Slutty Shaughna

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#8 Change of plans

Dshawn stood me up. When I realize just how stupid I am for waiting for him for half an hour, I pick up my phone to text him, but decide against it. He’s the one asking me for a favor, not the other way around. If he can’t show up to pick me up for lunch, then why the hell should I even ask him why the fuck he’s not here?

To be honest, I had a very steamy dream about him last night that has me revved up so much that I need an outlet. I text Joshua, but he doesn’t respond. He’s probably in class anyway.

I try Caroline next, just to vent for a while, but she doesn’t pick up either. I’m so fed up with all the people in my life by now that I decide to go to the gym to take out my frustration that way. I run on the treadmill for an hour and do some squats, but nothing helps. Maybe if there was a cute guy around here somewhere, but there are only girls in here today for some reason.

When my phone rings half an hour before I have to leave for my evening shift, I hope it’s Dshawn or Joshua. I need an explanation or to know that I have a place to go after my shift for a good fuck. Of course, it’s neither. It’s my boss at Animals, asking if I can come over after my shift at Giovanni’s to cover for a bartender who is out sick tonight. I grudgingly agree, knowing that I’ve got nothing better going on anyway.

I arrive at Giovanni’s just in time, rushing in to put my stuff in the back before putting on the little apron and taking the first orders of the night. When I walk into the kitchen for the first time that night, I immediately see Hollister grinning at me, throwing me a wink behind Kieran’s back. I just nod, in no mood for his flirty ass. I yell my order at them, slap down the ticket and head back out front. It’s like that all night, until my shift is over and I have fifteen minutes to myself before I need to get in my car and drive to the club. My tips aren’t as good as they usually are, but then again, I’m not as chipper as I should be. At least I’m still making money, even on a crap night like this. Animals pays pretty good too, more than my job here, so at least my bank account will benefit.


I look at up at Hollister from the bench on the side of the parking lot where I’m sitting to eat the sandwich Kieran made me to eat between shifts.

“Hey,” I grunt with my mouth full.

He grins and takes a seat next to me. “It’s my break. I’ve got two more hours on my shift.”

I’m not sure why he’s telling me that, so I just nod and finish off my sandwich.

“I broke things off with Jane,” he tells me. “A few days ago, actually.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I say, licking my fingers to get off the sauce I spilled onto them.

Hollister is watching my movements with hungry eyes, wetting his lips with his tongue. “I don’t want you to be sorry,” he says softly, moving a little closer. “I want you to be glad.”

I stick my index finger in my mouth and suck on it long and hard, even though I’ve already cleaned it off. Hollister’s blue eyes widen even more and he grunts, one of his hands moving to push my hair out of my face.

“You’re so goddamn sexy,” he groans. “You told me to make sure I was single before putting the moves on you again. Well, here I am.”

“Let’s see those moves then,” I say huskily.

He leans in and presses his lips to mine, one of his hands knotting in my hair as the other rests on my hip. I’ve been wondering what he’d taste and feel like for a long time now and I’m still in weird mood from everything that happened today – or, more accurately, everything that didn’t happen today – so I just throw my all into the kiss. I bite his lower lip, making him grunt in appreciation. He slips his tongue in and just completely dominates me. The kiss is so utterly controlling that I get turned on within seconds, wanting more than just to kiss him. My hands slide into his long curls, happy to find that they’re just as soft as I imagined.

“I have to go,” I mumble against his lips.

“Right,” he says, moving in to kiss me again. “Your shift at the club.”

I moan when his hand slides from my hip to my thigh, fingers digging in slightly. I want his hands all over my naked body instead of going to Animals, but I know I have to go if I don’t want to lose my job.

“What time do you get off?” Hollister asks, his eyes dark with lust. “Because whether you want me to or not, I’m picking you up.”

I shake my head. “I need my car at my place for my shift at the restaurant tomorrow. Just meet me at my place at… five?” For a second I think that he’s going to say no, because I’ve got no choice but to make him wait all night for this, but then he nods and kisses me again, biting my lip with so much possessiveness that I shiver.

“See you later, Shaughna.” He gets up and offers me a hand, pulling me to my feet only to kiss me again, his hands on my ass this time. One moves to the front of my pants while our tongues battle for control, moving between my legs to grab me there roughly. I moan, which in turn causes him to grunt.

“Got to go,” I breathe. “Hollister, I really-”

He applies pressure to the exact place where my clit is, and that feels great even through two layers of clothing. He chuckles when I moan again, but then he lets go of me and gestures to my car.

“Later, babe.”

I get in my car and take a deep breath to regain some control. Damn that man. When we met seven years ago, I wasn’t even remotely interested in him, but as we got know each other, I found myself liking him more and more. It was never more than friendly banter until he turned up the heat a few weeks ago and now here we are… I start my car, trying not to think about him fucking me later tonight and failing spectacularly.

Hmm. Maybe this is exactly what I need today.

I’m two minutes late to my shift at Animals, but the owner is so happy that I could fill in last minute that he doesn’t give me crap for it. He just hands me the green shirt I need to put on and laughs when I change shirts without going to the back of the club. I just pull of my black tee, stuff it in my bag and pull the green shirt on instead, flashing the other bartenders and the owner my bra. It’s not like they don’t expect this from me. The club will open in twenty minutes, so we all run around to prepare for a night of serving drunk people ready to cut lose, and I throw my purse at the owner so he can put it in the back for me. I’m too late to do it myself and even though I would love to check my appearance in the mirror, I can’t right now. I just stuff my phone in my back pocket – still no messages – and get to work.

One million served drinks later, I’m a sweaty and unattractive mess. My shift lasts longer than anticipated and when I finally get off from work, I grab my purse and take off, running to my car like those extra five seconds will do me any good. I refuse to drive over the speed limit, so it takes me fifteen minutes to reach my apartment, and it’s 4.45 am when I get to my apartment which means…

Well, it should have meant that I would have fifteen minutes to shower and look less like a train wreck before Hollister arrives, but it doesn’t quite work out that way. He’s already sitting on the pavement in front of my apartment, jumping up the minute I get out of my car.

“I know you said five,” he grunts, pulling me against him without preamble. “I just couldn’t wait any longer. I need you now.”

I fumble with my keys, gasping when he pushes me against the door and kisses me hard. “We’re outside,” I protest, already panting. “Hollister!”

He grabs my keys from me and opens the door, keeping the other hand firmly around my wrist like he’s afraid I will bolt. The moment we get in he drops my keys on the floor and I throw my purse down, jumping him so my legs wrap around his waist. We kiss again, hands knotting in hair as we battle for dominance again.

“Shower,” I manage to get out between kisses. “I need to shower.”

“Fine,” he agrees with a grunt. “Not without me, though.”

The thought alone has me growing even wetter than I already was. We undress each other while we make our way to the bathroom, clothes flying everywhere. We didn’t even put any lights on yet, so it’s not surprising that at one point he bumps into something, cursing loudly. I chuckle as I open the door to the bathroom and flip on the light.

“Fucking hell,” he says when he sees me standing there in just my thong. “Even better than I imagined.”

I could say the same about him. He’s already got all his clothes off and I’m happy to see that he’s got a monster between his legs. Like, a huge bulging veiny cock that is screaming to be inside of me. I don’t need a dick like that every time, but sometimes it’s nice to be filled up until tears spring to my eyes.

“Stop staring at it,” he grunts. “Drop to your knees and suck me off.”

I comply immediately, a little surprised at how controlling he is. This is not what I expected when we flirted in the kitchen all those times, but I like it. This is not my usual taste, but it’s just what I need today. I’m so revved up that I just need to shut my brain off and having him to all the thinking and decision making for me suits me just fine.

He’s so big that I can’t fit him all the way into my mouth, and even though I normally don’t have much of a gag reflex, he manages to have me gagging within seconds. Instead of giving me a moment to adjust, he grabs my hair and trusts into my mouth like his life depends on it. I don’t even get a chance to put any of my moves on him – and trust me, they are good – because he has complete control over everything. The pace, how deep he enters my mouth… He’s dominating me and I just let him do it.

“Get up,” he grunts when he’s had enough. He didn’t come, and it’s obvious why. He wants to come inside of me. “Turn on the shower,” he tells me. “Where are the condoms?”

I point to a drawer of the vanity unit before stepping out of my thong. Thank God I’ve got condoms in his size from back when I was fuckbuddies with this guy who was just as monstrous in that department. While he rolls one on, I turn the water on and make sure it’s a comfortable temperature. Just when I step under it, he grabs my hips and pushes against my back so I’m doubled over, my ass sticking up in the air.

“Get ready,” he warns right before slamming into me, making me cry out in pain. No matter how many guys I’ve slept with, he manages to make me feel like a virgin. It’s like I’m as tight as I was my first time when I was 15. He gives me about two seconds to get used to him before pulling back and thrusting in again.

I cry out again, tears streaming down my face. He seems to regain some of his senses, freezing up and pulling at my hair so I have to look at him over my shoulder.

“You okay?” he asks, visibly fighting to stay still.

“Give me a second,” I pant, bracing myself against the wall. I focus on the hot water streaming down on us, trying to relax my muscles. It takes a moment, but then the pain slowly subsides and pleasure takes over. When I nod at him, he starts trusting again, so hard and fast that I’m gasping for air.

“Come,” he orders as he puts one of his big hands between my legs, finding my clit with ease and rubbing it roughly. “Come for me, you dirty slut. This is what you wanted, isn’t it? This is what you’ve been pining for all those years. To have my big dick in that tight pussy of yours. Come! Now!”

My body complies, shuddering with a sudden wave of pleasure, my muscles clenching around him. He grunts and slams into me two more times before twitching inside of me, filling up the condom. The moment we both stop shaking, he pulls out and takes off the condom, tying it and throwing it in the trash bin in the corner.

Still trembling a little bit, I stand up, stretching my body to find it sore already. He grins when he sees me moving carefully, sore from his thorough pounding.

“Enjoy this moment of peace while you can,” he warns me with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “Because the moment you’re done showering, I’ll be taking you again.”

I don’t manage to make any sound aside from a whimper. Damn, what is going on with me? I’m not used to someone taking control like this. I like a bit of dominance, but this is extreme. Still, my body seems completely fine with doing whatever he says, wanting nothing more than to have him inside of me again. I shower, washing my body and hair with care, ignoring my brain telling me that this can’t be what I really want, that I’ll regret this in the morning. I honestly can’t do anything but just go with the flow right now. Because Hollister is right. This is what I wanted. Not for seven years like he seems to think, but it is what I want tonight, at the very least.

Hollister watches me while I dry myself off, those hungry blue eyes taking in every inch of me. I’ve never felt so much like I’m just being taken advantage of for one night of pleasure. And that’s just what I need, because let’s be honest, it’s what I’m doing to him too. I don’t want a relationship with him, and I might not even have told him to meet me at my place in the middle of the night – early morning, really – if Dshawn hadn’t stood me up and Joshua hadn’t failed to reply to my messages.

“You get to decide where I bury myself in you next,” Hollister tells me, smirking. “That the only thing you get to decide, though.”

“Bed,” I say immediately. I can tell from the way he looks at me that he expected something more adventurous, but if he’s going to take control of me like that again, I want to at least be comfortable and my bed is the best place for that.

I lead him to the bedroom, squealing when he picks me up and throws me down onto my back and grabs my legs to pull them apart. He dives between them, his tongue attacking me. I’ve never had anyone make oral feel so… violent. He’s got me screaming out his name not even a minute later, reaching my peak with so much force that I’m crying again.

“I like you like this,” Hollister says, looking up at me from between my legs with a wild look in his eyes. His long curly hair is a wet mess, making him look like he just came out of the jungle, completely wild like an animal. “I am going to pleasure you until you beg me to fill you up again.” He doesn’t even need an answer to that statement, his tongue flicking over me again. He drives me back up to the edge, but refuses to push me over. He keeps me on the verge of an orgasm for a while, until I swallow my pride and grab his hair.

“I need you,” I say, knowing that I sound completely desperate. “In me. Now. Please.

“That was fast.” His smirk is so arrogant that it’s infuriating. “You’re such an eager little thing, Shaughna. I knew you’d be this ready for me. This wet. This willing. I’ve been dreaming of burying myself in you for so long now…” He crawls up, positioning himself so he can push into me, grabbing my legs and forcing them around him so he can go deep.

This time, I’m ready for him. The pain only lasts a second and then it’s all pleasure. I want to dig my nails into his back, but he grabs my wrists and holds them above my head with just one hand, leaving the other to brace himself against the headboard as he pounds into me harder and harder.

“Fucking tight,” he grunts, picking up the pace even more. “I figured a slut like you would be wider, but you’re nice and tight just the way I like it. Do you like it when a big strong man like me uses you like this?” When I don’t answer right away, he slams into me so hard it hurts. “Answer me!”

“Yes,” I whimper, on the edge again. “Yes, yes, I like it, oh God, Hollister…”

“I knew you would, you’re such a cheap whore.” He pushes in two more times before reaching his peak, filling me up so much there’s juices leaking out of me immediately, staining the cheats.

Wait – how is that even possible?

“Condom,” I pant when he pulls out of me. “You forgot the condom.”

Hollister glances down with a shrug. “Oh well.”

“Oh well?” Now that I’m coming down from my high, I feel a little more in control. “Dude, I don’t want to get an STD!”

He laughs. “I don’t have any. Do you?”

“I don’t know,” I say honestly. “I’ve got an appointment to get tested on Monday. Probably not, but you can never be sure, right?”

Hollister narrows his eyes at me. “You better not give me some nasty shit, you skank.”

“As much as I like dirty talk during the actual deed, you can stop calling me names now,” I say, getting aggravated with him.

“Dirty talk?” Hollister laughs loudly, almost tearing up. “Shaughna, that wasn’t just dirty talk. Why do you think I choose you to have my one night of fun with? Everyone knows you’re the easiest girl out there. Such a slut that she’d let anyone fuck her. I just wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I get it now. You’re even more amazing than I thought you’d be.”

No matter how proudly I always call myself a slut, his words still hurt. I know that I sleep around, but I only say yes when I feel like it. I’ve fended off my fair share of men over the years. How dare he talk to me like that? And what does he mean one night of fun? Oh wait…

“You didn’t break up with Jane, did you?” I ask, feeling sick to my stomach. “You just used me to cheat on her.”

He shrugs, utterly unaffected. “She won’t let me take her this hard or talk to her like that. I figured you would and I was right. And since you wouldn’t let me fuck you while I was still with Jane…”

“You lied?” I exclaim, covering myself with the bed sheets. “You know I don’t sleep with guys with girlfriends!”

“Yeah, so I lied.” He’s so calm and so full of himself. Fucking asshole.

“Get out,” I tell him icily. “Get the fuck out of my apartment, you creep. I don’t want you to so much as look at me ever again.”

“Suit yourself, I got what I came for anyway.” He winks, making me feel even worse. “See you at work tomorrow.” And with that, he walks out of my bedroom, gets dressed in the hallways and walks out, leaving me all alone in my bedroom, feeling disgusting.

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