Slutty Shaughna

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#54 Tiffany’s special friend

“You made it!” A whirlwind of blonde hair opens the door, beaming at us. “The pizzas just arrived. I hope you like peppers, because Stephen went a little crazy and ordered extra on every single pizza.

Dshawn hands Tiffany her present and we both hug her, giving her best wishes and everything. The living room is filled with her friends: Stephen, a guy and two girls I haven’t met yet, and of course my personal favorite… Caroline. She jumps up to hug both of us, pulling up chairs so we can join everyone around the dinner table to scarf down pizzas.

“You’re late,” she chastises me teasingly.

“Yeah, erm, traffic,” I say lamely. “So busy. It was unexpected. So many cars.”

Very unexpected,” Dshawn agrees with a smirk. “Such horrible traffic, really.” He winks at Caroline and I swat his arm, throwing him a pointed look. He just laughs and sits down, watching me take a seat next to him with my hands carefully on my skirt to keep it from riding up. He’s enjoying this far too much.

“Wine?” Tiffany asks, handing me a glass that’s filled to the brim.
“Woman, are you trying to get her drunk?” Dshawn asks, chuckling. “Not that I mind, of course. Shaughna’s a fun drunk.”

“I’m always fun,” I shoot back, taking a sip so the wine won’t spill over.

“You weren’t this week,” he teases, “until I cheered you up.”

“Ahw that’s so sweet,” Tiffany says with a smile, completely oblivious to what Dshawn is referring to.

“Yes,” I agree, rolling my eyes at Dshawn. “So sweet.”

We chat to Tiffany’s other friends for a while, and they’re all pretty nice people. Caroline isn’t joining in as much as I would have expected. She already knows everyone, but she hardly talks to anyone. When I walk into the small kitchen for a moment to get a class of water – Tiffany really seems to be trying to get everyone drunk, so I will need so stay hydrated – I motion for Caroline to join me for a moment.

“Are you okay?” I ask, glancing to the others who are now watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, laughing at how young Colin Firth was back then. They can’t possibly hear us over their own laughter and the high volume of the TV. “You seem… off?”

She shrugs. “Yeah, maybe. A little. I’ll be fine.”

I give her a curious glance, but she doesn’t seem inclined to spill the beans, so I just shrug. Dshawn takes her place in the kitchen, asking me to get him a glass as well. I turn to the side and reach up to get one from the cabinet, feeling him press against me from behind, his hand slipping under my skirt again.

“Dshawn!” I whisper-shout, spinning around to face him. “Stop it!”

He laughs and jerks his head toward the TV. “No one is watching us, baby. I just wanted to remind myself of what I’ve got to look forward to later tonight.” Now that I’m facing him, his hand easily finds its way between my legs, stroking me gently.

I back away, but am met with a cabinet, so I don’t get very far.

“You’re missing the scene where she dresses as a playboy bunny!” Stephen yells at us, laughing. He turns his head to see what we’re up to. Our lower halves are safely hidden by the counter, so I just hold up my glass of water, trying not to look like Dshawn just slipped a finger inside of me. Which he totally did.

“Cut it out,” I hiss at Dshawn, not finding it in me to truly be angry. A low moan slips out when he moves slightly, but I know that no matter how good this feels, I need to stop him. “I can’t be dripping all over the furniture,” I breathe. “Stop getting me wet.”

“Darling, the mere sight of me makes you wet,” he teases, removing his hand and tugging my skirt back down. “Besides, Tiffany is a lesbian, right? She won’t mind a pretty girl getting her chair wet. I think she’d consider it a great birthday present.” He puts his wet finger in his mouth, sucking it clean with an enticing look in his eyes.

I huff and stalk out of the kitchen, flopping down next to Caroline on the couch. Just in time I realize that I need to be a little more ladylike than I normally are, so I cross my legs and tug at my skirt. Normally, Caroline would already have realized what is going on, but she’s still preoccupied. After a little while, her phone buzzes and she jumps up, mumbling something about going to the bathroom.

“Tiffany?” Caroline calls from the hallway a moment later, stepping into the living room looking nervous as fuck. “There’s someone here to see you.”

Behind Caroline, a gorgeous girl appears. She’s almost a full head shorter than Caroline, who isn’t all that tall either, and her stiletto heels don’t do much to make her taller. She’s got long black hair that falls straight down her back, and she’s got the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen om such a petite frame. Every part of her that I can see is pierced: eyebrow, ears in four places, nose, and tongue.

The tension in the room is tangible, and it’s not hard to see why. Tiffany just spilled most of her wine down her shirt and she’s looking at the girl like she’s the most wonderful yet surprising present ever.

“Who’s that?” Dshawn whispers.

“Hillary,” Stephen replies beside him. “Tiffany’s… friend.

Oh. Friend. Okay. Judging by the look on Caroline’s face, she has no idea how this is going to go over. Hillary opens her arms and tells Tiffany to come over and hug her. Tiffany walks over like a deer caught in headlights, looking like she’s in a dream, unable to believe that this is really happening. The moment they hug, her body relaxes against Hillary, holding her for a long time.

“Is she a lesbian too?” Dshawn asks, totally not getting that he just needs to shut the fuck up and not intrude on what’s obvious a very private moment. “Are they… a thing?”

“Shut up,” I hiss just when Stephen says: “Yes, and hopefully soon.”

The girls break apart a little, but only enough to look each other in the eye. Tiffany mumbles something, and Hillary responds too low for us to hear, followed by pulling Tiffany’s face down to hers to kiss her.

“Wow,” Dshawn breathes besides me, his hand finding mine. “That’s hot.”

“Shut up,” I say for what feels like the millionth time today. It’s hard to look away, though, because the kiss lights up the entire room. The way they’re kissing makes it obvious that if they’re not a thing yet, they will certainly be after tonight. I wonder what the story is here, especially since this is most definitely what had Caroline nervous and distracted all evening.

When they finally break apart, Tiffany blinks rapidly a few times, like she wants to make sure Hillary is really here. “W-what? How did you…?”

“I called her,” Caroline explains. “I couldn’t stand by and do nothing, Tiff.”

I expect Tiffany to hug Caroline and thank her, but instead she turns on her with hatred in her eyes and starts yelling her, her voice shaking. “Get the fuck out of my house!”

Hillary tries to calm her down, but Tiffany won’t let her. She points at the door, breathing heavily. “I said get the fuck out, Caroline!”

My best friend’s blue eyes fill with tears and she tries to say something else, but Tiffany all but shoves her out and shuts the door behind her with such force that the whole apartment feels like it’s trembling with the impact.

“Tiffany!” Hillary says, shocked. “She was just trying to help!”

“Should we go after Caroline?” Dshawn asks me, just as lost for what to do as I am.

I shrug, not sure what the protocol is here. Stephen jumps up and rushes over to Hillary, picking her up in a bear hug.

“We missed you, babe,” he tells the small girl who’s laughing at his antics. “Please tell me you’re done with your trip around the world!”

Hillary pulls her dress back down from where it rid up during the hug and smiles at Stephen. “That depends on Tiffany, really.”

The girl in question is leaning against the door she just slammed shut, looking like she’s about to slide down onto the floor.

“Okay, let’s give the love birds some privacy,” Stephen decided, taking charge of the situation when it becomes apparent that no one else is. “Happy birthday, Tiff. Enjoy your weekend. Call me on Monday, okay? I want the full story. With all the hot details.”

Hillary smacks his arm, grinning wickedly. Dshawn and I jump up, more than ready to leave this tense situation with all these people we barely even know. I want to check up on Caroline more than anything, but it’s Tiffany’s party, so running out after Car seems a little weird. Now that Stephen is giving us the go-ahead signal, we just wave goodbye and rush out.

“Crap, her car is gone,” I notice right away, grunting. “I’ll call her.”

“Hey,” Caroline says right away, “You’re on speaker in the car. I’m on my way to Nate.”

“Are you okay?” I ask. “What just happened?”

She grunts. “Tiffany is in love with Hillary, but I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. Tiff didn’t even tell her that she’s gay, so I… I called Hillary and told her to get on a plane if she’s got feelings for Tiff. Which she obvious does. I thought… I thought…” Caroline sobs, trying to keep us from hearing and failing.

“Carebear,” Dshawn says into my phone, “it’ll be fine. Just give her a few days. She’ll thank you for this, I’m sure.”

“I hope you’re right,” she says softly. “Look, I’m about to pull into Nate’s driveway. Let yourself into my apartment, okay? I’m sorry I’m not there with you, but I just… I need…”

“…to be with your man,” I finished for her. “Of course. We get it. I’ve got your spare key, so we’ll be fine. Just a reminder: we’re leaving early tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, right,” Caroline realizes. “You’re moving your furniture into Dshawn’s. Of course. Good luck. I’m sorry tonight was such a shit fest thanks to me.”

“Nonsense,” Dshawn dismisses her concerns. “We’re going to defile your department tonight, get our juices all over every single part of your living room, so we’ll be fine.”

“Ew!” she shrieks, laughing. “Please don’t!”

“No promises,” I say, happy that she sounds a little less depressed. “Tell Nathan hi from us.”

We hang up and get back in Dshawn’s car, talking about what went down tonight while we drive to Caroline’s apartment. Honestly, I am kind of relieved that I get some alone time with Dshawn after all. My spirits are higher than they were when we left our apartment, but I didn’t even want to come here in the first place. Sometimes it’s exhausting to have friends that live three hours away. Tomorrow is moving day, so we need to leave here bright and early so we’ve got the whole day to move my stuff into Dshawn’s and spackle the last few holes in the wall for the final inspection from the landlord. We already moved my boxes and clothes weeks ago, but tomorrow my dad is coming over in his van to haul the big pieces of furniture.

Which means… Dad and Dshawn are going to meet each other.

“Come here baby,” Dshawn says when we’re back inside, pulling me against him for a hug. “Let’s take a shower, shall we?”

I laugh at him wiggling his eyebrows at me. “You do know that Nathan fucked Caroline in that shower, right?”

“So?” he says, shrugging. “It’s a shower. It’s pretty much self-cleaning with all the water. Besides, your couch was also defiled by them and we’re still keeping that and selling mine. Since when are we concerned with who had sex on what piece of furniture?”

“You’re right.” I step back and pull my shirt over my head, dropping my skirt next. I’m now only wearing my bra, which Dshawn is quick to remove.

“Are you still wet?” Dshawn asks seductively, his hand dipping between my legs for an answer. “Hmm. Guess you are.”

I moan loudly, way more excited than I expected to be. Dshawn has that effect on me. He undresses as well, his clothes landing on the floor in the hallway right next to mine. I pull him in for a kiss and he grabs my legs, pulling them around his waist while he pushes me up against the wall.

“Who needs that filthy shower?” he asks, kissing my neck. “Here is just fine.”

He pushes into me, making both of us moan. I reach around him to slowly insert a finger into his asshole, which causes him to gasp loudly and start trusting. The pace is just right and pleasure starts building in me immediately, moans slipping out so loudly that I wonder if the neighbors might be able to hear us.

“After tomorrow, you’ll officially be living with me,” Dshawn says into my ear, deep and seductive the way I like it. “My girl in our apartment.”

“Hmm…” I groan. “Can’t wait.”

“Can’t wait for what?” he teases, slamming into me so hard that I gasp when my back hits the wall a little too hard. “For your orgasm or to live with me?”

“Both,” I reply, pulling him in for a kiss.

He pulls me away from the wall and into the guest bedroom, still inside of me. When we tumble onto the bed, he slips out for a moment, but he’s quick to slam back in the moment he crawls on top of me. My legs wrap around him and the angle is just perfect, especially when he slips a hand between us to attack my clit. I moan as I reach my peak, dragging him right down with me. We shudder together, kissing as we come down from our shared high.

“Let’s get some sleep,” Dshawn says softly, kissing me with a smile playing around his lips. “Your mood should be permanently fixed now, right?”

I laugh and snuggle into him. “Yeah, I’m good.”

That’s a lie. I’m more than good. Since he walked into my life, I’ve been happier than ever before.

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