Black Moon Luna

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Chapter 9

~ Helena ~

I knew Killian had sensed what had happened to me in the pool, Max the guard had confirmed that fear. We had an unusually strong bond for a pair that wasn’t even mated yet… Nor marked. So, I was worried about the strength of our bond now that the marking had taken place. Their ritual of Marking was much harsher and more public than our rituals in my old pack which we called a Union. I also felt that it was unfair that only the females were marked. There was a lot I had to get used to.

I completely zoned out as people walked up to me and congratulated me. I sensed that my mate was agitated, but I could only focus on Lucy who bandaged my hands and stared intently into my eyes.

“Are you okay?” She had suddenly opened a mind link with me.

I smiled at her and nodded. She smiled back, but it didn’t reach her eyes. She was clearly worried.

I put my palm on her cheek, shocking her. She looked into my eyes, and although usually it was received as a threat, I put all my effort into giving her a sympathetic and reassuring look.

“Luna,” she whispered, tears in her eyes.

A sudden jolt went through my body. I saw Lucy standing in a field with a man. The man shifted into a wolf and two young pups ran to him, biting onto his fur. Lucy was laughing and, in the distance, I saw my new home; the mansion.

“You’ll meet him soon,” I said unwillingly.

“Meet who?” Lucy seemed confused.

“Your mate.” I replied.

“Luna, when I was a kid, a witch told my parents that I would not have a mate,” she whispered as she shed a single tear.

I smiled. “Witches can be wrong. Nothing is decided. But I know you will meet him. You’ll have two pups.” I stroked her cheek. “Trust me.”

Lucy stared at me. “Luna… You- you have blessed me.”

Before I could explain to her that I had nothing to do with this, she took my palm and kissed my hand.

I felt Killian suddenly tense up and I felt he would lose control soon. I opened a mind link with him and performed a risky trick. I moved his emotions into me and tried my best to suffocate them. He turned around and looked at me. Seeing my eyes turn yellow made him realize what I had done. I blinked and my eyes became blue. He turned back to his conversation and I looked at Lucy again and squeezed her hand.

“Lena,” I heard Killian say through a mind link. “Let us take our seats so that the ball may begin.”

I stood up and squeezed Lucy’s hand, signaling to her that I had to leave. She let go and retreated along with the other maids.

I made my way to Killian, and I couldn’t help but have my eyes be drawn to a tall man who had dark, graying hair. His face was weathered and his suit fit loosely on him. He was surrounded by guards, and his eyes were stabbing daggers at Killian. Then his gaze moved from him to me. I glared at him with my icy blue eyes. I felt him undress me with his eyes so I opened a brief mind link with him but I used a trick that had been taught to me by my grandmother. I made it so that he could not know for sure who opened the mind link, and instead of sending him words, I sent him a feeling. I sent him a feeling of suffocation, which wasn’t too hard since just hours earlier, I had been suffocating. I saw the fear in his eyes. He did not realize that he was receiving this emotion through a mind link. To him, it simply appeared as if my glare was giving him this feeling. It was a trick I used whenever I met a man who underestimated a woman.

I was grinning on the inside when I saw his fearful eyes move down to the floor. I had won. I showed no emotion on the outside, but looked towards Killian who was about to take his seat. The crowd went quiet and the musicians took their place. Low ranking pack members now could come in as the stools were removed to make more space. Food was brought in on tables with wheels and excitement filled the air. The low ranked members were seeing their new Luna for the first time.

I took my place next to Killian and we locked eyes. There was anticipation in the air. Killian stood up and thanked everyone for coming. He briefly dedicated the ball to me, the new Luna, and the crowd went wild. A Luna was just as important as an Alpha for a pack. Every pack member felt mentally better with simply just having her around. The musicians began to play, the people began to dance, and Killian sat down again and took my hand.

“Now Lena, what the fuck happened this morning,” he asked me.

I knew he was more worried than angry, but I also know that fear for once mate could make any wolf irrational. I smiled to him, and squeezed his hand.

“Oh, you know,” I rolled my eyes. “I just had a casual chat with the Moon Goddess.”

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