Slutty Shaughna

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#60 You’re it for me

I walk over to the fridge in the open kitchen, making sure so sway my hips, feeling his eyes on me. We’ve got some whipped cream in there form a few days ago when we got ourselves some ice cream as treat for working so damn hard all the time. I shake the can for a moment and then walk over to Dshawn, kissing him softly. He tries to slip in his tongue, but I pull back and shake my head at him. He grunts and I can tell that he wants to just pull his hands out of the loose restraint, jump up from his chair and grab me. Instead, he takes a deep breath and stays perfectly still.

I move one hand over his chest, down to his rock-hard abs. In a past life, I must have done something right for the gods to reward me with someone this hot. And kind. And smart. Patient, lovely, sweet… I swallow back all the feelings, getting back to the task at hand. I spray whipped cream from the top of his chest down to that sexy V right above his boxer shorts. Before it can melt down, I run my tongue over him, lapping up all the cream from bottom to the top and then back down. He pushes up, wanting more, but I push him back and do it all over again in a different spot on his abdomen.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he says in his dark, seductive voice that I loved from the moment he first used it on me. It never fails to get me wet.

“That’s the point,” I tell him, smiling at his eagerness. “And I thought I said no talking?”

He opens his mouth to say something, but I just spray whipped cream into it, surprising him. While he swallows, I turn my back to him and drop the can to the floor so I can take off my bra. I drop it to the floor before turning back around and showing him my breasts. Dshawn’s eyes are pretty much eating them up, so I slowly move my hands over them, pinching my nipples to turn them even harder than they were already.

“Fuck that’s hot,” he says quietly, barely audible above the music.

I take off my heels one at a time, standing there in just my thong. Moving over to his chair, I push his legs closed so I can sit on his lap, grinding against his erection. We both moan, but he keeps his hands behind him, not touching yet. I kiss him hungrily, our tongues battling for a moment. He lets me take control, grunting into me, making me even wetter.

“I want you,” I say into his ear, enjoying the way he shivers at my words. “I’ve never loved someone the way I love you, Dshawn. You’re it for me.”

“Fuck this,” he grunts, pulling his hands free so he can grab me. “You’re it for me too, baby.”

My legs are still around him as he stands up, carrying me to the bedroom and lowering me down on the bed with his usual loving care. He can be rough, but not when he’s carrying me, not when I’m giving myself to him like this. He knows just when to be careful and when to move fast and hard.

He grabs my thong and pulls it down unceremoniously, his eyes on my pussy as he pulls my legs apart. He dives in immediately, his tongue licking up the juices gathered there, groaning into my core. Shivers run up my spine, making me moan. He pushes his tongue into me for a moment, before pulling out and sucking my clit into his mouth roughly.

“Yes yes yes,” I moan out, unable to keep myself from making a lot of high-pitched noises. I’m so close already. This was meant for him, the dance, the seduction, but it turned me on just as much.

He swirls his tongue over me the way he always does, and I can’t help but be grateful for that gay girl teaching him how to do this. She must be the greatest lover in the world. No, wait, Dshawn is. He just added her tricks to his long list of great attributes.

A few seconds later, the never-ending orgasm starts, rocking me to my core. I cry out his name and grab his head, my hands moving over his short hair, trying to find something to hold onto. My vision goes black as I keep coming over and over again, unable to tell where one orgasm starts and the other begins. My breathing becomes ragged, my toes curl, and I feel my entire body shuddering. He stops just in time, or I would have fainted.

“You are the sexiest stripper ever,” he tells me while he discards of his boxer shorts and crawls on top of me. “So. Fucking. Hot.”

I can’t even reply, I’m too far gone. He pushes into me and I moan so loudly that it hurts my throat. Fuck, I’m not in control anymore, not even a little. Every move he makes has me clenching around him like my pussy is afraid his dick will slip out if it doesn’t try to grab him as tightly as possible.

“Fuck,” he curses, burying his face in my hair. “You’re too tight and wet. I could come right here and now.”

“Please do,” I moan, bucking my hips.

“No,” he grunts. “I want to enjoy this a little longer.”

His moves are slow and deliberate, meant to draw out our mutual pleasure as long as he can. My throat is sore from moaning and crying out his name, but I can’t stop myself. I dig my nails into his back and throw my legs around him, locking my ankles so I can push him in deeper.

“No no no,” he breathes. “No, fuck, I’m coming!”

I shudder when he finally releases inside of me, pulling me right over the edge with him. My pussy convulses almost painfully, making me come so hard that tears stream down my face. Dshawn keeps moving in and out of me, even though he’s not fully erect anymore. He seems unwilling to stop fucking me, unwilling to let go of this perfect moment.

“You’re it,” I tell him, my eyes closed to fully enjoy the sensation of our bodies shivering in synchronization. “You’re who I’ve been waiting for. The one. Everything. Anything. It.”

I’m not even making sense anymore, but he knows what I mean. His lips find mine and we kiss tenderly, still joined as one. I feel him grow hard inside of me again, making me moan into the kiss. He thrusts in and out, never breaking our kiss. We stay like that for what feels like hours, just enjoying being this close, without any boundaries between us, both physically and mentally. I’ve never let myself be this vulnerable with anyone after Melchior, but with Dshawn it is just so easy. It was actually harder to try and stay away from him than to just give myself to him completely.

Neither of us comes again, but that’s okay. This second round isn’t about that, it’s just so wonderful to share this perfect moment together. After a long, long time, we both grow sleepy and Dshawn finally pulls out of me, rolling onto his side and pulling me against him. We’re both sweaty and sticky, getting the sheets all dirty, but we’re too happy and tired to care.

“That was amazing,” he whispers, kissing my neck. “And the best thing is… I didn’t think about my mom once.”

I convulse with laughter, smacking him teasingly. “Wow, that’s really what every girl wants to hear after making love. I liked a lot of things about this night, but the fact that you’re able to stop thinking about your mother while fucking me… Yeah, that’s definitely the most awesome thing ever.”

He chuckles at my sarcasm. “You know what I mean. What you did earlier… that was… I mean, fuck me it was hot as hell, but it was also sweet. You’re sweet. You managed to turn a difficult moment into a wonderful memory, which is… like… wow.”

“So eloquent,” I tease. “You have such a way with words.”

“I know you’re trying to make light of this, but I’m serious,” he insists. “You just get me. You know when I need to talk things through, when to reassure me, but also when to just shut up and make me feel things. And I don’t even mean just sexually, I mean in general. I’ve never made love to anyone the way I do to you.”

“Same here,” I say softly, touching his face with my fingertips.

“You’re it for me too, baby,” he says, replying to what I said before. “Everything. Anything. The one I’ve been waiting for. I’m so lucky to have found you. You push me to be the best version of myself without wanting to change me. I’ve never had that with anyone before. To just be enough for someone, without having to try and be something I’m not.”

“Why would you ever want to be anything other than you are?” I ask, frowning. Who could ever want Dshawn to be different? Stupid bitches. “You’re perfect.”

“Yeah, I am,” he agrees with a smirk. “What was it again? Muscular sexy biker god?”

“Muscular biker sex god,” I remind him. “But it’s a bit of a mouthful. I think I have a shorter way of saying that.”

“Hmm?” my murmurs, running his fingers through my hair. “What?”


“Yeah, that’s my name.”

I laugh. “Exactly.”

“Oh, so my name implies all that, huh?” He kisses me softly. “Is my name an anagram?”

“An anagram? That’s when you put letters in a different order to form a new word. How is your name an anagram of anything? There’s only one vowel!”

“Oh, I mean where you use every letter to make a word,” he realizes. “You know, like with a poem where the first letters spell out something.”

“You mean an acrostic,” I say, thinking back to my English lessons in high school. “But if we use every letter of your name for a word, it would be more like… an acronym, I guess. You know, like USA means United States of America. Although, technically, an acronym is a short word that represents an already existing name, while we’re thinking of words that your name could stand for. I believe that it’s a backronym.”

“You’re so goddamn smart,” he breathes, kissing me. “How do you know all that shit?”

I shrug. “I paid attention in high school.”

“Okay, so you’ve got a good memory. Now start making that goddamn backronym. I want to know what my name stands for.”

“Hmm… Dirty Slutty-”

“It’s me we’re talking about, not you,” he jokes, poking my side.

“Okay, fine… it’s… Delicious Sexy…” I kiss his nose. “Hung…”

He grins, pressing himself against me. “Hell yeah.”

“Amazing, Wonderful…”

“I sound really great. What does the N stand for?”

I rack my brain to come up with something that allows me to call him a god. “Oh!” I say, pleased with myself. “Nimbus-haver.”

“Why would I have a nimbus?” Dshawn asks, frowning. “That’s Harry Potter’s quidditch broom, right?”

“No, you big nerd,” I reply with a smile. “A nimbus is a bright cloud that surrounds a god. Like… like a halo.”

“Oh, so you’re calling me a god, huh?”

“No… I’m saying you’re a Delicious Sexy Hung Amazing Wonderful Nimbus-haver.”

We both laugh, our bodies shaking from it against each other.

“I prefer muscular biker sex god, if you don’t mind,” he says, nuzzling against my neck. “Hmm… you smell so nice.”

“It’s the shampoo, baby.”

“And the conditioner,” he adds with a yawn. “Night, honey.”

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