Slutty Shaughna

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#4 Party at Dshawn’s

When I get home after a double shift at Giovanni’s, I’ve only got about ten minutes to get ready before Aston is picking me up to go to Dshawn’s party. Normally I take an hour to get ready, so I will definitely not end up looking my best tonight. I jump in the shower to rinse off, but keep my hair dry. Once I smell okay again, I pull on a short black dress and pull a brush through my hair. There’s not much time left for make-up, so I just slap on some lipstick and concealer.

I don’t look like a sex goddess tonight, but I still look pretty fuckable. Besides, I’m not really looking for anyone tonight, since last night with Joshua still has me high today. That guy is better than he thinks he is. We talked some more after the second round and his relationship with his ex sounds fucked-up for sure. Hopefully sleeping with me will get him some of his confidence back. And let’s be honest, I enjoy having sex with him, so I’ll be going back to his apartment for sure.

My phone rings and it’s Aston, telling me to get my ass outside. I roll my eyes at his impatience and throw a coat over my dress, grab my purse, and I’m out the door. When I lock the door behind me, I see that Aston is on his motorcycle tonight. Normally, I would love that, but I’m in a dress tonight, so I curse.

“Hey baby,” he calls out, holding out a helmet for me. “Ready?”

“Dude, this outfit it not even remotely appropriate for a motorcycle,” I scold him. “I’m gonna flash people my ass if I get on.”

Aston grins. “That’s what you get for wearing a thong. Come on, little vixen, you know you want to…”

I roll my eyes. We both know where this is going, so I might as well just hop on and put on the helmet. I’ve never been able to resist Aston when he wants to talk me into something. Well, aside from sex. He came onto me a few times when he got exceptionally horny, but I always told him no, afraid to lose him as a friend. We aren’t suited for each other and I’m not willing to give up one of the only true friends I have for a quick fuck. I have other guys for that. No, Aston is staying firmly in the friend zone and when he isn’t drunk and horny, he agrees with me on that.

By the time we arrive at Dshawn’s place, my dress has ridden up so far that I’m basically half-naked on the back of Aston’s bike. At least he drove carefully. Still, the humming of the large beast between our legs got me going, just like it always does. Aston knows perfectly well that motorcycles are a turn-on for me, and he smirks when I get off and pull my skirt back over my ass.

“Stop looking at me like that,” I comment, smacking his arm. “You’re so bad.”

“That’s exactly why we’re friends,” he reminds me as he pulls out his phone and puts it to his ear. “Hey man, we’re here. Let us in!”

The door of the apartment building buzzes open and Aston takes my helmet from me before leading me up the stairs up to Dshawn’s apartment. I expected loud music to be heard throughout the building, but it’s quiet. Aston pulls out a key and opens the door, walking into the hallway and putting down our helmets on the floor.

“I thought you said he was throwing a party?” I ask with a frown. I may not know Dshawn very well, but I do remember the parties he threw in college. They were not quiet, let me tell you that much. In fact, I remember my ears ringing from the loud music for hours after getting home.

Instead of answering, Aston just pushes open the door to the living room. “Honey, I’m home!” he exclaims with a smirk on his face.

“Aston! Hey, man!” Several voices sound through the room, greeting him.

I step in as well, looking around in surprise. The room is filled with people, but they’re all staring at the TV intensely instead of dancing and drinking like I expected. The couches and chairs are all full, so a lot of people are just sitting on the floor or leaning against the wall. I recognize a few of them from college and Francesca is there too, sitting on someone’s lap.

“Hey!” she exclaims, getting up to hug me.

We get shushed by a few guys, which only makes her giggle loudly. She pulls me with her, leading me into a bedroom and flopping down on the bed with a sigh.

“Erm… are we allowed to be in here?” I ask, shutting the door behind us. This is obviously Dshawn’s bedroom. The sheets Francesca is sitting on are blue and the walls are dark grey. There are paintings on there as well, showing abstract forms that vaguely resemble the female body. It’s like looking at breasts and bums through cracked glasses in the fog. They’re beautiful and I move over to one of them, wanting to see the name of the painter in the corner, but there is no name or even an autograph or anything.

“Chill, I’ve been here before,” Franny says, stretching out on the bed. “Dshawn is pretty cool.”

“How do you know Dshawn?” I ask, still looking around the bedroom. There are papers and books everywhere, along with so many remotes that I wonder what they all do. There’s a TV in here and an old DVD player, but that would only account for two of the remotes. One more for the small speaker behind his bed, maybe, but that’s it. There are over twenty remotes, so what do they all do?

“Remember that guy I hooked up with a few months ago?” Franny says, wiggling her eyebrows. “Mustafa? He works with Dshawn.”

I sure remember Mustafa. He used to be a regular fuckbuddy of Fran’s before he got himself a girlfriend. She was a little more annoyed at that than she wanted to let on, which means she either loved the sex with him a lot or she was crushing on him a little. Knowing Fran, is was more likely to be the first than the latter.

I frown. “I thought Dshawn worked at one of those phone stores. Doesn’t Mustafa work at that big-ass IT form downtown?”

Francesca looks at me in surprise. “Yeah, he does. I guess they went to college together or something. Musty got Dshawn a job at the IT company where a bunch of the other guys work as well. I don’t know exactly, I didn’t think I’d ever be quizzed on how a bunch of assholes know each other.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me. “So… I gather you know Dshawn too?”

“Yeah, but not in the way you think.” She looks so excited to get a hot story from me about screwing him, but that’s just not true. “He used to date my friend Caroline years ago. He was head over heels for her back then, but she wasn’t that into him. When they broke up, we all stayed friends for a little while, but when the two of them just sort of drifted apart, I didn’t see him that much, except for at his epic parties sometimes.” I gesture at the door behind me. “Although I have to say that this party isn’t all that epic. I thought Aston was taking me dancing, but that doesn’t seem to be happening here. What kind of party consists of staring at a TV screen all night?”

Francesca rolls her eyes. “I know, right? It’s Formula 1. Apparently, there’s this epic race is some faraway country and it’s afternoon there. They were already like this when I got here half an hour ago. I tried to get my date in here for some alone time, but he said he just wanted to watch the race.”

“And now you have to make do with me.” I sit down next to her on the bed, nudging her teasingly. “I could think of worse ways to spend my night. Although I usually don’t dress up just to sit on a bed without any chances of getting it on.”

Fran pulls a hand through her long blonde hair, her purple highlights gleaming. “Sorry, but I’m just not that into you, babe.”

We laugh and talk for a while. After about twenty minutes, I feel myself growing tired, so I lay down on the bed, stretching out with a yawn. This is not how I expected this night to turn out, but I have to admit talking to Fran and having a moment of peace is pretty nice. I could always call Joshua if I want to spice this night up, but right now I’m not really in the mood.

“I think the race is over,” Francesca says when the room next to us starts getting nosier. From the sounds of it, someone just put on some music. “I’m gonna go see if I can score us some shots. You coming?”

“Yeah, in a moment,” I mumble, turning to my side. “Just a few more minutes…”

Fran takes off and even though I’m determined not to fall asleep in someone else’s bed while there’s a party going on in the living room, I’m just too tired to get up. My eyelids suddenly feel incredibly heavy and I barely manage to slip off my heels before I get pulled into the dark bliss of a peaceful slumber.


“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” I hear a deep male voice say from above me.

Grunting, I roll over, feeling the skirt of my dress ride up. Why did he have to wake me up? I was having such a nice dream about Joshua…

“No no no, don’t fall asleep again,” the guy standing next to the bed says, putting a hand on my shoulder to shake me slightly. “Look, I don’t know who you are, but I really need to get to work and I’m not going to leave a random girl in my apartment all alone.”

“Random girl?” I mumble. “I’m not random.”

The guy chuckles. “Are you drunk or just sleepy? Come on, I’ve only got fifteen more minutes before I need to take off.”

With a sigh, I sit up, letting the blanket fall down. My hair feels like a bird’s nest and one of the straps of my dress has slipped down, exposing my bra. With a yawn I pull it back up, but not before catching the guy sneak a glance at my partially exposed breast. The guy looks sort of familiar now that I think about it…

“Dshawn?” I ask, taking in his face for real now. Yeah, it’s him. He looks the same like he did years ago. Beautiful dark chocolate skin, pouty red lips and deep brown eyes. When Caroline ran into him a while ago in the club – that night she ended up in bed with him and I had wild sex with Joshua over and over again – I didn’t get a good look at him since he was plastered to Caroline’s body on the dancefloor. His face may still be the same as it was three years ago, but he obviously works out more, since he’s a hell of a lot broader, his button-up shirt straining around his muscles.

“Oh, Shaughna!” he says, finally recognizing me. “I guess you’re right. You’re not a random girl. How did you end up in my bed?”

“Your lame-ass party was so boring that I fell asleep,” I complain.

He grins. “Trust me, you missed out. After the race things got very not-boring.”

“Wait, where did you sleep?” I ask, realizing that I am in his bed. Surely I would have waken up if he’d crawled in with me at some point?

He rolls his eyes. “On the couch. There was some rando in my bed when my party ended, and I’m not just going to get in bed with a sleeping girl I’ve never met before.”

“But we have met before,” I say, still a little too sleepy to make much sense of this conversation. “I’m Shaughna!”

“Yeah, I know that.” He looks at me like I’m crazy. “Seriously, are you still drunk? How was I supposed to know who you were when I walked in here to find a girl in a flimsy dress passed out in my bed? And even if I’d known who you were, it’s not like we’ve ever slept in the same bed before.”

“Oh,” I realize. “Right. Just so you know though, I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol last night.”

“You’re just naturally crazy then,” he teases. “I really need to get to work.” He glances down at his watch. “Now that I know you’re not just some random girl who will rob me blind, I don’t care if you stay for a while, but I need to get going.”

“Oh no, I will leave.” I’d feel weird walking around his apartment when we haven’t really talked in years, so I scramble out of bed, almost losing my balance. As I see his eyes drift down, I realize my skirt is bunched up around my waist, giving him a clear look at my lower regions. I’m only wearing a thong, so Dshawn is getting quite the view.

“Sorry,” he says when he realizes he’s ogling me. A smirk appears on his face and even though he’s apologizing, he doesn’t actually look away while I pull down my dress. “You’re a lot hotter than I remember.”

I roll my eyes. “Then your memory must be shit, because I was always this beautiful.”

He laughs out loud, his brown eyes sparkling with joy. “Still got that sassy attitude from back in the day, I see. I’d love to stand here and stare at your ass some more, but like I said, I need to get to work. How did you get here? Is your car around here somewhere?”

“Aston,” I grunt. He’s probably long gone by now. “Motorcycle.”

“Ah.” Dshawn nods. “Come on, I’ll give you a ride.”

“I thought you had work?”

He shrugs. “I do, but I think I can spare five minutes to drop you off at your place. Can’t have you doing the walk of shame, now can I? I’m a gentleman.”

I scoff at that. We may not know each other all that well, but I know for a fact that he’s not a gentleman. He screwed Caroline that night we ran into him, after all, and from what she told me, he was far from gentlemanly.

“You’re as much a gentleman as I’m a lady.” I pull out my phone and text Joshua, asking him if he’s free to pick me up. His response is quick and to my surprise, he’s got the day off, so I text him Dshawn’s address. “I just took care of my ride,” I inform him. “You can go now.”

“Very ladylike indeed,” he comments as he turns away from me. “Nice to see you again, Shaughna.”

“Yeah,” I agree, looking at his ass, tight as fuck in those black pants. Hmm. “Nice to see you too.”

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