Do you accept the responsibility of being mother not only to the heir of your Alpha, but to everyone in the pack?”

“I do.”

“Finally, do you accept your position of interpreting the words of the Moon Goddess for the Black Moon Pack?”

“I do.” She flinched at that last part, but only I noticed.

“You may rise.” I said. She stood up. I cut my other palm, and cut hers as well. She didn’t flinch at that. We mixed the blood and held hands. Then, without letting go of her hand, she tilted her head to the left, and I bit the right side of the bottom of her neck.

Now the crowd went crazy, chanting Luna Helena. Every pack member, even those who weren’t here, felt the change. A Luna. Finally.

A maid called Lucy came to Lena, and bandaged her hand and cleaned the mark on her neck, which did not resemble a bite, but instead a brand had appeared. Two wolf eyes in the moon. It startled Lena visibly when Lucy described the mark for her. Each mark is unique to a pair, but I could not understand why it worried Lena. Or why Lena was trusting this Lucy maid. Lena rarely changed her expression in this week we had known each other, so it worried me to see her like this, even though now she was back to showing no emotions.

People started walking over, congratulating us as the healer bandaged my palms. Alpha Robert came over and took me into a hug. Robby was much younger than my father. My grandmother had two mates so they were just half-brothers, and there was a large age gap for that reason. In fact, Robert was 34, just 10 years older than me. His mate Anya was pregnant so she had not come.

My father had excused himself, I knew this was too much for him. But that meant it was up to me to mingle, which stressed me out very much. Robert’s presence calmed me down a lot though.

“We must talk later, Alpha Killian. We must discuss politics.” He turned around and pointed towards a man surrounded by guards. “That is Alpha Luca. And those two are Uther and Arthur,” he said pointing towards the infamous Beta twins.

“What of them?” I asked casually.

“Well their Alpha, Alpha Thomas, died recently along with the Beta. No one really knows what happened. These boys are the Beta’s sons- TWIN sons… The both want to take over, but most of the other Alphas feel that they would be going against the Moon Goddess since she chose the Alphas to lead, not the Betas. That includes Alpha Luca.” Uncle was about to continue but realized quickly that the twins were coming over. I gave me a knowing smile and then left to mingle.

“Alpha Killian. Congratulations. Your Luna is beautiful, may I say.” Uther spoke. He was slightly taller with darker eyes. I knew he had a bad temper while his brother was calmer.

“Thank you, Beta Uther of Blue Moon Pack.” I replied.

“Indeed Alpha, absolutely stunning!” Beta Arthur said.

“Thank you, Beta Arthur,” I replied.

They looked at each other and took deep breaths. “We would like to discuss some pack matters with you later if that is fine,” Arthur said.

I smiled and nodded slightly. “Yes, I believe some territory discussions must take place. However tonight I will be celebrating. We may discuss this tomorrow. I will send for you.” I said and shook their hands. They seemed relieved. They were Betas, powerful ones, but the power that came from them was nothing compared to Alphas and I felt that they were scared of me.

I kept on greeting people, thanking them as the congratulated me, and then I felt a different presence. I didn’t have to look to know who it was. Alpha Luca.

“Hello Alpha Killian. Welcome to our ranks. Congratulations with your mate. She appears to be very satisfactory,” he snickered. “Very appealing to the eye.”

“Alpha Luca of the Red Moon Pack, it has been far too long,” I lied. I hated how he talked about my mate. “Thank you. I believe she will make a fine Luna.”

“Hah! A fine Luna indeed,” he chuckled. “If you let me borrow her, you may borrow mine.”

Before my eyes turned black and the wolf took completely over, all of the anger and jealousy was removed from me. I turned around and saw Lena sitting, still talking to Lucy along with some other Lunas. She looked up at me, and her eyes were yellow. She had somehow taken my anger and channeled it into her. She blinked and the eyes were blue again. I had never seen that be done. I smiled to her and turned to Luca.

“I am quite satisfied with her,” I replied coldly.

He laughed. “I guess I will have to go North and steal one for myself then.”

I was disgusted with him. But I just laughed and nodded. “It was good to see you Alpha Luca.”

His tone changed and became cold. “Actually, I am not quite done with you yet,” he hissed. “I am afraid there is unclaimed territory between us that one of us must claim.”

I looked at him confused. “I believe that territory belongs to the Blue Moon Pack.” I nodded and tried to leave.

“Well, there is no Alpha.” He stopped me.

“But, there are two Betas who are prepared to step up. Should we not see if the Moon Goddess accepts that,” I suggested.

Alpha Luca’s eyes darkened and I felt his wolf coming up. “Letting a Beta assume the position of an Alpha is an offense to the Goddess. You have a lot to learn young Alpha Killian,” he growled.

“Indeed, I have a lot to learn,” I said and smiled coldly. “Now I really must be going.” I shook his hand and put the other one on his shoulder and left.

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