Slutty Shaughna

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#65 Hacked

Nathan’s vows are sweet and funny, but it’s Caroline’s words to her man that truly get to me. The way she looks at him… how she smiles when she talks to him, fighting her tears… I finally get why people want to get married. Not that I suddenly feel the urge to buy a ring and a white dress, but I understand why this means so much to Caroline. Telling someone how much they mean to you and vowing to always be there for them, no matter what happens… Yeah, I get that.

“From the moment I met you, I trusted you,” Caroline tells Nathan.

Everyone is watching them, the garden completely silent except for her words. Not even Aston would try to taint this moment by using his phone to get Annabel off. He’s staring at Car like everyone else, and I swear he looks a little misty-eyed. My eyes find Dshawn on the second row, right behind Caroline’s bawling mother and he smiling father. Dshawn winks at me, his brown eyes glazed over with unshed tears. Ahw, the little softy.

“And in a world with so many reasons not to trust other people, that is pretty damn special,” Caroline goes on, and it feels like she’s talking about me and Dshawn for a moment, instead of her and Nathan. “You’re my protector, my safe haven, the one person who I know will always be there for me. You make me feel whole.”

Dshawn mouths “I love you” to me, making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. He feels it too. I feel about him the way Caroline feels about Nathan. Like he is the most amazing person in the world, the one that gets me, the one who will never stop trying to protect me. One of the only people I truly trust. And I just know he feels the same way about me. I’m so lucky.

“And even though our story is a little unconventional, I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Caroline continues her vows, her voice breaking a little. “Today, I’m not just gaining a husband, I also get to be a stepmother to the sweetest girl in the world. When you and Rose are together, it’s obvious that you’re an amazing dad. You told me on our first day together that you weren’t looking for a stepmother for your child, but here we are.”

I look at Rose, who is looking like a cute little mess in that godawful dress that will never cease to make my eyes bleed. She’s sitting right next to her mother Elise, who is pursing her lips. She’s obviously not happy that her daughter is gaining a stepmother today. Well, too bad. Caroline already means so much to that little girl and I can just tell that she and Rose have this bond that I wish I had with my parents. Rose has two good parents and an amazing stepmother, and all I have is a father that is finally coming around to understanding who I truly am, a mother who is basically a messy bitch and a useless stepdad. That little girl is so lucky to have three adults looking out for her, especially Caroline. She was there for me when I went through the darkest period in my life, and she saved Rose from that horrible Trevor who abused her. Everyone needs a woman like Caroline in their lives.

“We weren’t looking for each other,” my best friend is telling her soon-to-be husband, “but we ended up finding love anyway. I promise to keep being honest, even when it hurts. And I vow to always treasure you, because you deserve the very best. I will try to give just that to you every single day of my life.”

They move on to the I do’s without even needing the minister to ask them the traditional questions. Caroline grabs Nathan for a deep, hungry kiss without anyone telling them that it’s even time for the kiss. Loved-up horndogs, that’s what they are.

When they break apart, I roll my eyes at my friend, laughing at her flushed cheeks. They move on to slipping on the rings, totally doing this thing in the wrong order. When they kiss again, Nathan totally ruins Caroline’s hair, but I know she doesn’t give a shit about that. They’re all smiles and bright shiny eyes when they walk back down the aisle, hugging their loved ones.

I make my way over to Dshawn and wrap my arms around him, kissing him with the same hunger Caroline grabbed her husband with seconds ago. We may not be married, but our bond is just as strong as theirs.

“I love you,” he whispers in my ear.

“Same,” I murmur. “You cute little softy. I saw you, fighting your tears during the vows.”

He shrugs and takes a step back, taking my hand in his and pulling me to the bar in the far corner of the yard, where the neighbor’s teenage boys are pouring drinks, earning some extra money by working the wedding. “It was sweet. I’m so happy for Caroline.”

I grab a glass of champagne and Dshawn gets himself a beer. We grab two more glasses and walk over to Magda and Neil, who are standing near the back door of the house, leaning against the wall. They accept the drinks with grateful smiles, their eyes following their daughter through the garden while she chats to friends and family, her hand never leaving Nathan’s firm grasp.

“That could have been you, boy,” Neil jokes to Dshawn, laughing a little. “Four years ago, you were the one she took home to meet us.”

Dshawn grins. “Yeah, hard to believe, isn’t it? Feel like a lifetime ago.” His arm snakes around my waist and he squeezes gently. It’s so cute how he’s always trying to reassure me that it’s me he’s into, even though I truly don’t need him to do so. I know it. I feel it in my bones.

“You’re so cute together,” Magda tells us, finally dragging her eyes away from Caroline in her wedding dress. “Maybe the next wedding we’ll be attending will be yours.”

I laugh and lean into Dshawn. “Yeah… I don’t think so. Thanks, though.”

“Mom!” Caroline pops up next to us, throwing her arms around her mother and holding her close for long time. “Oh my God, I’m married!”

Neil laughs and pulls his daughter in for a hug as well. “Yeah, you are, honey. Do you feel any different yet?”

While Car chats to her parents, I turn to Nathan, who seems unable to break away from his brand new wife for even a second. We talk about the ceremony for a moment and he thanks me for my help putting everything together today, but then I get distracted by pulsating vibrations rocking my body. I glance over my shoulder and see Dshawn grinning at me from a few feet away. He’s standing next to Aston, who grabs the phone from him and puts the vibrator on an even more intense setting. If it was anyone else, I’d be embarrassed, but Aston and I are so open about sex with each other that I don’t even mind that he’s the one pulling the shots right now. I hum softly, unable to stay quiet, the pleasure already building up in me.

“Right?” Nathan asks besides me, laughing at some joke he just made.

“Uh, yeah,” I reply lamely, having absolutely no clue what I’m agreeing with. “Sure.”

“Are you okay?” he asks, sounding a little worried. He puts a hand on my lower back, probably to steady me, but all it does is make me feel even hotter. Fuck, fuck, I can’t have my best friend’s husband touching me while I am getting closer and closer to an orgasm. Aston is already walking off to grab himself another beer, but Dshawn’s attention is still completely on me, his dark eyes twinkling dangerously.

Fuck, I’m in trouble.

“Shaughna?” Nathan asks, pulling me a little into him, probably worried I will fall over or something, because I am swaying a little on my wobbly legs. “Do you need to sit down or something?”

“Yeah,” I breathe, trying to communicate to Dshawn that he needs to turn it off. Now.

Nathan slowly walks with me the lawn chairs on the side of the aisle. No one is there anymore, everyone moved on to different parts of the large yard, chatting and drinking. He helps me down, worry in his dark green eyes. Oh God, this is awkward. He grabs a chair and sits down opposite me, putting his hands on my legs, just above my knees. There is absolutely nothing even remotely sexual about the gesture. He’s just worried that I’m going to faint or something. He thinks he is taking care of his wife’s best friend. Little does he know that his touch is making it even harder for me to concentrate on keeping in the moans.

The vibrations get even more intense, pulsing through me, making it hard to do anything but just sit here and try to keep a poker face.

“Dshawn,” I bite out. “Get him.”

“Are you sure I can leave you alone for a moment?” Nathan asks, those intense green eyes searching my face for a moment. “You seem really out of it.”

“It’s just the heat,” I hiss, repressing a shudder from the pleasure coursing through me. “And the booze.”

Dshawn appears at our side then, smirking at me. He’s enjoying this way too much. “I’ll stay with her,” he tells Nathan, slapping him on the shoulder. “Thanks for taking care of her, man. This happens sometimes when she doesn’t eat enough. She gets lightheaded.”

Fuck him, making me seem all weak and stupid.

Nathan pats my knee one more time before getting up, throwing me one last worried look over his shoulder while he walks away. Dshawn sits in the chair across from me, grinning at me.

“This is a lot of fun,” he tells me with that sexy smirk on his face. “Why didn’t I think of this myself?”

“Turn it off,” I tell him, breathing hard. “Or I’m going to…” I trail off when Dshawns hands land on my thighs, rubbing softly. “Fuck…”

“No one knows,” he assures me. “Well, aside from Aston and Annabel, obviously. I’m going to kiss you now, so it looks like we’re just having a cute little moment. No one will ever suspect anything else is going on. Just let go, Shaughna. You know you want to…”

He’s right. Of course I want to. I’m right on the edge, holding off from reaching my peak by sheer willpower. When he leans in to kiss me, I moan into him, glad that no one else is close enough to hear. His hands move up to knot in my hair, and I shudder as I allow the pleasure to build up in me, no longer holding it at bay. The orgasm rolls over me, my hands moving to Dshawn’s upper legs and digging my nails into his skin though his dress pants. Fuck, this is hot.

Dshawn pulls back when he’s certain I’ve had enough and takes out his phone to turn the little egg off again. He laughs when I shudder at the sudden change. “Best wedding ever,” he says, moving in for another kiss.

I push him off, a little annoyed even though I can’t keep a smile from my face. My body just feels so good right now, slowly coming down from my high. “Don’t do that again,” I hiss at him.

“What?” he teases. “Make you come?”

“Getting me that turned on while goddamn Nathanial Storm is touching me,” I say, shuddering at the thought. I mean, the man is gorgeous, but he’s Caroline’s husband and if I hadn’t been completely preoccupied by that goddamn thing in my vagina, I never would have felt anything but neutral at his hand on my lower back or even on my knees. He doesn’t do anything for me on a normal day and it feels weird that I was so close to coming with him looking into my eyes.

Dshawn grins again. “Okay, deal. It was very fun to watch though.”

“Next time, we’re getting you something,” I tell him with narrowed eyes. “A vibrating but plug or something. Give you a taste of your own medicine.”

“Deal.” He pulls me to my feet. “Come on, they’re ready for their first dance together and when they’re done, I want to join them on the dancefloor. I want to hold my girl in my arms.”

I smile and let him lead me to the dancefloor we set up early that morning, watching Nathan twirl Caroline around with an enraptured look in his eyes. When their first dance is over, Neil Collins moves onto the dancefloor to dance with his daughter while Magda moves over to dance with Nathan. His own mother is sitting in a wheelchair a few feet away, looking at the whole thing with tears in her eyes.

Soon, everyone is dancing, and the kids are running around playing tag. It’s a great wedding, honestly. There is booze, lots of food, and everyone is mingling, talking to people they haven’t met before. After a while, I realize that Caroline is nowhere to be found. Neither is Nathan. Hmm. Interesting.

I walk inside the house to pee, slipping the vibrator out of me for a moment and putting it back in once I’m done. Dshawn hasn’t used it since he made me come hours ago, but I’m not ready to take it out yet. I like the feeling of him being able to surprise me with it every moment he wants to. I get hot just thinking about it. Maybe I should find a quiet spot and shoot him a text to meet me… If I remember correctly, Caroline told me that the guestroom is completely soundproof, so that might be a good place to sneak off to. I smile to myself and walk upstairs instead of back to the garden, my phone in my hand. I listen for sounds from the master bedroom – I figured that’s where Caroline and Nathan must have sneaked off to – but the entire floor is silent. Good. That means Dshawn and I will have free reign.

I push open the door to the guestroom and freeze on the threshold, eyes widening at the scene before me. Caroline is on the bed on all fours, her dress hiked up so her naked ass is sticking up, and Nathan is slamming into her from behind, his pants and boxers on his ankles.

“Fuck!” Nathan exclaims when he looks over his shoulder and sees me standing there.

“Sorry!” I say, turning around so I’ve got my back to them. “Lock the door, okay? I could have been Rose! Or your sister!”

“Shaughna!” Caroline exclaims behind me. “Get the fuck out!”

“I’m leaving, I’m leaving,” I say quickly. “Just please lock the door, you naughty married horndogs!”

I shut the door and wait a moment so I can check if it’s truly locked now. I’m happy to find that it is. They’re lucky it’s just me. They really ought to be more careful. Laughing, I make my way to their bedroom. I know for a fact that there’s a lock on there too. They’re probably only using to soundproof guestroom because Caroline is loud as fuck. Smart move, if they had remembered to lock the door… I know that I can be quiet when I want to be, so Dshawn and I should be fine in their bedroom.

I lock the door behind me, planning to open it when Dshawn is here. Just when I sit down on the bed and start typing a text, the vibrator purrs, making me moan softly. Hmm. This is nice. I lay back on the bed for a moment, enjoying the different settings he’s trying out in rapid succession, leaving me breathless. While I try to stay silent, enjoying the pleasure building up, I send him a quick text: I’m in the master bedroom. Text me when you get here.

I figured he would slow down the vibrator and come up here immediately to take over himself, but instead the egg gets turned up even more, the vibrations against my clit so intense that I bite my lip to keep myself from making noise. Damn, that feels good. I let the waves of pleasure move over me, closing my eyes as I enjoy my orgasm. The vibrator keeps pulsating, picking up even more, sending me over the edge again, making me feel like my orgasm is having an orgasm.

My phone buzzes, and I have to use all my focus to read the text, moaning softly at the intense sensations of the toy between my legs. It’s Dshawn, telling me to open the door. I get up, stumbling over. He should really turn this thing off, because I’m still shuddering with pleasure, making it hard to get the door open.

“Hey,” Dshawn says huskily, rushing in and locking the door behind him.

“Fuck,” I breathe, grabbing his shoulders to keep myself from falling over. My legs are mush. “Turn it off!”

“What?” he asks surprised. “It’s not on!”

“Quit playing,” I hiss. “Fuck, it’s too much, turn it off!” It’s still on the highest setting and it’s so intense that my clit is starting to get painful.

“I swear it’s not on!” He helps me over to the bed, setting me down on the edge before taking out his phone. “See?” He shows me the app, which indeed doesn’t show any activity. In fact, it says that he’s not even logged in.

“Huh?” he breathes, tapping the screen. “What? It says I’m using an old password. I can’t get in!”

Panic starts to surge up in me. I have no idea what’s going on – maybe Aston is fucking with us? – but I have a feeling that something bad is going on. I’m starting to get sore down there and it’s no longer fun or sexy or arousing. I feel sick.

“Get it out,” I order him, tears springing to my eyes. “Now!”

He pushes me down on the bed so I’m on my back and hikes up the skirt of my dress so he can pull my thong down. He grabs the small pink toy and pulls it out in one fluid motion, tossing it on the bed, where it keeps vibrating.

“What the fuck?” he mutters to himself.

“You swear it wasn’t you?” I ask, sitting back up, trembling. “It’s been on for… ten minutes? More maybe?”

He shakes his head. “It wasn’t me. And I was talking to Aston outside, I didn’t see your text until a minute ago, so it wasn’t him either.”

“Then who?” I ask.

Right at that second, my phone lights up with a text. I know the answer to my question even before I open the message from an unknown number.

You’re welcome, Shay, it reads. No one could ever make you come like I can. See you soon, baby. Can’t wait to be inside you again.

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