Resisting The Mafia Boss

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When 24 year old, workaholic media reporter, Aliana Coldwell, sent her widowed mother on a summer trip to Italy, she didn't expect her mother to reunite with a first love and get remarried. Nor did she expect to be the only one in her family to know the true identity of her mother's new husband, Vincenzo De Luca, a.k.a the former Italian Mafia boss, in charge of the Italy Mafia while his older brother, Arsenio De Luca, is the former Italian Mafia boss, in charge of the Italian Mafia in America. Fast forward one year, Aliana has successfully avoided meeting the new side of her family but when the American corporation she devoted most of her youth working for, suddenly transfers her to Milan, Italy, Aliana must figure out how to avoid her own family after relocating to Italy. Which proves to be quite the challenge when she peaks the interest of Vincenzo De Luca's successor, the current Italy's Mafia Boss, 26 year old Saverio D'Amore. He's overconfident, dangerous and domineering, all traits that Aliana despises. Join Aliana on her adventure as she struggles with accepting new bonds in the form of a dangerous step-father and adorable younger step-sister while trying her best to avoid Saverio D'Amore who just refuses to leave her alone.

Romance / Thriller
Lilac Addison
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“You may now kiss the bride,” the elderly priest stated happily in front of the older groom and bride standing with him at the alter.

Many prestigious guests were present for the lavish outdoor wedding situated near the beautiful mountain areas in Italy. It was a very much anticipated wedding as the one and only, Vincenzo De Luca, was finally getting married at the age of 55 years old. He was known throughout Italy as the former Mafia Boss, that is until his daughter was born through a one-night stand six years ago.

Wanting to provide her with a stable and peaceful life, he chose his best friend’s son to be his successor, making the infamous dangerous and powerful, Saverio D’Amore, the current Italian Mafia boss.

Seated at the very front of the aisle was 26 year old, Saverio D’Amore, his designer black and white tuxedo made him stand out in the crowd as his dark hair was styled back neatly. His sharp jaw line, light stubble and dark brows above his pale green eyes made almost every girl in the wedding focus their gazes on him instead of the groom and bride at the front. But they all knew it was pointless, Saverio D’Amore was the most ruthless Mafia boss in Italy’s history. He had never claimed a woman as his throughout all these years, people close to him claimed that the man didn’t believe in love.

Seated to his right was his second-in-command, 25 year old Guido Salvestro, whose dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes helped him to become the biggest player in Milan while his third in command, 26 year old Santi Battista, with light brown hair and chestnut eyes, known as the genius medical physician, sat to his left side.

Up until this point, Saverio had barely been paying attention to the wedding. He kept checking the Rolex watch on his wrist since he has an important meeting to attend at noon. He rarely made public appearances to these kinds of things but since it was his mentor and previous leader, Vincenzo De Luca’s wedding, Saverio had no choice but to attend.

Plus, he had met the 50 year old bride and her 20 year old son several months ago at the De Luca Estate and they had become acquaintances of sorts. He genuinely enjoyed being in their company, something that the dangerous Mafia boss did not feel in the presence of many other people.

Suddenly, the crowd erupted into cheers as Vincenzo leaned down to place a sweet kiss on his bride’s lips. Her name is Clarissa and they were each other’s first love at the age of sixteen years old while growing up in America together until Vincenzo was separated from her when his father dragged him back to Italy to run their family business.

By the time Vincenzo acquired enough power and wealth to chase after Clarissa again, he found out that she was already happily married in America to Daniel Coldwell, and had given birth to a daughter and son.

In that moment, Vincenzo had to choose between interfering with the life of the only woman he had ever loved or letting her live a peaceful life with her family. He decided to not approach the small family of four, instead he stationed a few men around her area to keep her and her family safe. He could have married another woman himself but he could never get himself to forget about Clarissa.

After many years, on his 54th birthday, he caught news of Clarissa’s husband passing away from lung cancer. He wanted so badly to fly to America and be there for her but he knew that she and her children would need time to grieve.

Several months passed by until his men informed him that Clarissa’s daughter had sent her on a trip to Italy for the summer in order to help lift her spirits. Vincenzo wasted no time in reaching out to his first love, and the rest was history.

Now four months later, he has finally claimed his first love as his wife in front of his family, friends, and business partners. Vincenzo De Luca’s typically cold and stoic face shun with happiness and pride as he circulated around the reception area and greeted guests with his wife.

A little flower girl, no older than six years old, wearing a beautiful pink dress bounced up and down with her soft black curls flying everywhere as she clapped her tiny hands. She was overjoyed at the prospect of finally having a mother since her own mother had passed away during childbirth. Rushing towards the newlywed couple, she grasped tightly around Clarissa’s legs and beamed up at her new mother.

“You’re mine now, my Mama!” Valentina De Luca cheered loudly with rosy cheeks as Clarissa let out a graceful laugh before bending down to kiss the little girl’s forehead.

“Yes, I am your Mama now, my little Valentina,” Clarissa replied softly as Vincenzo smiled at his favorite girls. Everything about their wedding was perfect, except for the fact that his other favorite girl was missing.

“Congratulations once again, Mother, Father. I am truly happy for you both,” 20 year old Alec Coldwell, Clarissa’s second child, stated as he approached the older couple. He was a well-known business mogul in the tech sector, having made a name for himself as the youngest genius to emerge in the IT world.

“Thank you, figlio. It means a lot that you flew down here for the wedding, and walked your mother down the aisle,” Vincenzo smiled warmly at his new son, who held a striking resemblance to his wife with his brunette hair and hazel eyes. (son)

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I am sorry that Aliana couldn’t make it, she tried her best but couldn’t get time off from work,” Alec tried to lie as he covered up for his sister who had been unable to accept their mother’s new relationship.

Although he felt a bit disappointed, deep down Alec understood how difficult it was for his older sister to accept having a new step-father. Alec was not as close to his late father as Aliana had been, she was a typical daddy’s girl and did everything from playing sports to studying with her father’s guidance.

Losing him less than a year ago and having to deal with a new step-father became too much for Aliana to handle. She would never admit it to her mother but under the influence of alcohol, she confided in Alec and told him how much she regretted sending her mother on a surprise trip to Italy during the summer. Had she not done that, her beloved mother would not be getting remarried to that man today.

“No need to apologize, we are family now, figlio. I am sure your sister tried her best, I will also continue to try meeting my new figlia,” Vincenzo noticed his brides sadness after hearing Alec’s comment and instantly tried to reassure and make her feel better.

In reality, both he and Alec knew that Aliana had used every excuse possible and refused to fly to Italy to meet Vincenzo De Luca before the wedding. She had even taken an assignment that nobody wanted at work that required her to fly to Japan so that she could get away from Vincenzo when he flew down to America to visit her right before the wedding. Her best friend, Delilah, often asked her why she didn’t just reveal her true feeling to her mother and try to stop the wedding.

But Aliana could do no such thing, her mother is a heart patient and her health worsened after her father passed away. Doctors warned them against upsetting or telling Clarissa anything too shocking.

Alec smiled gratefully towards the older man before excusing himself and heading off to find his boyfriend, Leki, who had flown down together with him for the wedding. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of Saverio D’Amore heading for the exit and internally sighed with relief. The older man had been introduced to him and his mother as a prominent business man and CEO of a well-known real-estate company but Alec could tell that there was more to the dangerous looking man than his new father was letting on.

Outside of the wedding venue, Saverio took a few confident strides towards his parked sleek black Range Rover with his men following close behind him. Placing his hand into his front pocket, he realized that he had forgotten his cellphone inside the venue.

“Torno, vai avanti di me,” Saverio instructed his men before swiftly turning around and heading back into the venue. (I’ll be back, go on ahead of me)

As he took a few steps into the venue, something soft and small collided straight into his chest, the force taking both him and the figure back. Saverio held onto the woman tightly as they both crashed onto the grass with her laying directly on top of his hard chest. He barely had any time to react as he felt tears stain his white dress shirt before the young woman quickly mumbled an apology while scrambling off of him.

“I’m...I’m so...sorry,” the young woman spoke in between her sobs with her light blue eyes casted downwards and her wavy blonde hair curtained her small face. She wiped her tears with the back of her pale hand before running out the exit.

Saverio was left speechless at her innocent radiant beauty and stared after her retreating figure. He had only caught a small glimpse of her but he instantly recognized her from the photos that Clarissa and Alec had shown him a few months back.

Aliana Coldwell.

The 24 year old daughter of Clarissa who was dubbed the ‘Ice Queen’ by her younger brother and cousins. Saverio remembered walking into the De Luca Estate one day and hearing little Valentina ask Alec about her new sister. From what he heard, Aliana is a stubborn, fiery spirited girl who refused to back down and listen to anyone. This proved to be quite true when his former boss, Vincenzo, confided in him about Aliana and how she had not accepted him as her step father yet.

As far as Saverio knew, Aliana had refused to attend the wedding and came up with the excuse of having to work when her mother tried to persuade her. Yet, she secretly attended the wedding and ran off crying.

“Interessante, molto interessante,” Saverio whispered darkly as the image of the beautiful young woman kept replaying in his mind. (Interesting, very interesting)

Hello lovely readers!

Hope you like it and please give it a try! Check out my other books, this one is the second book in The Mafia Boss series with ‘Escaping the Mafia Boss’ being the first book!


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