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#64 Good vibrations

Looking around the large backyard, I can’t help but admire how pretty the place looks. There are fairy lights everywhere, and I bet they will light up the garden beautifully later today, when we dance the night away. I’m happy that Caroline and Nathan are getting married at their own home, because I feel like it will be a lovely memory that will always be tied to this place, making it even more special for them. Weddings in general are stupid, but this one is going to be beautiful.

“Are you imagining walking down the aisle yourself?” Aston’s voice says in my ear, making me jump out of my skin. “Oh, wow, you’re not normally so jumpy,” he says with wide eyes. “Are you okay?”

I’ve been off since last night, but I don’t want to ruin today by worrying about that weird text all day long. This is Caroline’s day. And Nathan’s. I just want to enjoy this day with them and make sure everything runs smoothly.

“Yeah, just nervous, I guess,” I lie, smiling at my friend. “Where’s your date?”

Aston grins and nods in the direction of the house, where Annabel is chatting to two women I don’t know. She looks beautiful in a tight green dress, her smooth dark hair flowing down her back in effortless grace. I get why Caroline was freaked when she thought Nathan was dating her way back when she and him weren’t the loved up committed couple they are today. Annabel is every guy’s wet dream.

“Check this out,” Aston says, pulling his phone out of the pocket of his black suit. Admittedly, he looks pretty good himself. He shows me an app called Good Vibrations, scrolling through it until he finds the list of settings he wants. “Pick one,” he tells me, wiggling his eyebrows. “And look at Annabel. This is seriously the best gift I’ve ever gotten myself. And her.”

Happy with this distraction from my worried mind, I pick the setting called pulsating and put it on slow. The moment I tap the screen, Annabel jolts, her hands clenching at her side. She keeps a smile on her face, nodding at something the woman next to her says, but it’s clear to see that she’s preoccupied.

“Vibrating egg?” I ask, tapping the screen to turn to vibrations to medium.

Aston grins, nodding. “One of those vibrators that’s not just inside, but with a part that wraps around, fitting snugly against her clit. Man, this is going to be the best wedding ever.”

Annabel’s eyes find Aston’s across the yard before she closes her eyes a moment, having a hard time trying to look like nothing is happening. Aston turns it off and her eyes open again, settling on me now, a frown on her face. Uh-oh. Aston is going to be in trouble for showing me this for sure.

“Fuck,” he says, confirming my suspicions. “Let’s distract her from being mad at me, shall we?” He taps the screen a few times and Annabel’s eyes go wide, her mouth forming a silent ‘O’. The woman next to her asks her something, touching her arm, but she doesn’t even seem to notice.

“I think she’s distracted,” I say with a grin. “Damn, you’ve got to tell me where you got that thing. I think Dshawn will like this just as much as you do. And I think I will too.”

Aston laughs and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a small red pouch. “Already way ahead of you, girl. I helped him install the app a few minutes ago. Go and put it in.”

My eyes go wide and I take the pouch from him, closing my hand around it so no one will see. Not that it’s obvious that there’s a vibrator inside, but still. “Aston!” I hiss. “This is totally inappropriate!”

He chuckles. “When am I not inappropriate?”

Yeah, that’s true. The idea of Dshawn being able to control me the way Aston is doing to Annabel right now has me drenching my panties already. Fuck. This is surely going to be a fun wedding.

“I should go check on Caroline,” I say, planning on slipping into the bathroom first. “I need to help her into her dress.”

“Sure,” Aston replies, his attention an Annabel, who is looking like she’s ready to have an orgasm in the middle or the garden, fully clothed and with people all around her. “I need to go see my girl anyway. I think she could just some… help.

Shaking my head, I walk inside the house while Aston walks up to Annabel, pulling he away from the conversation she wasn’t paying attention to anyway. Before walking up the stairs to see the bride, I quickly go into the toilet, lock the door and open the little red pouch. Inside is a pretty pink vibrator, with a round egg that fits inside and a curving antenna that will hit just the right spot between my already wet folds. I hike up the skirt of my tight dark blue dress and pull my thong to the side to I can slip in the wearable vibrator. Shit, it already feels good and it’s not even vibrating yet. I wish I could text Dshawn right now, but my dress doesn’t allow for a phone to be put anywhere. It’s on the kitchen counter, and I know I should really go to see Caroline right now instead of getting my phone. I’m the maid of honor, after all. I should focus on her, not on myself.

Fuck it, I’m getting my phone.

I pull my dress back down and hurry into the living room, moving over to the open kitchen to find my phone. It’s exactly where I left it, and the screen is lit up with messages. I open them and am relieved to see that they’re all from Dshawn and not from some unknown number.

It is in yet?

I’ve got a hard-on already.

Did Aston give it to you yet?

Please tell me I can start using this awesome app.

Fuck, you probably don’t even have your phone on you.

I laugh and text him back to lit him know we’re good to go. I don’t know where he is right now, but he’s around here somewhere. As I rush upstairs to help Caroline into her dress at last, I feel the vibrator jump to life, the softest vibrations coursing through my center. It’s not as intense as what Aston was doing to Annabel, but it’s a good start. I just hope I will make it through the day without my juices flowing down my legs. My thong isn’t doing much to mop them up.

“Hey!” I say as I walk into Nathan’s and Caroline’s bedroom, where Tiffany is sitting on the bed while Hillary fixes Caroline’s hair. The vibrations stop and I take a deep breath, focusing on my best friend. “Ready to get your dress on?”

“Yes!” she says, clapping her hands in excitement. “I just hope it still fits…”

“Girl, you bought it not that long ago, since you and Nathan move ridiculously fast,” I tell her with a smile. “You couldn’t gain that much weight in just a few weeks even if you tried. It will fit.”

I move to the wardrobe to pull out the garment bag her dress is in. Right when I pull down the zipper, I feel the little egg starting to vibrate again, hard and fast, without any warning. A moan slips out of my mouth and I quickly suck in a breath, trying to remain silent. Fuck, this feels good.

“Are you okay?” Hillary asks, moving over to help me get the dress from the bag.

“Yeah,” I breathe, unable to act like a normal person.

She eyes me suspiciously, but doesn’t ask me anything else. The vibrations stop and I straighten my back and pull the dress over to Caroline, helping her to step into it. Hillary and I pull it up her body while Tiffany sips champagne on the bed, her underwear showing from the very unladylike pose she’s in. I wink at Hillary, who laughs.

The zipper of Caroline’s dress goes up without a problem and I take my time to fasten all the tiny little buttons on the back that go over the zipper to hide it from view. She exhales in a huff, her nerves over not fitting into it disappearing from her face. She smiles at herself in the mirror and I get why. She looks even more stunning than she did in the store, now that the dress is fitted to perfection, made just for her body. And damn, my best friend has a body to die for every day of the week, but today she looks even sexier.

We chat and joke for a while, and it’s so cute to see that Caroline can’t stop checking herself out in the mirror. My vibrator remains dormant, luckily, so I can focus on my friend for a while. She deserves my undivided attention. Although… even just the feeling of the dormant egg in my pussy and the thought Dshawn being able to set it off with a tap on his phone screen has me staying wet and ready. Fuck, this going to be one hell of a day.

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