Slutty Shaughna

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#31 There’s no taming this slut

We end up having a very nice time at the club. It’s a new one called Rock Paper Scissors. I’ve been too busy working shits at Animals to come here, but two of Dshawn’s friends work behind the bar. He already told me about this place. One of their biggest attractions is the hot girl in scarce clothing who is sitting in a booth in the corner of the place. If you beat her at rock paper scissors, you get a free drink. Of course, mostly guys try to beat her because they want to try wooing her, but almost every single one of them loses. The girl is smart – she keeps distracting them with her enormous breasts, so she can switch her pick at the last second without them noticing.

“We need something like that!” he yells in my ear. “It’s so original!”

I laugh and shake my head at him. He’s just as mesmerized by her boobs as the other guys, even though he’s pretending not to notice them. “It’s all fun and games until girls start lining up and she gets beaten so often that the free drinks start costing the owner too much money. Watch this.” I go stand in line, and since I’ve been watching her for a while now, and I know she always starts with scissors, changing it at the last second. I pick rock and beat her easily, since I’m not distracted by her. She grins at me, knowing fully well why I just beat her ass.

“Free drink!” she shouts, handing me a ticket that I can hand to the bartender when I collect my prize.

The owner shows up to see who beat his main attraction. Turns out he and Dshawn know each other from one of his former jobs, and Dshawn proudly tells him that his girl just won the game.

His girl.

I like that.

Even though I promised Dshawn a hot rendezvous in the bathroom, it takes a while before he can collect. Caroline and I dance for a long time, dragging Tiffany along with us. Tiffany and I are both pretty buzzed, but Caroline is still sober. Thank God she can dance like a crazy person without any alcohol fueling her. Dshawn joins us after a while, along with Aston and three other guys I vaguely know from the New Year’s Eve party. One of them eyes me a little too long, causing Dshawn to pull me against him and kiss me hard, marking his territory.

“Sorry boys,” I joke when he lets go of me. “I’m taken.”

Dshawn’s eyes widen when I say that, and a grin lights up his face. “Yeah you are.”

I lean in so the guys can all hear me. “The brunette is taken as well, but the blonde is up for grabs.” Caroline made it clear that Tiffany is on the prowl, so I may as well send a few hot guys her way.

“Fuck she’s hot,” Aston yells in my ear over the music. “Put in a good word for me, will you?”

I grunt, but I know that I can’t say anything about Francesca’s feelings for him, so I have no choice but to help him get her. Otherwise, he’d know something was up. Luckily, I’m saved from having to act on it, since Caroline pushes Tiffany at Aston, playing matchmaker before I can. At least now it won’t be my fault that Aston ends up with someone who isn’t Franny tonight.

Caroline sneaks out of the club for a moment, probably to call her man – she’s so into goddamn Nathanial Storm that it’s getting a bit ridiculous. I wonder if should follow her after what happened that time Danny showed up, but I decide against it. Dshawn sees Danny at work on a weekly basis and he assured me that Danny regrets ever laying a hand on her. He even told Dshawn that he hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since and he’s in therapy. He may have messed up, he’s trying to be better. Caroline is safe. I should just give Car a moment to have a phone conversation with Nathan without me hanging around like a drunk chaperone.

The moment Dshawn realizes that both Caroline and Tiffany are taken care of, he all but drags me into the bathroom, completely ignoring people shouting at us that there’s a line. He pulls me in, shuts the door and kisses me hungrily.

“Let’s hurry up before people start trying to break open the door,” I say a little out of breath when he pulls back.

I drop to my knees, unzip his pants and free his already hard dick from his boxer shorts. The moment I take him into my mouth, he grunts and grabs my hair, dictating the pace. I’m honestly too drunk and horny to take control myself, so I just moan around him while he thrusts into me.

“What you did in the shower was so fucking hot,” he grunts while he fucks my mouth. “And I think how you knew that I’d like that. Caroline told you, didn’t she?”

I bob my head up and down to indicate that he’s right, still keeping him in my mouth.

“I knew it,” he groans. “I knew it. Then she must have also told you that I like to come on a girl. To mark her body as mine with my cum.”

Even in my aroused drunken haze I know what he’s getting at, so I let him slip out of my mouth for a moment so I can say something to him. “You can come in my face.”

“Really?” His eyes light up and he makes a deep, throaty sound. “Fucking hell, you really are a dangerous woman. And a sexy one.”

I suck him off again, picking up the pace. Right when he’s about to blow, I pull back and take over with my hand so his cum lands on my face. A few seconds later, I’m covered with it, using my free hand to try and keep it from staining my dress more than it already did.

“Oh that’s hot.” Dshawn grabs some paper towels to clean himself and zips his pants back up before getting some more to help me wipe it off my face.

I slowly get up and move to the mirror. My make-up is a complete and utter mess, of course, and I’ve got a bit of cum in my hair as well, reminding me of Francesca and Aston the morning after the New Year’s party. I decide to just give up on my appearance. I will settle for clean. I throw water into my face and try to get all the cum, make-up and sweat off my face, scrubbing it until my skin is all rosy and a little raw.

“Okay, done,” I announce.

Dshawn is looking a little unsure now, like he’s not quite sure why he just did what he did. I pull him in for a kiss to assure him that I’m fine. Better than fine, actually. It’s kind of nice to know that we can do hot, weird things like this in inappropriate places without losing respect for each other. It’s sweet that he’s worried about me, about making me feel cheap, but I honestly don’t mind. I’ve gone stuff like this guys I didn’t give a shit about. It feels good sharing this side of me without someone who knows me. Who likes this side of me, but also all the other aspects there are to my character.

We head back out, getting a lot of angry looks from the people still waiting to use the toilet. I just ignore them and drag Dshawn back to where the others are still dancing. No one seems to suspect that we just did something like that, and Caroline is just now walking back into the club with a younger guy in tow who looks vaguely familiar.

“Yord!” Dshawn exclaims, clapping him on the back. “Good to see you, man!”

I now recognize him as the guy who saved Caroline from Danny that night. When Tiffany sees the guy, her eyes widen, and she licks her lips. It doesn’t take long before Tiffany and Yord are glued to each other, and Aston is out of the game.

Huffing and grunting, he comes to talk to me for a moment while Dshawn chats with Caroline.

“Stupid Caroline,” Aston complains. “I was just about to lock that girl down.”

I grin and nudge him. “You can’t win them all, man.”

Aston sighs and turns to me to say something else, but then he sees my reddish face without make-up and my messed-up sex hair. “Damn girl,” he says with a wink. “I thought that Dshawn had you all domesticated, but I see you’ve still got some freak left in you.”

“There’s no taming this slut,” I reply, laughing along.

Caroline and I head back to the dancefloor, cutting loose completely. I manage to be a good friend for about an hour, but there is a point where I’ve just got too many shots in me to stop myself from plastering myself against Dshawn, grinding against him. He grabs my ass and kisses my neck over and over again while we dance. Or well, dance… it’s more like a hot make-out session in the middle of the dancefloor, to be honest.

We stay for another hour, not leaving until all of our friends have already left, ready to get a good night’s sleep or screw someone’s brains out. Finally, we head for Dshawn’s apartment, where we both crash onto his bed, out for the count.

Author’s note:

- First of all, I cringed a little while I wrote this chapter. It’s a bit much, maybe, but I just needed to put this in because I want to show that Shaughna is still the wild girl she always was. The slutty side of her character is not something Melchior created, that’s always been there and she’s finally letting that side of her shine with someone she actually cares about. I hope that you enjoyed the chapter and get what I was trying to accomplish. (Plus, I kinda enjoy writing scenes like this, even if they’re a little cringy.)

- Also, you may have noticed that this story closely follows the storyline of “Sweet Caroline”, the first book in the series, but that there are obviously a lot of things in here that Caroline didn’t know, or stuff that simply wasn’t important to her story. I hope it’s not too repetitive. I personally really enjoy writing the same scenes from “Sweet Caroline” from Shaughna’s perspective, so I just hope that I can transfer that joy onto my readers.

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