Slutty Shaughna

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#59 Option number 3

“My mother used to be a stripper,” Dshawn spits out, looking down at his hands.

“Oh wow,” I breathe. “Okay…” I did not see that coming. At all. It’s hard to imagine motherly Asia naked on a stage or grinding on someone. Not that I judge her for it, not at all, but it’s just not something I expected.

Dshawn grunts and picks at his nails, trying to keep talking even though I can tell he wants to just ignore we’re even having this conversation. “She managed to finish high school after she had me, with her parents’ help, but she was still with my biological father back then, and her parents kicked her out because she wouldn’t drop him when he went to prison the first time. I only know about this because I overheard my mother and Terryl talk about this. Mom doesn’t even realize that I know.” He takes a deep breath and looks up at me. “She told Terryl that she hated it. She only did it for a year or so, to make ends meet, and then she found another job, broke things off with my father when she realized he was never going to get his life together, and she got back the support of her parents. I just don’t feel like… I mean, I get that not all strippers hate their jobs, but my mother did, and she had to undress in front of other people for an entire year just because… well, because of me.” His hands are shaking, and I can tell he’s never talked about this before.

“I had no idea,” I tell him softly. “And I get that you feel responsible for this somehow, but you’re not. You were a little kid, Dshawn.”

“I know,” he agrees. “Mom didn’t sound too broken up about it when she talked to Terryl, and he didn’t seem to mind, but… that one time Aston convinced me to go with him to one of those places, all I could think about was my mother, forced to strip even though she didn’t want to. Those girls in there… they are someone’s mother, or daughter, or both, you know…?”

“Then we’re not going,” I decide. “If I’d known all of this, I never would had gone along with it in the first place. I was just teasing you, baby, I would have been more understanding if I’d known.”

He shrugs. “Well, you didn’t, so it’s okay. And if you want to go, then go. I just think that I should stay home.”

It hurts me to see Dshawn this sad. He’s probably reliving finding out about this, feeling the guilt of his mother having to strip to keep him clothed and fed. I’ve never thought of stripping as something bad, never even gave it a second thought, really. Just like Francesca, I’ve never been in a strip club before, but I don’t have any negative feelings regarding it. In fact, I used to fuck this guy a few years back who asked me to strip for me a few times, so I’ve played the role of the stripper a few times, which was actually pretty fun. I’d never want to work in a strip club, but to take off my clothes seductively for a guy I know, drive him crazy… yeah, that’s pretty hot.

“Wait here,” I tell Dshawn, jumping up when the idea hits me. “Or maybe…” I hesitate. My answer to many problems is sex, to be honest, or at least it used to be before Dshawn. I’ve never been in a healthy relationship before him, so maybe I’m getting this all wrong and what I need to do is be here for him and talk about this for another hour.

“What?” he asks, eyeing me suspiciously.

“I’m going to give you three options,” I say, deciding to just leave it up to him. “Option number 1: we talk this whole thing through. I put on some tea, get out the tissues if need be, and we have an in-depth conversation about your family, the guilt plaguing you…”

Dshawn grimaces. “I opened op about this for the first time in life. This is all you’re getting, Shaughna. I’m not going to play Dr. Phil with you. What’s option number 2?”

“Ignoring that this ever happened,” I reply. “I get us a couple of beers and we just watch TV.”

He nods. “That sounds better than option 1.”

“And then there’s option 3…” I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively. “The mystery option.”

“Mystery?” Dshawn catches onto my mood and sits up a little straighter.

“All I’m saying is that we’ll need a chair, music and maybe some whipped cream.” I smirk when his eyes go wide. “And I’m going to need ten minutes to get ready.”

“Ready for what?” he asks, still a little unsure.

“The mystery option,” I say, not willing to reveal everything quite yet. I’m pretty sure he knows what I’m hinting at. If he doesn’t, he’s stupid.

“Option 3 then,” he decides, his dark eyes twinkling. “Where do you want me?”

I can’t help but grin at that question. “On a chair, in the middle of the living room, with your shirt off.” Walking off to the bedroom, I look over my shoulder to see him staring after me with hunger in his eyes. Good. The mood is set.

I have to admit that I’m a little nervous. That’s a feeling I didn’t get a lot before I met Dshawn. For the first time in years, I care about how someone feels about me. I care what he thinks of me, something I never experienced with my fuckbuddies, one-night-stands and friends-with-benefits. He makes me stammer, flush bright red, and doubt myself sometimes. I smile to myself, knowing fully well that he’s the same way around me. In fact, he gets tongue-tied a lot more often than I do, and I think it’s one of the cutest things about him.

I take off my clothes and pull on a sexy red bra with a matching thong. If I’m going to do this right, there should be layers, so I’ve got a few items to take off. And since I already know that there’s no way to take off socks in a sexy way – I learned that the first time I did this – I’ll need to go barefoot. Or… I could put on heels. Hmm. Yeah, he’ll like that. I pull on a flowy skirt and a short-sleeved blouse with lots of little buttons. A cardigan over it, and of course my highest, sexiest black heels. I pull my hair into a tight bun, and decide to add a belt to my skirt, for the sole purpose of tying him up with it. I smirk as I look at myself in the mirror. Yeah, this will do. Not too many layers, but enough to give him a show.

I connect my phone to the Bluetooth speaker and choose Dance for you by Beyoncé, putting it on repeat. It’s my go-to song for a striptease, but this is the first time I’m actually feelings the lyrics. It’s the first time I’m in love with the person I’m dancing for.

I take a deep breath, connecting to my inner vixen. This only works if I feel confident. One last look in the mirror and I’m ready. I slowly walk back to the living room, the speaker in my hand. I open the door, sticking out my leg first, giving him a view of my bare leg with the black heel on my foot. Then I push open the door completely to see him sitting right where I told him to, shirtless and ready for me.

“Fuuuuuuck,” he says just loud enough for me to hear. His eyes are wide, and I’m not even getting undressed yet.

I put the speaker on the coffee table before walking over to him, stopping a few feet away from him, moving my hips to the beat. Slowly, I take off the cardigan, throwing it on the floor. Before taking off more, I step closer to him and take his hands in mine, putting them on my waist. He immediately pulls me closer, his hands moving to my ass, squeezing tightly. I leave his hands where they are, slowly swaying to the music while I unbutton the top three buttons of my blouse.

“Baby, you’re-”

I press a finger to his lips and shake my head. “No talking. Also… no touching.”

He nods, leaning back in the chair, taking his hands off of me to just watch. I take a step back to undo my belt, showing it to him before I walk around and pull his hands to the back the chair. He gulps while I loosely strap his wrists to the back of the chair. He can easily get himself free – it’s just about the idea of him being restrained while I undress for him.

I stay behind him for a moment, undoing a few more buttons so my bra is showing when I face him again. His eyes bulge and I can tell he’s trying to keep his gaze on my face, but he’s failing, distracted by my red lacy bra. I start dancing again, moving my hands over my body as I sway, my hips moving from side to side as sensual as possible.

When Beyoncé’s voice start singing my favorite lines, I straddle Dshawn and grind on him. “Boy look into my eyes while I’m grinding on you. This is beyond sex, I’m high on you.” He grunts and moves in to kiss me, but I slip off of him before he can, touching his lips with my fingertips. My entire body is on fire, wanting nothing more than to just kiss him and feel his hands all over me, but that is not the point of this. The point is… well, to strip for him.

Slowly, I undo the buttons on my blouse, making sure to take as much time as possible. His eyes on me make me feel beautiful, and the fact that he’s got a huge bulge in his pants doesn’t hurt either. I forgot how much fun can be. It’s been a while.

My blouse ends up on the floor and I pull down my skirt next, leaving me in my lingerie set and the high heels. I know for a fact that I look good like this, so I stay this way for a moment, letting the music dictate my moves. I grab Dshawn’s legs and push them apart before turning around and grinding my ass against his crotch, making him grunt.

“Fuuuuuuuuck,” I hear him say behind me, breathing hard. “Fuck fuck fuck.”

Smirking, I turn around and sensually lower myself down until I’m on my knees in front of him. I unzip his pants and motion for him to rise himself up a little so I can pull them off. I make sure to leave his boxer shorts on for now. I’d love nothing more than to see him, touch him, take him in my mouth, but I would just get carried away and we can’t have that. Yet.

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