Slutty Shaughna

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#3 My slutty mentor

“Thanks, gorgeous!” I give the guy who just bought me a drink a kiss on the cheek before taking off. He’s cute, but too young for me. I don’t ever spend money in the club, preferring to flirt for drinks, so it’s always a win for me to get a guy to buy me a drink.

“Another one?” Francesca asks when I pop up next to her, grinning. “Damn girl, you really know how to charm guys into buying you stuff.”

Francesca and I have been friends for four years now. We met when we worked as waitresses at the restaurant I still work at. She left Giovanni’s two years ago when she finished college, but we kept in touch. I don’t know all that much about her, when I really think about it, but she knows how to party and so do I, which makes us a great fit for nights like this.

“To dumb motherfuckers spending their money on us!” I hold up my new drink in a toast before downing half of it. I offer the rest of it to Francesca, who sips it with a smile on her face.

Once the drink is burning down both of our throats, I slam the glass back down on the bar and pull Francesca with me to the dancefloor. We start grinding on each other, knowing that this is a surefire way to get attention from guys. Sure enough, I feel hands on my hips only a minute into our sexy dance, pulling me away from Franny. She winks at me and mouths the word ‘hot’ to me, so I feel pretty confident when I stick out my ass and start grinding against the guy behind me. Another hottie snatches Fran up within seconds, so we’re both taken care of for the night.

When I turn around to see what I’ve got to work with, I narrow my eyes at the guy holding me. I know him. And there’s no way I’m sleeping with him.

“Aston,” I say, rolling my eyes.

He grins, his hands still on my hips as he moves to the beat. “My favorite slut.”

I grin and pull him in for a hug. Aston has been a good friend of mine for years now, and he’s a beautiful specimen, but there’s no way we’re ever ending up in bed together. He pretty much taught me half of the tricks I use in the club, and he’s proud to call himself my mentor. He’s not, but try telling Aston that.

After a few more songs he pulls me to the exit, inhaling deeply when we’re on the street in front of the club, finally able to get some fresh air into our lungs. The cold air sobers me up a little, although I’m still buzzed. His eyes are red, which leads me to believe he’s stoned. Not an uncommon state for Aston to be in.

“Trying to lure unsuspecting guys into your bed?” Aston asks, grinning at me.

I roll my eyes. “Like you’re not doing the same thing with girls.”

“Hell yeah!” He shows me a picture of a girl with her boobs out, sticking out her tongue to the camera. “Look at this one. Last night, three hours of insanity. I’m tempted to just call it a night and hit her up again.”

Poor girl. She’s got no idea who she got in bed with last night. Aston is a great friend, but he’s the shittiest boyfriend ever. Not that I’ve ever been in a relationship with him, but a friend of mine from college has been, and she still insists that those were the three most miserable months of her life. He’s not even very good at being fuckbuddies, ghosting girls left and right. Aston is not the relationship type, just like me. We met at a party during my first year of college and he immediately recognized me as a player, just like him. Since I was just coming out of a seriously fucked-up relationship and new to the world of one-night stands, fumbling around and getting myself in all sorts of uncomfortable situations, Aston took me under his wing and taught me all about the morals of being a player – or a slut, since girls don’t get the title player assigned to them for some reason.

First rule: never catch feelings. I’ve been really good at that so far.

Second rule: don’t meddle in other people’s relationships. That means no guys who are married, engaged or in a relationship. That one’s tricky, since guys tend to lie about that. I’ve never purposefully messed with someone’s boyfriend, fiancé or husband, but by accident… yeah, shit happens. The girl code also falls under this rule. No hooking up with your friends’ boyfriend or ex-boyfriends or even their fuckbuddies. Just don’t mess with anyone your friends have been with.

Third rule: be safe. That rule is not just about condoms, but also about being careful who you go home with and what you tell them. Don’t let guys take naked pictures of you, don’t let them handcuff you to anything, never leave a key of your apartment laying around, don’t sleep with someone who is so drunk or high that he’s lost all brainpower… Stuff like that. It’s to prevent me from getting raped, hurt, blackmailed, the works.

So far, these three simple rules have worked for me. No feelings, no unavailable or forbidden guys and stay safe. Easy enough. Do I miss being in a relationship? Nah, not really. My last relationship was when I was 18 and he was so horrible that whenever I start getting in too deep with someone, I stop seeing them. Rule one is important to me.

I actually think that there is one rule missing. A fourth rule: wear the name ‘slut’ like a badge of honor. Aston doesn’t need this rule. His friends all envy how easily he gets girls into bed and he gets high-fives when he shows them pictures and tells them stories. Me on the other hand… Francesca is the same, so she doesn’t judge me. My best friend Caroline has known me long before either of us became sexually active, and she would never judge me. Everyone else… yeah, I get a lot of name-calling and weird looks. A girl that actually wants to sleep around with as many hot guys as she can find and isn’t looking for more? Not maybe people get me. Not really.

“Are you going out tomorrow night?” Aston asks, scrolling through his messages while he talks to me. “My friend Dshawn is throwing a party and he’s a god when it comes to these things. Wanna come?”

Dshawn. I know him. He’s Caroline’s ex-boyfriend. In fact, she slept with him recently to try and get her new love-interest out of her mind. Screw him out of her system, so to speak. Dshawn and I used to hang out in college back when he was still dating Caroline. I don’t know him that well, but I remember his epic parties, so I’m more than eager to ask Aston for the address.

We sit down on the curb, chatting about our lives. Aston may be a horrible guy to be in a relationship with, but he’s a good friend. He’s genuinely interested in my life. I tell him about Hollister and he shakes his head, grimacing.

“I remember that asshole from that time I came to Giovanni’s before going out,” he grunts. “Don’t let him make you an accomplice to cheating on his girl, Shaughna. You’re better than that.”

“Of course I am,” I agree immediately. “I’m horny, not crazy.”

Aston laughs loudly. “You’re the craziest bitch I’ve ever met. But you’re not a bad person. Just like me. We may sleep around, but that doesn’t mean we have to be dicks about it.”

“Hmmm…” When we talk about sleeping around, I can’t help but think about Joshua. Damn, that was one good night. “I think I may have found someone to see on a semi-regular basis,” I tell Aston, showing him a picture of Joshua on my phone. I took it in the uber ride to his apartment. His blue eyes are bright and he’s smiling into the camera.

“Always good to have someone to call when you strike out,” Aston agrees, not interested in the picture. “Are you going to call him? Or are you heading back in with me? I can hook you up with someone if you want.”

“Nah.” Aston finding me someone never ends well. They are usually even bigger assholes than the guys I find on my own. He’s got a horrible taste in man. It’s a good thing he’s straight. “I think I’ll call Joshua.”

“Suit yourself.” Aston gets up and offers me a hand, pulling me to my feet. “Call me soon, girl. We need to catch up. Pizza and a marathon viewing of Bring it on?”

I grin. Aston has a weird fascination with cheerleaders, which means we usually watch high school movies when we meet up. “Sure. Talk to you soon.”

When he walks back into the club, I let my finger hover over Joshua’s contact info for a moment. It’s 3 am. Will he even be up? It’s a weeknight, after all. I have no idea if he’s still in college or has a job or something. Fuck it. I can always try.

“Hey?” His voice is sleepy when he answers. “Who’s this?”

“Sorry for waking you, cutie,” I say with a smile. “This is the girl from the other night. The best sex you ever had, remember?”

“Shaughna?” he asks, sounding surprised. “Oh. Hi!”

“Are you busy?” I feel like smacking myself for the dumb question. Of course he’s not. I just woke him up.

“Erm… no?” he replies, sounding confused. “Why? Are you okay? Do you need help?”

“Well…” Oh hell, let’s just come clean about what I want. This is a booty call, after all. “I could use your help in getting me off. I’m horny and you were so good at it the other night…”

“Yes!” he pretty much shouts into the phone. “I mean… yeah, sure, whatever.”

I grin. “Be there in five. You better be naked and ready for me when I get to your place, Joshy boy.”


Moaning, I move my hands to Joshua’s back and dig in my nails. He’s so deep inside of me that I swear I’m seeing stars. When he sucks my nipple into his mouth, I’m gone for. A few seconds later, the waves of pleasure wash over me and I spasm around him. I love having sex without a condom. It just feels so much better, somehow. And since we already need to get tested, I’ve still got my IUD, and we both didn’t sleep with anyone else since our night together… Why bother, right?

“Oh yeah,” Joshua grunts, his thrusts becoming more erratic as he chases his own relief.

I grab his ass and dig my nails in again, urging him to go even deeper, although that’s physically just not possible. He gasps and shudders, filling me up with his load. He collapses on top of me with a content sigh, nuzzling my neck.

“Can’t breathe,” I croak out.

He laughs breathily and rolls off of me, snuggling up to me from the side, his head on my breast. “That was… wow. After you left the other night… I honestly didn’t expect you were ever going to call me, let alone so soon after.”

“You’re too good to only sleep with just once.” I expect Joshua to react to my compliment, but he grows silent against me, the fingers that were softly stroking my belly freezing in their movements. “Hey, you okay?” I ask, rolling to my side so I can look at him.

“Yeah,” he breathes, closing the small distance between our faces to kiss me. It’s sweet and tender, but also… sad?

“Tell me,” I insist when he pulls back. “What’s wrong?”

Joshua grunts and rolls onto his back, looking at the ceiling. “Nothing.”

“Nothing you want to talk to me about, you mean,” I realize. “Ex-girlfriend?” When he nods, I sigh and put my head on his chest, draping my arms and legs over him. His juices are leaking out of me and onto the sheet and his leg, but I don’t care. It’s not my bed anyway, so not my mess to clean. “Look, I’m just a girl you fucked twice. Well, four times, technically, but only two nights. I’m not suddenly madly in love with you and I’m not going to get mad or start crying if you want to talk about your ex-girlfriend. You gave me three orgasms tonight, Joshua. I’d be happy to repay you by listening to you whine about your life.”

“Really?” He chuckles softly. “You’re a little weird, you know that, right?”

“Weird and proud of it, baby. Now spit it out.” I really want him to let it all out. No one understands how much a relationship can fuck you up in the head, even when they’re not in your life anymore.

“You just said…” Joshua hesitates, but when I press a kiss to his chest, he takes a deep breath and starts talking. Or well, more like rambling. “You just said that I’m good at… at sex, you know? You said that I’m too good to sleep with only once. My ex-girlfriend wouldn’t agree with you on that. We were together for three years and she was my first, so I wasn’t sure… I mean, I basically had no idea what I was doing. And she would just… lie there, all silent, waiting for me to get it right. And I wasn’t her first and by the end… I mean when our relationship was fucked-up already and I decided to break up with her, she told me that every single guy she slept with before me was better in bed than I was.”

“Well, then either she was lying, or she’s been sleeping with sex gods from the Mount Olympus. Girls say a lot of fucked up shit where they’re angry.” I grin against his skin. “I should know, I’m one of them. And trust me, when you scorn me I’m a raging bitch.”

“I highly doubt that.” Joshua pulls me closer and kisses my forehead tenderly. “You talk a big game about being a tough bitchy slut, but here you are, comforting me. I think you’re pretty sweet, Shaughna. But you’re also wrong. I definitely wasn’t any good back then. The girl I slept with before you also didn’t seem to enjoy our hook-up all that much. I don’t think I’m good in bed, I think you are.”

“Yeah,” I agree, “I am, but it takes two to tango, Joshua. And that thing you did earlier with your tongue…” Goosebumps appear on my skin just thinking about it. “That was all you. I just lay there and moaned.”

He chuckles at that, his fingers drawing lazy circles on my back. “I suppose that’s true.”

“I don’t call guys I’ve already slept with unless they were good enough to keep me thinking about them,” I assure Joshua. This guy is just so cute and insecure. It’s unfair that his ex-girlfriend made him feel this way, because it’s just so not true. And even if it were… she could have talked to him about it, right? How is a guy supposed to know what he’s needs to do if the girl won’t tell him what she likes?

“I’ve been thinking about you as well,” Joshua admits. “A lot.”

I roll over so I’m on top of him, straddling him. “How about we make some more memories to think about, huh?” As I move against him, I feel him come alive underneath me. We’re both still slick and wet from before, so he slides into me with ease.

He grabs my hips and helps me find the right pace, slamming me down on him again and again until I’m panting. He lets go of my right side to move his hand between us, rubbing my clit. I love it when guys do that, giving me the best of both worlds. I can easily come from penetration alone, but my orgasms are much more intense when someone pleasures me like this.

With a groan, I come apart, collapsing on top of him as my body trembles. He flips us over so he’s on top now and keeps thrusting into me, grabbing my legs and putting them around his waist so he can go even deeper. Hmm, that feels good. When he comes for the second time that night, I join him for yet another orgasm.

“See,” I tell him when he rolls off of me only to snuggle into me from the side again. “Very. Very good. And none of that was me.”

“Nonsense,” he argues with a smile. “That was both of us.”


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