Slutty Shaughna

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#42 Making love

“I love you,” I repeat a little louder. “I love you. I love you so much. I love you.”

“B-but I just s-said…” He puts his beer down and clasps his hands together. “I mean… I basically just told you that I don’t believe in marriage and you-”

“I love you,” I repeat, unable to stop saying it until he says it back. Please say it back. “Dshawn, I mean it, I love you. I’ve been meaning to tell you, but I just couldn’t. I love you.”

“Holy fuck,” he breathes. “Obviously I love you too, Shaughna. I love you so much. I can’t believe this is happening. Fucking hell. Of course I love you.”

We both move in for a kiss at the same time, resulting in our teeth clattering together painfully. He laughs and grabs my face so he can hold me still before moving in again. We’re both pouring all of our feelings into the kiss, finally not holding anything back anymore. I didn’t know that love could feel like this, this… light and good.

My hands start undoing the buttons on his shirt without my brain even giving the order. He grunts and moves his hands over my body until he gets to the hem of my shirt. He pulls it over my head, his mouth immediately latching onto my nipple when he sees I’m not wearing a bra. I finish unbuttoning his shirt and push it off, my hands roaming his muscular chest and abdomen.

“Are you sure?” he asks, pulling back for a moment when he feels my hands move down further. “Because this was a very emotional night and I don’t want you to feel like-”

“I love you,” I say again. “Please make love to me.”

He inhales sharply and gets up, pulling me along with him and picking me up so that I have to wrap my legs around his waist while he walks us into the bedroom. He lowers my body onto the bed very slowly and carefully. The moment I’m flat on my back, I raise my hips so that Dshawn can take off my jeans and panties. He does it with the utmost care before he takes off his own clothes. He kneels at the foot of the bed, his fingers moving over my legs in a soft caress until he reaches my already wet and quivering pussy.

“So beautiful,” he murmurs, his breath fanning over my wet folds. “I love you, Shaughna.”

My answer turns into a moan when his tongue flicks over me. He kisses and licks every part of my thighs, my labia, and then finally… my clit. Another moan escapes my mouth when he keeps moving over it again and again, while his hands hold me down firmly. No matter how much I want to buck my hips, he won’t let me, teasing and pleasuring me at a slow pace.

“Please,” I breathe, “please…”

He keeps it up until I’m panting, and then he sucks my clit into his mouth, his teeth scraping over me ever so slightly. I cry out and fall apart, my entire body shuddering in ecstasy. Just like he always does, he just keeps going until wave after wave of pleasure curls my toes and makes me scream out his name. I can tell I’m gushing liquid in a way I only do when he pleasures me this intensely. He slips in two fingers, fucking me like that while his tongue keeps stroking me in that perfect spot, relentless and lovely.

Black spots are starting to appear in my vision, but I don’t want him to stop yet. I’m moaning so much that I’m basically just making a very long high-pitched sound that keeps on going until finally, I can’t take it anymore.

“Stop,” I plead when my body convulses almost painfully. “Please stop.”

He complies immediately, lifting his face to look up into my eyes. “I love it when you make those noises,” he says, his voice deep and seductive. “I love it when you tremble for me, cry out my name, beg me to stop… I love every single thing about you, Shaughna Elmore.”

“I love you too,” I reply hoarsely. “Come hold me, please.”

He chuckles and moves up so he can lie down on top of me while I stroke his back in lazy motions, still coming down from the most intense orgasm of my life. It was even better than all those other times he made me come over and over again with his fingers and his tongue. Knowing that he loves me… hearing him say it… and finally being able to say it myself… It makes everything more intense.

I shift so he rolls off of me and my hand moves down, stroking his length softly before grabbing it a little harder. There’s too much friction to slide up and down easily, so I move my fingers between my own legs to gather some of the moisture gathered there to wet them before touching him again. He grunts when my movements become more fluent, my hands sliding up and down without trouble now.

“Stop,” he orders gruffly after a while. “I’ve only got one round in me tonight, and I want it to be with you, in you, together.”

I slow down, not stopping until he pulls away my hand and grabs my hips to pull me on top of him. He’s giving the control over to me completely, his hands moving up and down my body, twisting my nipples before moving down to tease my clit.

When I sink down on him, we both sigh like it’s what we’ve been waiting for. And it is. We’re finally one. I pause to gaze into his gorgeous brown eyes and touch his face almost reverently.

“I don’t think I’ve ever truly made love before,” I whisper. “Not really.” It feels so different from anything with Melchior that I wonder how I ever could have thought that was good love. It was love for sure, but it wasn’t right. Dshawn feels right in every single way.

“I know,” he breathes. “No one has ever felt like you before. No one.”

I slowly start moving my hips, making circles for a while before sliding up and down his length. He rubs my clit in the same pace, accelerating when I do. It doesn’t take long for another orgasm to wash over me, my walls clenching around him in pleasure.

“Beautiful,” he says as he takes in my expression while I come. “Most beautiful girl ever.”

It means a lot that he doesn’t just call me sexy, but chooses beautiful. And I can tell he’s not just talking about my body or the way I come down from my orgasm. He means me. My soul.

I lean forward to kiss him and he cups my ass, guiding me in a pace that becomes faster and faster. He grunts into our kiss and I can tell he’s close.

I pull back, looking into his eyes. “I love you,” I tell him, trying to convey silently just how much I truly do. “Come for me, Dshawn. I love you so much.”

He groans and bucks his hips up three times before finally giving himself over to the pleasure that has been building inside of him for a while now. I moan when I feel him twitch inside of me, painting my walls white. Sex with him is always wonderful, but this is different. This is making love.

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