Slutty Shaughna

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#21 Oral exam

“You’re so beautiful,” he says as he lies down next to me, still in his sweatpants.

“Yes,” I agree teasingly. “I am.”

He laughs and kisses my neck while his hand finds my nipple, tugging on it gently. “Of course, I already know that you think I’m a muscular black biker god.”

“Well, you’re black,” I reply with a smile. “I don’t know if I agree about any of the other things.”

He grabs one of my hands and puts it on his rock-hard abs. “Doesn’t that feel muscular to you?” he asks before kissing my neck again. “And you already saw me on my bike… I believe it was pretty clear that you liked that. As for the god part…”

I gasp when he moves his hands between my legs and immediately slips a finger in.

“Only a god would get you this wet so quickly,” he whispers in my ear.

“Hmm…” I murmur in agreement.

He pulls his finger out and I groan, bucking my hips up, wanting more. Dshawn chuckles and kisses me softly before slowly moving down, pressing kisses down my body until he’s with his head between my thighs. He blows on me softly, causing me to moan. He’s not even touching me yet and I already feel like I’m ready to come. I’m always easy to please, but this is ridiculous.

When his tongue flicks over me, I moan even louder. He uses his fingers to give his tongue better access and then he really goes to town. Barely a minute later, I’m already screaming, an orgasm taking over my body. He doesn’t stop there, just changes the pace until another wave of pleasure hits me. I come over and over again, not being able to tell where one orgasm stops and the other begins. They all just blend into each other, feeling like I’m having an orgasm that is never going to end unless he stops licking me.

I have no idea how long he keeps this up, but I do know that it’s starting to get so intense that I feel like I’m going to black out if he doesn’t stop soon. I move my hands to his head, wanting to tug him up by his hair, but he’s got really short trimmed hair, making it impossible to do so.

“Stop,” I plead as another wave of pleasure makes me shudder. “Dshawn, please stop.”

He immediately pulls away from me, looking up at me with wide eyes. “Did I hurt you? Did I do something wrong?”

“No,” I breathe, closing my eyes. “Come here…”

He complies, snuggling against me, stroking my back when I roll to my side to get closer to him. We stay like that for god knows how long, waiting for me to slowly stop floating and return back to earth. Every time I think I’m back to normal, another shudder moves through me again, making me moan, even though his hands and tongue are nowhere near my lower regions anymore.

“Was it that good?” Dshawn asks, sounding surprised.

“Hell yeah,” I reply, happy that my voice is working again. “Fucking hell, Dshawn, that was… what was that?”

He chuckles and presses a kiss to my shoulder. “Are you ready to call me a god now?”

“I’ll call you whatever you want,” I state, letting my hands move down his body. “Let’s take off these stupid pants.”

Together, we pull them off along with his boxer shorts. I take a moment to look just look at him. He’s circumcised, which I actually appreciate, since I’ve always found it much cleaner and more pleasant when I give a guy a blowjob. He’s big, a little bigger than Joshua, but not nearly as monstrous as Hollister. His pubic hair is neatly trimmed, making me smile. His entire body looks like he takes great care of it, which has always been a turn-on for me.

“Does my dick pass the inspection?” he asks, winking at me.

“Hmm…” I muse. “Not sure yet. We’ve still got the oral exam to complete.”

He just lies on his back, grunting when I touch him with my fingers, teasing him. I grab him then, pumping up and down a few times, very slowly. When I can tell that he’s getting impatient, I move my mouth down there and run my tongue over the head of his penis, lapping up the precum that’s already leaking out. He groans, but remains perfectly still. He’s giving me full control of what I want to do, not grabbing my hair or bucking his hips or anything. I wouldn’t mind if he did any of those things, but I do appreciate the effort to make sure that I’m not doing anything I don’t want to.

Lucky for him, I really want to.

My mouth closes around him, slowly letting him fill me up. I find that as long as I don’t make sudden movements, I can take him completely without gagging. I move up and down a few times, teasingly slow, running my tongue along his shaft. He’s panting by now, his hands gripping the blankets. I moan around him, making sure he knows that this is just as arousing for me as it is for him.

And then, I pick up the pace. His hands move into my hair when I do so, keeping it out of my face without taking any control away from me. As I keep going faster and faster, taking him as deep as I can, he starts grunting louder. Finally, he bucks up his hips and shudders, filling my mouth as he comes.

I keep sucking gently, making sure that he is completely done before removing my mouth and swallowing. A bit of cum leaked onto his balls and I lick it off as well, making sure he’s completely clean before I move up to lie down next to him, my head on his chest.

“You…” Dshawn is breathing hard, shaking his head. “You are… amazing.”

“Yes,” I say in my usual teasing tone. “I am.”

He grunts and pulls me even closer, pressing his face into my hair. “I’m not sure you do. You’re amazing. So sexy, and smart, and funny…” He inhales deeply, enjoying my smell. “And you can tell me that this is just shampoo and conditioner all you want, but fact is that you have the softest, nicest smelling hair ever.”

I’m not sure I’ve had such a weird and nice compliment, and it makes me giggle. The girly sounds surprises us both and Dshawn lightly tickles my side, causing me to make that sound again.

“That’s the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard,” he tells me, doing it again.

This whole moment is very sweet, but I’m still horny as fuck and the amazing orgasms from before only make me want him more. I move my hand back down, cupping his penis.

“Got anything more left in you?” I ask seductively.

“Bloody hell, woman,” he complains with a smile. “I just came like, two minutes ago. I need a moment. Of course, I could make the wait worth your while…” He dips his head down to run his tongue over each of my nipples. He then slowly kisses a trail down to just above where I would love him to go. He pulls back and smirks at me, very pleased with himself.

“Dshawn…” I whine trying to push his head back down.

“Easy, woman,” he teases. “I know what I’m doing. Just lie back and enjoy.”

I honestly just want him to plunge right in and take me, so I grunt, but comply anyway. He runs his fingertips up and down my inner thighs, looking down at me with admiration, like he’s enjoying just taking in my body. After a while, he dips his head back down, licking and kissing my thighs while hands run up and down my legs. He moves closer and closer to my pussy, but doesn’t touch it yet.

“Oh,” I cry out when he finally flicks his tongue over me. He pulls back again, using his fingers to now tease my labia. He slips two fingers into me, curling them in the perfect angle to make me gasp in pleasure.

“So wet,” he groans, his breath fanning over my pussy. “Fuck I want to be inside you so badly.”

“Then take me,” I plead, bucking my hips to get some friction. “Please.”

“Not yet,” he says, his fingers finding my clit and flicking it.

I cry out in surprise, pleasure gulfing over me. I love it when guys do that. He does it again, taking in my response with a sexy smirk on his face. Just when I’m about to come, he stops moving, giving me a moment to catch my breath. When my body has calmed down a bit, he moves the fingers that are in me a little and dives in to lick my clit with his tongue.

“Fuck!” I’m so close to falling right over the edge, ready to come, but then he pulls back again, leaving me wanting so much more. Again, he pauses until I’ve stopped writhing and then flicks his tongue over me again, picking up the pace immediately.

He keeps me on edge like that for a long time, until I can no longer take it. I grab his face in both hands and force him to look up into my pleading eyes.

“Fuck me,” I beg, not caring how desperate I sound. I’m so ready for him to be inside of me.

Dshawn moves away for a moment to grab a condom, but he’s back in a matter of seconds, lowering his body onto mine. I move my hand between us to guide him into me and we both moan when he finally fills me up.

“So. Fucking. Tight.” He moves in and out a few times, grunt each time he pushes back into me. “Fucking hell, I’m not gonna last long.”

“Just fuck me,” I plead again. “Hard and fast. Trust me, I won’t need long.”

He shakes his head. “I want to enjoy this as long as possible,” he breathes.

“We can do that next time,” I propose. “I just need you now. Hard.”

He inhales sharply. “Next time?”

Why is he looking at me with so much surprise? Obviously this is way too hot for us to stick with sleeping together only once. Hell, I’ve never had anyone give me oral for more than fifteen minutes at a time, and Dshawn was down there for half an hour or more. That alone makes me want to fuck him again and again and again. Plus, he’s not just sexy, but also kind and patient. I need that kind of man in my life.

“Don’t you… don’t you want a next time?” I ask, suddenly worried. This is a weird conversation to have with him already inside of me, but I need to ask anyway.

“Fuck, I want this every day, all day,” he replies, thrusting into me roughly. “Definitely next time.”

Finally, he starts fucking me for real, making me scream out his name as I come apart. He holds still, careful not to move while I spasm around him, trying to keep himself together. As I come down from my high, he picks up the pace again, making me come all over again. This time, he follows me, thrusting erratically as he blows his load.

I stroke his back as he collapses on top of me, recuperating for a moment before rolling off of me to get rid of the condom. We’re both a sweaty sticky mess, but we cuddle anyway, our hands still moving over the other’s body like we’re trying to remember every single body part. Our movements are lazy, though, fueled by the weird kind of intense relaxation that comes from just having your bloody brains screwed out of your head.

After an hour of just snuggling without talking, Dshawn’s stomach grumbles loudly, making me laugh. We get out of bed and Dshawn caringly wraps the robe around me again, tying to belt snugly around me. He pulls on his boxer shorts and drags me with him to the kitchen for some sustenance.

As we eat a sandwich, I can’t help but stare at him. After what we just did, I can’t look at him the same. He suddenly seems even more muscular, more godlike, more… everything.

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