Slutty Shaughna

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#30 Do we really have to?

“Do we really have to go out?” Dshawn asks, yawning. “We’ve been working on our business plan all damn day. I just wanna watch a movie with you, have some hot shower sex, and go to bed early.”

I smile at him, just so happy to have this guy with me. He’s been calling it our business plan for a while now, even though it is his dream and I’m just helping him out. Truth be told, it is starling feel like something that we’re doing together, a mutual dream we’re working toward. That’s a bit too scary for me, though, so I don’t dare calling it that out loud myself. I may not have any problem being exclusive, but I’m not even his girlfriend yet, and that’s just fine with me. I’m not ready to talk about the future.

“Honey, Caroline is coming over with her friend Tiffany,” I say for the third time in half an hour. “We can’t just cancel on them. And we haven’t been out in a while. It’ll be fun to go dancing again.”

He grumbles, but he knows as well as I do that he’s got no say in the matter. “I’m not changing my clothes for them,” he states, grasping at straws to pretend that he’s still got say over something tonight. He’s in his favorite grey sweatpants and his shirt has a coffee stain on it.

“Fine, but you still have to change before we go out,” I tell him. “I’m not taking you to the club looking like a hobo. And be nice to Tiffany. Caroline already knows that you’re a grumpy weirdo, but we don’t need to scare off her friend.”

He rolls his eyes. “Sure. Whatever you say. How long do we have before they’re here?”

“Thirty minutes.” I suddenly get an idea to cheer him up. “You wanted three things tonight, right?”

He nods with a cute frown on his face. “Watch a movie, hot shower sex, go to bed early.” His face lights up when he realizes what I’m getting at. “Hell yeah,” he says, jumping up and picking me up so I have to wrap my legs around his waist. “One out of three is good enough for me.”

“I thought you were tired,” I tease as he carries me over to the bathroom, kissing my neck.

“I’m never too tired to fuck you,” he grunts. “Now get naked and hop in the shower, missy.”

I laugh at his sudden enthusiasm. We both undress swiftly and the moment we’re in, the water is on and we’re both wet, Dshawn grabs the handheld shower head. We’ve been having shower sex quite often, but he hasn’t used the shower head on me yet, so I’m quite curious to see what he’s got planned. He pushes me against the wall and forces my legs apart, dropping to his knees in front of me. He buries his face between my legs for moment, grunting against my pussy. The sensation has me moaning out already. Then he pulls back and slips two fingers into me while pointing the soft flowing stream to my clit. I lean against the wall, panting.

“What setting?” he asks, looking up at me with hungry eyes.

“Six,” I moan out.

He turns the showerhead to the pulsating massage jet and keeps the water pushing up at my clit while he starts finger fucking me. Fucking hell, this is even better than when I get myself off in the shower. My body doesn’t hesitate a single second and just comes all over his hand, juices flowing out and mingling with the water.

“Fuck,” he says, “that’s hot.”

Then he gets back up, puts the shower head back where it was and kisses me, completely dominating me while I come down from my high. I keep moaning into the kiss while his fingers find their way between my thighs again, three slipping in, stretching me.

“Fuck me,” I plead. “Please.”

He pulls his fingers out and grunts when I jump him, my legs wrapping around his waist while he struggles not to slip.

“Bloody hell, woman,” he complains. “Careful! You’re gonna break my legs one day. Or worse… my penis.”

I laugh at that, but the sound turns into a moan when he pushes me against the wall and enters me. I reach around him to grab his ass and I suddenly remember something Caroline told me a while ago. Even though I’m up for anal, we haven’t done anything yet, not even discussed it. I know for a fact that he likes a finger up his ass, but he doesn’t know that I know that, and talking about Caroline while he fucks me… Nah. Not doing that. Using her pointers, however…

I move my hand to his crack, touching his tight hole gently. He whimpers.

“Can I?” I ask huskily.

“Yes,” he pants. “Yes yes yes.”

We’re so wet from the water that my finger slips in with ease, but I make sure to be really slow and careful, easing into him. He’s groaning into my neck like he’s ready to blow already, so I pause for a moment so he can adjust, but he doesn’t seem to need it, since he starts moving himself like he just wants me to slip further in.

“Tell me if I hurt you,” I say softly. He may like this, but I know from personal experience that it’s always best to be careful the first time you try this with someone new, since I don’t know exactly what he likes yet.

He just grunts, trying to keep still inside of me. I slide in a little further and make a very subtle circular motion with my finger, trying to relax his muscles further. When he moans, I move in and out a few times until I curl my finger inside of him.

“Fuck me,” I tell him, since he’s gone completely still against and inside of me, solely focusing on the sensations in his ass.

He complies, and I keep my finger in, letting it move along with his own thrusts, curling it a few times and slipping it in a little more.

He moans out in pleasure and his moves become erratic, going harder and faster until he comes with a guttural sound, his muscles clenching around my finger as he blows his load inside of me. When his breathing is back to normal, I warn him that I’m going to pull out, moving very carefully so I won’t hurt him.

“Holy. Shit.” He looks at me with wide eyes, while I giggle at his words of choice. “That was… I mean… that… oh. Wow.”

“That good?” I ask, pleased that I could do this for him. I was too focused on giving him pleasure to let myself go enough to orgasm while he fucked me, but I don’t mind at all. He took care of me first, and I usually have far more orgasms than he does when we get down to it, so it was his turn tonight. Especially since I’m making him go out with my friends while he would prefer to stay in.

“Yes,” Dshawn says, shuddering from the intensity of what just happened. “Have you ever… I mean… That was… Was that…?”

I smile and kiss him softly. “We can talk about this when we get to your place later tonight, okay? I’m giving Tiffany and Caroline my place for the night. They’re going to be here any minute now, so we need to get out of the shower, baby.”

He nods, looking completely out of it. I carefully clean the finger that was just inside of him with soap and turn off the faucet. I hand him a towel and dry off quickly myself, urging him to do the same. I pull my clothes from before back on and throw him his sweatpants.

Just as Dshawn is pulling his shirt over his head, the doorbell rings.

“I’m going to open the door,” I tell Dshawn, who is still gazing at me with wide, adoring eyes. “You have about three minutes to pull yourself together and make sure you’re sitting on the couch watching TV when they come in. Okay?”

“Yeah, okay,” he breathes.

I hurry to the door, making sure that I greet them on the threshold, keeping the front door half-closed behind me so they won’t see a dazed Dshawn walking from the bathroom to the living room behind me. Luckily, I have the excuse that I’ve never seen Tiffany before, so I pull her in for a long hug, holding on way longer than necessary to give Dshawn enough to time to not look like he just had his world rocked.

Yeah, I’m a little proud of my ability to move from sex goddess to perfect hostess in a matter of seconds. I rock tonight.

“You look exactly like Car described you,” I tell Tiffany when I can’t possibly hug her any longer without making the poor girl think that I’m coming onto her. “You really do look a bit like me.” And she does. Her hair isn’t naturally blonde like mine, but her dye job is amazing, her roots perfect. She’s got blue eyes as well, and she’s about the same height and has a similar figure. She’s beautiful, which makes me feel like I am beautiful too. Always a plus.

When I lead the girls into the living room, Dshawn is sitting in front of the TV like he’s been there for hours already, holding a beer. He’s got a frown on his face, concentrating hard to not show that he’s still coming down from his intense orgasm. I know him well enough to recognize that face instantly, but Caroline apparently doesn’t, since she rushes over to hug him. He looks a little awkward as he pats her on the back, meeting my gaze over her shoulder and smiling knowingly at me.

I move into the kitchen to get everyone some beers while Tiffany and Dshawn get through the awkward introduction phase of the evening. He’s acting a little douchy, to be honest, but I can tell that he’s trying. Hell, I can’t blame him. I love Caroline, but I would rather we in bed with Dshawn right now, talking through what we just did in the shower, getting to know about each other’s likes and dislikes. Instead, I walk over to hand everyone a drink.

Dshawn was just teasing Caroline about still being in love with her, so I play along and sit down between them, nudging Caroline playfully. “Gotta keep some distance between you and my man.”

He punts his arm around me and pulls me to his side, softly caressing my arm while he keeps his eyes carefully trained on the TV. I all but melt into him and have to work hard to hear what Caroline is saying to me.

“He’s already picking out your wedding dress. I’m thinking sweetheart neckline, strapless, long flowy train.” Caroline is pointing at the TV, where Say yes to the dress is on, showing a blushing bride-to-be in a godawful beaded dress that makes her look fat and frumpy. Dshawn obviously was out of it when he turned the TV on, since we both hate this show.

“No way,” Dshawn says, squeezing my shoulder. “Short skirt and plunging neckline. She’s got killer legs and boobs. No flowy train could ever do that justice.”

No matter how comfortable we are with each other, I feel my body freeze up at the mention of a wedding. Honestly, I’m not even sure if I ever want to get married. Ever since my parents got their hostile divorce, I never thought that walking down the aisle made any sense. It doesn’t guarantee that a relationship will last, so why spend all that money on a big party and a fancy dress? I’d rather have Dshawn put his money into the business he wants to open.

Luckily, Caroline changes the topic of conversation and I happily jump in, not feeling like discussing wedding dresses. Dshawn kisses my temple sweetly while we girls talk. He chimes in from time to time, mostly to rile Caroline up, which is always fun to watch. Slowly, both Dshawn and I relax and do a pretty decent job at behaving like normal people.

That is, until Dshawn teases Caroline about being a little girl and calls himself a big strong man. She immediately insinuates that she’s seen bigger, her eyes on his crotch. He huffs at her, and I can’t help but laugh at how insulted he looks.

“Don’t worry baby, you’re huge,” I tell him, patting his knee. “Massive. Hung like a horse.”

Dshawn grunts, and I feel his grip on my arm tighten almost to the point where it hurts. I look at him and see his dick twitch, his sweats doing not much to hide the fact that he’s getting a boner. Crap. Maybe it was a bad idea to get him all riled up right before the girls got here.

Luckily, Caroline gets us like no one else and she ushers Tiffany into the bathroom to get ready.

“Dude,” I say to Dshawn the moment they are out of earshot. “Get a grip.”

“Hey, you just gave me the best orgasm of my life,” he grunts, moving in to kiss me. “I’m not going to get a grip anytime soon. If they weren’t here, I’d be back inside of you already.”

“Best of your life?” I ask, shivering at how deep and seductive his voice is.

“Everything with you is the best of my life,” he says, burying his face in my hair. “Not just the sex. But yeah, that was the best orgasm ever.” His hands move over my breasts, pinching my nipples through my shirt and bra. “Do we really have to go? Can’t we just call them an uber and stay in? Please?”

“I’m sorry,” I say, pushing him off even though I want nothing more than to just drag him into my bedroom. “How about I promise you to suck you off in the bathroom at the club?”

His eyes widen. “Yeah, okay, let’s go out.”

I smile at his sudden change of mind and kiss him again before getting up to start getting ready myself. I have to admit I’m looking forward to getting hot and heavy in the club. We haven’t had sex in a public place yet, even though we both have done it with other people before. Even though I don’t have many firsts left when it comes to sex, there are still many firsts to be had for the two of us together and I like that.

Plus, with Dshawn there are feelings involved.

Big feelings, that make everything we do feel a million times better than anything I’ve ever done before.

With a frown, I realize that I’m not as scared by how much I like him as I used to be. Being with him is easy like breathing, yet also exhilarating like riding a rollercoaster all damn day.

I think… I think that maybe, after seven years, I am finally falling for someone without the thought paralyzing me with fear like it used to.


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