Slutty Shaughna

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#25 Heels and a raincoat

Since I got Christmas and New Year’s Eve off from work – which was hard to get my boss at Animals to agree to, since he always needs everyone to help out with the New Year’s Eve party – I have back-to-back shifts for two straight weeks after the holidays. A lot of my colleagues are getting days off because they did work at the holidays, so both of my managers made it clear that since I was lucky enough to get time off when they didn’t, I need to fill in whenever someone takes a day off or gets sick.

By the end of the second week, I am beat. It’s just so exhausting to go from a night bartending at Animals to a breakfast shift at Giovanni’s, followed by a few hours off to sleep before heading back to Giovanni’s for the dinner shift. I feel like I never wear anything but my work clothes and not only do I have zero time to go out to dance or even have dinner with a friend, I also have no time whatsoever to see Dshawn.

And he doesn’t like that.

Not that he’s a dick about it, not at all, but I can tell that he is getting annoyed by it. When he calls, I never pick up, because I’m always working or asleep to make sure I have enough energy to get through yet another busy day at work. I call him back, of course, but since I work when he’s asleep and the only time I get off from work is the middle of the day when he’s at the firm doing, well, whatever it is an IT guy does, it’s really hard to find a moment that we can both talk for longer than five minutes.

When I finally get a full day off on Sunday, I make my way over to his place to surprise him. It’s 10 am, so I doubt he’s out with friends yet, which means I might actually get to spend some time with him. We haven’t seen each other in person since that day we cleaned his apartment together, so I’m more than ready to jump his bones. Two weeks of no sex… that’s not something I’ve experienced since I was 18 years old and Melchior just broke up with me. Once a week is the bare minimum for me, and I only settle for that during an exceptionally shitty week.

Underneath my long black raincoat, I’m only wearing a red lacy bra with matching panties. I’m a lot of things, but subtle isn’t one of them. I just want his hands on my body and I want it now. So when I get out of my car, ring his doorbell and a girl opens the door instead of Dshawn, it’s safe to say I’m not just disappointed. I’m hurt.

Two weeks. And already, he’s screwing someone else.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, we’re not even really dating. And I never gave him any indication that I want a relationship with him. I don’t even know if that’s what I want to be honest. I just figured we’d keep going with the flow. Hanging out, texting, flirting, sex… I want that to continue, even if I don’t quite know how I feel about him yet. And I thought he wanted that too, until now.

I have no reason to be mad at him, but I am. The girl leans against the doorpost and takes in my black raincoat and the red heels I’ve got on underneath. I feel my blood starting to boil when she smiles like she knows exactly what I’m doing here. And, to make matters even worse, she is absolutely stunning. Light brown skin, flowing black curls and a figure to die for. She’s wearing a robe. The very same robe I had on the first time Dshawn and I had sex.

“Dshawn,” the girl calls over her shoulder. “There’s some girl here to see you!”

I turn around and run down the stairs. I don’t want to do this right now. When I get this angry and frustrated, I always cry and I am not going to stand there bawling my eyes out while his new fuckbuddy stands there judging me. I make my way back to my car, trying not to fall over in my heels. What was I thinking wearing this to his place? Of course he’s not alone on Sunday morning. I saw on his Instagram account that he went out to the club last night, so I should have figured he would pick up a girl and take her home with him.

I pull off my heels, throw them onto the passenger’s seat and drive away with bare feet on the pedals, not daring to look behind me to see if Dshawn or his hussy are outside, looking at me. My phone is already buzzing in my coat pocket, but I’m not going to pick up. Not now. I’m driving. And crying. Either way, I’m in no state to answer the phone right now.

When I get home, I just cross the street on my bare feet, tossing the heels I’m carrying onto the floor in the hallway, not caring where they land. I make my way to the couch and sit down, my coat still on, trying to stop crying.

My phone buzzes again and I pull it out to see three missed calls from Dshawn and a text that he sent a few seconds ago, telling me to call him. I really don’t want to hear his shitty explanation right now. Besides, he doesn’t even owe me one. We just slept together twice and had dinner and lunch a few times. No big deal. And I’m not looking for more than a casual fling anyway. It’s fine. I will just find someone else to appreciate the outfit I have on right now.

I scroll through my contacts, looking for someone to call. Joshua’s name catches my eye, but I knew that I need to leave him alone. He’s got too much going on with Jasmine, and I don’t do unavailable guys anyway. Then I see that last night, someone sent me a message on Instagram that I haven’t read yet. It’s Max, a fellow bartender at Animals, asking me if I’d like to hang out. He’s kind of cute with short brown hair and piercing green eyes, but before now I had never even considered sleeping with him. Oh well, he’s available and good looking. That’s all I need right now. I shoot him a message telling him to get his ass to my apartment, leaving no doubt about what I’m in the mood for. He responds right away, telling me he will be there in twenty minutes.

Good. I don’t need Dshawn. I’ve got Max now.

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rings and I move to open it, smiling widely to greet Max and tell him that I’m glad he’s here sooner than anticipated, but it’s not him.

It’s Dshawn.

“Can I come in?” he asks, his eyes taking in my appearance with a frown.

I peer behind him to see if that girl from earlier is with him, but I only see his motorcycle parked on the sidewalk and I notice that he’s got the helmet under his arm.

“Now is actually not a good time,” I say, trying to keep a smile plastered to my face.

“Bullshit,” he replies, pushing past me to walk right into my living room. “Chassidy told me that there was an attractive blonde girl with tear filled blue eyes at my door not that long ago, who ran away in her heels and black raincoat before I could get to the front door. You’re the only person that fits that description. So… care to tell me what just happened?”

“I’m not the only blonde girl with blue eyes in the city,” I shoot back.

“I just saw your heels in the hallway and you’re wearing a black raincoat indoors!” Dshawn gestures at me, getting annoyed. “Now cut the crap and tell me what’s going on. And… hey… have you been crying?” His voice is a little softer when he notices my puffy red eyes.

“That’s none of your concern,” I reply angrily. “Why do you even care? Go back to fucking Chassidy or whatever her name is. Would have been nice to know that you’re no longer interested in me, but I guess that you didn’t feel like telling me that, because all we are to each other is just two nights of hot sex. Fine. Let’s just part ways. No biggie.”

“What are you talking about?” Dshawn looks me like I’m crazy. “I just spend two entire weeks wishing you’d actually make some time for me, but you were too damn busy working!”

“Excuse me for having a job!” I scream at him. I’m so mad at him, and I’m not even sure why. He’s done nothing wrong, technically, but he still managed to hurt me.

“And I’m not fucking Chassidy,” he adds, shaking his head at me. “She’s my cousin and she’s crashing at my place for a few days while her apartment gets fumigated.”

Oh fuck. “She’s your… cousin?”

“Yes,” Dshawn says, a small smile creeping onto his face despite everything. “You thought I was sleeping with someone else? And that upset you so much that you ran away like some kind of heartbroken teenager and came home to cry?” He moves closer to pull me against him, rubbing my back soothingly. “That is crazy, stupid, and sweet at the same time. And if it makes you feel any better… I haven’t slept with anyone else since you and I had sex for the first time. It’s not like anyone could ever compare to you anyway, so why bother?”

“Really?” All my rage is completely gone now, replaced by happiness.

“I’m not much of a player anyway,” he says, nuzzling my neck. “Now… I think it’s time to find out why you were on my doorstep at 10 am on a Sunday morning wearing heels and a raincoat.”

I’m feeling like myself again now that the misunderstanding is all cleared up, so I step back undo my belt. His eyes widen when he realizes what’s going on, followed by his tongue flicking over his lips when I drop the coat to the floor and show him my sexy lingerie.

“Fucking hell,” he says huskily. “Yeah, okay, that is a nice surprise. You can definitely show up at my place like that any time of the day.”

Just when he reaches for me to kiss me, we’re startled by the sound of the front door closing.

“Are you really so impatient that you left the door open for me?” a male voice calls out from the hallway. “What exactly has you feeling so horny on a Sunday morning, you dirty girl?”

Fuck. I completely forgot about Max.

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