Slutty Shaughna

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#34 Lying cheating bitch

“What do you mean you all slept with Jasmine?” I ask, hoping I misheard them.

Dshawn is the first to speak up. “I went on a few dates with her a year ago and we had sex once. I never saw her again after that.”

I don’t like hearing that, but I can hardly get mad over something that happened a year ago. Besides, it’s only one of the 30 women he slept with. I’ve slept with about four times as many men and we both know it.

“But…” I finally realize what he’s truly saying. “She and Joshua were still together a year ago! How could she be dating you?”

“That’s not all,” Francesca says, looking up at me. “She told you that she’s never been with a girl, right? That’s a lie. It’s also a lie that she’s never had a threesome before. I slept with her and some dude called Thomas six months ago.”

Wait – what? “But… that’s also during the three years that she was with Joshua!” I move my attention to Aston. “When did you sleep with her?”

He wiggles his eyesbrows. “This is where it gets really interesting. Because I met her in Animals two weeks ago and we’ve been sleeping together every other day since.”

Holy shit. That girl is dirty cheater and she’s probably always been one. What the fuck is she thinking, getting back together with Joshua? Couldn’t she just let the poor guy off the hook and allow him to move on from her?

“Oh my God,” I grunt. “She told him that she didn’t even look at another man during the four months they were apart. And she convinced him that she needs him to act out her fantasies to so they can finally have a fulfilling sex life. That’s just… How could she do that to him? And to think that for three years straight, she did nothing but just lie there on the bed and leave it to him to figure out how to get her off, even though she was his first!”

“How many hours did you spend talking about his ex?” Dshawn asks with a frown. “Never mind, I don’t want to know. Joshua was kidding about her not participating. When I slept with her, she just took off her clothes and made me do all the work, complaining that I wasn’t doing a very good job.” He rolls his eyes. “And we all know that’s just utter bullshit.”

I grin at him. “Yeah, we do.”

“Stop the flirting for a moment,” Francesca says, getting a little annoyed. “When I had that threesome with her, she surely participated, but only when Thomas or I told her what to do. She was very… I don’t know… I mean, when I told her to do something, she did it spectacularly, but she didn’t do anything that we didn’t specifically instruct her to do.”

We all look at Aston, curious what his experience with Jasmine was like. He takes a sip of his beer, looking rather smug. “Well, I had a great time with her, actually. Made her see stars more times than I could count, and I can’t complain about her skills either. That girl has no gag reflex, and she’s basically up for anything. She needs a bit of direction for sure, but I don’t mind that, actually. I like a submissive every now and then. I usually sleep with girls like Franny here, who very much has a mind of her own, but I do enjoy some variety.”

“A submissive?” I repeat, ignoring Aston’s boasting about what an amazing lover he is. “So basically, she’s a cheating asshole who may be bisexual or at the very least bicurious and she needs someone to dominate her? Poor Joshua. He is so not what she’s looking for. And he’s going to get his heart trampled on by her all over again.”

“It’s awful having someone break your heart,” Francesca says, glancing at Aston before quickly looking away. “Maybe… maybe we should tell him.”

For a second, I think that she’s saying that we should tell Aston about her feelings for him, but then I realize that she’s talking about Joshua and Jasmine. I look at Dshawn to see what he thinks, since he’s my moral compass here. Francesca is a little clouded by her own problems, and Aston doesn’t really have a moral compass to begin with, so it’s on Dshawn.

“We should tell him,” Aston says before Dshawn can even open his mouth. “Jasmin specifically told me that she was single. And I may be a player, but I don’t fuck unavailable girls. I don’t appreciate being made an accomplice to her cheating on her boyfriend, especially since that boyfriend was good to Shaughna.”

Okay, so maybe Aston does have the tiniest little moral compass after all. I still want Dshawn to sign off on this too, though, because I trust his judgement more than Aston’s.

Slowly, he nods. “Yeah, we should tell him. But maybe… I hate to say this, but maybe we should be dicks about it and really confront them. I have a feeling that Jasmine has Joshua wrapped around her finger and that he will believe anything she tells him. I’m sorry Shaughna, but I’m not sure he will believe you.”

I already though of that myself. Joshua may have trusted me in the past, but if I start attacking his girlfriend now, who he obviously loves or at least has strong feelings for, he may not want to listen to me. We need to confront her.

The four of us talk about it and decide on a game plan. It’s pretty basic, but it will do the trick. I just wish we wouldn’t have to put Joshua through this, so I insist on trying to just talk to him first, without Jasmine present and without blindsiding either of them. If that doesn’t work, we move on to the part of the plan that Dshawn calls ’being total dicks about it’.


“Hey, I’m glad you called.” Joshua hugs me and lets me into his apartment. He still looks cute as ever with his soft curly hair and kind smile. Even though it was just for a few weeks, I will never regret sleeping with him. He was good to me and he made me realize that there’s more to men that just sex. Even though he wasn’t the one for me, he sort of paved the way for me to be able to let Dshawn in, and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

I sit down on a chair and watch as Joshua sits down on the couch, facing me. “I want to talk about your… proposition.

“Look, I want to apologize for putting you on the spot at your place of work,” Joshua says, grimacing. “I never should have agreed to do that. Jasmine can be… very… persuasive when she wants to be. But I was serious when I said that you’re the only girl I would feel comfortable with.”

I nod. “I get that. But Joshua… do you actually want a threesome?”

He stares at me for a moment before looking down at his hands that are fidgeting in his lap. “No. My friends all think I’m crazy for now wanting what’s basically every man’s fantasy, but I don’t want two girls at once. I just want one. Jasmine.”

“Then why are you agreeing to do this?” I ask softly.

He remains silent for a moment, trying to come up with an answer. “I guess I just… I want to give her what she needs, so I won’t have to lose her again. I mean… I know I was the one to break up with her last time, but that wasn’t because I didn’t love her anymore. I ended things because I just couldn’t keep putting myself through the rejection, the snide remarks…” He looks up and smiles at me. “That’s all gone, though. She doesn’t do that anymore. She’s really sweet to me now. She just wants to try something new, and if you would be willing to help me, I can actually give that to her.”

“I’m sorry, Joshua, but I’m not willing to do that. Like I told you before, I don’t want to. And I’ve got a boyfriend now. And please don’t tell me that he can come and watch, because we both know that you’re not up for that.”

He shrugs. “I had to try.”

“No, Joshua, you didn’t have to try. And if Jasmine really loved you, she would see that you’re not comfortable doing what she’s asking you to.” Before he can reply, I hold up my hand to indicate that I’m not done yet. “Tell me, are you happy in your relationship right now?”

He takes a deep breath. “Yeah, I am.”

Crap. I was hoping he’d just come out and say that he wants to dump Jasmine’s sorry ass. Then I wouldn’t have to do what I’m about to do.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this, Joshua, but she’s been lying to you.” Okay, here we go. “She’s cheating on you.”

“No, she’s not,” Joshua says immediately. “Why would you say that?”

“Because it’s true. You know me, Joshua. I wouldn’t lie to you.”

We stare at each other, both trying to access the other’s reaction. He looks sad at first, then horrified, and then it all turns right into anger. Of course, he directs all that anger at me.

“What is wrong with you?” he asks, standing up and looking down on me with fire in his eyes. “You rejected me, and now you’re trying to make sure that I stay alone forever? Go back to your boyfriend, Shaugha. Tell him your lies.”

“Calm down,” I tell him, trying to remain calm. “How about this… Call Jasmine, ask her to come over. I’ll stay here and tell her the same thing I’m telling her: that she’s a cheater. Let’s see how she reacts.”

It takes me about ten more minutes to reason with him, until he finally sits back down and agrees to call Jasmine over. She lives in the neighborhood, and she’s at home, so we only have to wait for a little while before she gets here. Joshua doesn’t tell her what’s going on over the phone, which is a good thing if you ask me, because it means that she can’t start thinking of excuses before getting here. It’s obvious Joshua still has faith in her.

“Hey honey,” Jasmine calls out from the hallway when she lets herself in with her key. The stupid cheating bitch has a key to his apartment. Poor Joshua. “What was so important that I needed to come over right away?” She walks in and her eyes widen when she sees me sitting in the living room, my arms crossed over my chest.

“Hi Jasmine,” I say with my sweetest smile.

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