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After six years of not seeing each other, childhood friends finally meet again. Twenty three year old, Augustine Pierre, comes back to his home town after leaving, coming back to his parents, siblings, and his beautiful love, Elizabeth James. Elizabeth James, is in her second year of college when her childhood friend and secret crush comes back home. Everyone is happy, until the events that Augustine tried to keep everyone away from, suddenly catches up to him. The events being that he is in the greatest mafia in all time.

Romance / Drama
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C H A P T E R 1

Present day....

Elizabeth POV

I missed him. More than he probably did. He left without saying a goodbye.
Time has not changed any feelings I have towards him, and I was sort of wishing it would have. I tried to hate him, for all the times I cried at night after Lydia, his mom, told me he left. For those six birthdays he did not attend to. For all the calls he didn't pick up or the texts he did not respond to.
I tried, but in the end the happy memories he had given me in my early life made me forget about all of that. I met him when I was three and he was seven.
I was shy, I still am, but my mother brought me there to have playdates with his younger sister, Rosaline, and to be taken care of by his mother, who was more of a mother then my actual mom.
Throughout the years of him gone, His mother and I grew closer then ever before, she helped me not only through him being gone but through my mother's death. She died of a heart attack and that day was really hard for me and my father. Overtime I healed, but could feel a big hole in my heart that was going to swallow me whole if he never came back.
Lydia never really clarified why he had left, I just assumed that his trouble making youth was getting bad so he was sent to live with his Grandparents down in New Jersey.
Lydia never talked about her parents, the only thing I knew is that she ran away from them with the love of her life Francisco Pierre when she turned 18 and they later on married two years later. They both have been happily married for 24 years with three children. Augustine, Walter, and Rosaline Pierre.
Growing up with them around, I always wished that I was part of their family. They were so well knit and their house just brought so much warmth.
Even though my father and I always were close, my mother only ever talked to me about school or school activities. We argued a bit too much, but in the end of the day we loved each other.

I was downstairs in the living room with a bag of chips and cookies in my hands and my brown hair thrown into the messiest bun. I was in my usual summer floral dress that reached to the top of my knees. I was watching Parks and Recreation when I heard a bunch of hard knocks at the front door.
"Honey! Open the door!" Lydia's muffled voice said. I immediately cleaned my self up and ran to the front door. She was about to knock again, but quickly put her hand down.
She looked out of breath and excited, Her blonde hair scattered all over the place due to the summer wind. Her eyes held enthusiasm and were a brighter blue than before. She was in her white flowy dress that reached to her mid calf. She had some cream colored two inch heels on.
"August...is arriving.....in a couple of minutes," She said between breathes.
I felt butterflies flutter in my stomach and a warm feeling invaded my senses.
"He will be here soon so make sure you come over to the house as soon as possible!" Lydia added and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and ran back over to his house which was two houses down to the right.
I closed the door and was stunned at what I had just heard. He was coming back. I didn't know what to feel. Anger because he left all these years without communication. Happy that he was actually back before I grew old.
I realized that I had to hurry, so I ran up to my room and put on some new clothes.
I put on a light blue floral dress that goes a bit longer then mid thigh but stays above the knee, It is off the shoulder. On the dress there are also strings to tie in the front. I put on some ankle socks along with some black high top converse.
I quickly put on some clear lip gloss and brushed the knots out of my hair. I sprayed some of my perfume and put on some deodorant before I quickly zoomed out of my house and ran over to Lydia's house.
I first saw a nice sleek, new, wine colored car. Then a grown man looking away from me and talking to lydia, in a all black business suit with black jet hair slicked back.
'Who is this dummy and why are they wearing a suit in this weather?’ I thought to myself and when Lydia looked at me the man turned around and I realized that it was my dummy.

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