Little Miss Mafia

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It’s about a young girl who gets crowned Queen of the under world she is cold heartless and feared do u think she can find love ?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

BANG! BANG! two gun shots changed my life, I’m at mafia boss at age 14. You see my dad was Franco Lorenzo he was one the number one mafia boss aka king of the underworld/ hell.

But on 16th of July 2020 Franco Lorenzo was shot to death, my mum died giving birth to me and I don’t have any siblings or even family my dad was all I had but on that day I loss him meaning I have nothing.

Fast forward a week later 23rd July I was crowned Queen of the under world I know it sounds crazy the 14 year old teenage girl Queen of the under world any one would say BULLSHIT ! But I think I do a pretty good job.

My Job is to be the leader of the black panthers the top mafia gang global so I have a lot on my hands but my gang is my family and all I have so I will do any thing to protect them and I mean anything.

Most 14 year old girls got shopping with friends, I go kill a bunch of wankers who stole licker from me. My favourite hobby is kidnapping people from rival gangs and torturing then until they beg for me to end them.

If your wondering were abouts this story is set, its the south of England I live on a cliff by the sea I own a huge mansion we’re all my gang member and guards live with me so I’m not all alone.

I am very successful thanks to my father, my business is mainly licker and alcohol but on the weekends I make a couple extra million from cocaine. Some people call me the cocaine Queen that’s one of my other names, shit I forgot to tell you my real name it’s diamond Melissa Lorenzo but everyone and I mean everyone calls me miss Lorenzo the last person that called me diamond was fed to my panthers that’s why we’re known as the blank panthers if anyone tried to fuck with us they get fed to my panthers. END OF THEM!!!!

Hi readers I hope your enjoying it will get better promise that was an intro the story will get started next chapter xx

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