Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 9

Three days ago, Alpha Crimson was confident that he would finally have his mate by his side. Even during her dramatic attempt at escaping as she held the broken glass to her neck, Alpha Crimson was still confident since he knew that his Alpha speed would catch her before she hurt herself.

Who would have thought that the lights would shut off, and allow his mate to run outside the ballroom and lock the doors shut.

Within seconds, Alpha Crimson had reached the doors and was about to tear it open but somebody tackled him in the darkness.

Judging by the scent, he could tell that it was Beta Rick and instantly regretted letting him off with just a neck squeeze before. He should’ve ended the pathetic Beta’s life when he had the chance. But a certain pair of big, frightened dark brown eyes stopped him from doing so.

“Crimson!” Beta Zachariah yelled before throwing Beta Rick off of his cousins body.

Another Beta attacking an Alpha in front of that Alpha’s Beta was extremely disrespectful. It meant that the other Beta felt that the Beta was weaker than him and wouldn’t be able to protect his own Alpha.

Beta Zachariah shifted into his wolf and charged towards Beta Rick who was coughing out blood on the ground. He was going in for a throat kill but was pulled back by Alpha Crimson.

“Back off. He’s your Luna’s family,” Alpha Crimson released a warning growl and Theta Grant pulled the furious Beta away.

Alpha Crimson kicked down the ballroom doors before running out front with his Beta and Theta in tow.

Upon reaching outside, he heard the screeching of tires speeding away from the pack house at an unimaginable speed.

“Get the fucking car, now!” Alpha Crimson yelled towards Theta Grant and approached the gates to see who dared open them for his mate.

Inside the gate booth, there was a teenage pup who was trembling in fear under the immense pressure and rage exuding from the powerful Alpha’s body.

Alpha Crimson sneered at the boy before lifting him up into the air with a tight grip around his neck. The poor boy struggled to breathe under his vice like grip.

“Alpha Crimson, please let Evan go,” Beta Carol stuttered out as she cried for her innocent pack member.

Alpha Crimson’s eyes were black as he turned to Beta Carol. She fell onto the floor in fear and began to crawl backwards. She had never seen such pitch black eyes before. When she looked into them, it was as if she could hear the screams and begging of Alpha Crimson’s previous victims.

“Don’t tell me, you had something to do with this?” Alpha Crimson threw the pup aside and began to make his way towards the frightened Beta.

He stopped in his tracks when his Beta and Theta came running towards him, without his car.

“Alpha, someone slashed the tires, we can’t drive it,” Theta Grant revealed as Alpha Crimson let out a thunderous growl that shook the ground.

“SHIFT. If we don’t find my mate tonight, I will destroy this whole province, mark my words Beta Carol,” Alpha Crimson threatened before the three men shifted into their wolves and sprinted towards the border.

It has been three days since his mate escaped from Beta Rick’s party. The three men had tried to pursue her vehicle in their wolf form but since Alpha Crimson did not know her real scent, it made it difficult for them. As soon as they reached the highway, too many cars and scents mingled together making their mission an utter failure.

Alpha Crimson exited the rogue prison located on the outskirts of the province of Katric. He was still on Beta Rick’s territory in case his mate returned there.

“Take it,” Alpha Crimson handed the screwdriver coated in red liquid over to his Theta who grimaced at the sight.

Beta Zachariah tossed a white towel into his cousins hands who caught it with his bloody fingers.

“Alpha, how long are you going to torture those random rogues for?” Beta Zachariah questioned as he felt nauseous from having to smell blood for three days straight. Alpha Crimson had been torturing the rogues imprisoned in Beta Rick’s territory.

“Until I find my mate,” Alpha Crimson growled out furiously as he walked to his Range Rover.

“That should be soon then. After all, a one billion dollar bounty has been put out. We should get a call with a lead on Luna’s whereabouts soon. But why are you letting Beta Rick off the hook?” Beta Zachariah questioned as he’s never seen his cousin let anyone go unpunished after disrespecting him. He was met with heavy silence from the Alpha.

“Don’t provoke him. You already know how much his wolf wants to kill the Beta’s whole family but he can’t since Luna considers them family,” Theta Grant let out a sigh and followed his Alpha to the car.

“Tsk. We’re Luna’s real family. She doesn’t need those losers,” Beta Zachariah pouted in annoyance and took the drivers seat of the car.

“Alpha, where to?” Beta Zachariah questioned but the Alpha was preoccupied with a sudden incoming call from his phone.

“Alpha Crimson speaking,” Alpha Crimson answered the phone within seconds.

“Small diner... ‘Becca’s Haven’...the outskirts of Mitsa,” Kaira mumbled into the phone as the Alpha inhaled sharply on the other end of the line. Her voice was faint but he knew it was her.

“Who is it, who is it? Has there been a sighting?” Beta Zachariah bounced up and down on his seat as he drove.

A few moments of silence passed before the Alpha Crimson spoke again.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” As soon as he answered the call, he knew it was different from any call he’s ever heard before. He could recognize his mates breathing before she even spoke.

Alpha Crimson felt his mates pain through her voice before she even spoke. Her silence between her breaths was slowly killing him.

“One billion promised. The owners, Tammy and Al...they found me. Send your men to the local hospital, give them the money...” Kaira mumbled into the phone.

Alpha Crimson felt her pain and couldn’t understand what was going on.

“Are you hurt?” He questioned while trying to control his wolf who became angry at the thought of his mate being hurt.

“Please... just... you promised” Kaira whispered into the phone, her voice devoid of any emotion besides desperation.

A few more moments of silence passed before he spoke again.

“I’ll be there,” as soon as Alpha Crimson said those words, he heard the phone fall to the ground before cutting off.

“Province of Mitsa, hurry,” Alpha Crimson ordered as Beta Zachariah accelerated without obeying any laws of the road.

The three men reached the hospital within 50 minutes of nonstop driving. Alpha Crimson exited his vehicle and his body instantly froze.

“What wrong, Alpha?” Theta Grant questioned worriedly and ran to his Alpha’s side.

“Her scent. Not the fake perfume scent but her real scent. I can finally smell it,” Alpha Crimson stated with a ghost of a smile that took his two companions by surprise. They had never seen their Alpha smile.

He inhaled deeply, willing his brain to have her scent engraved into his heart.

“Both of you go into the hospital and find the couple. I already transferred the bounty money to their account. Take care of any other situation with my card,” Alpha Crimson stated before crossing the street and heading towards the concert field.

Beta Zachariah stared after him in shock, unable to believe that his cousin gave away one billion dollars just like that.

“Why are you so surprised? Even if it were one hundred billion dollars, Alpha would have given it without a moment’s hesitation since Luna is the one who asked,” Theta Grant laughed at him before dragging him into the hospital.

‘Wow, I need to get on Luna’s good side once we go back home to Rowim,’ Beta Zachariah thought to himself as he let Theta Grant drag him away.

Alpha Crimson entered the field when the band playing up front announced that they were about to begin their last song of the night. He felt his mates presence towards the center of the field and slowly made his way towards her.

As soon as his eyes landed on his mate, Alpha Crimson was hit with a surge of many emotions. His wolf was fighting him for control, wanting to mark his mate right then and there. Alpha Crimson knew what would happen if his wolf took over though, it would become a bloodbath, his wolf would kill anyone in his way to get to his mate.

Alpha Crimson’s internal power struggle with his wolf began to affect his surroundings. The wind blew fiercely, the pressure in the air rose along with it. Kaira’s hoodie flew back, letting her brown hair fly freely in the air. In that single second, his mind was filled with a sense of peace, serenest. His wolf was no longer fighting for control and he was able to bask in the beauty of his mate with the moonlight shining on her pale skin.

The music continued playing as he watched Kaira turn to look right at him.

“I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side

But If you loved me

Why’d you leave me

Take my body
Take my body”

Alpha Crimson stood very still a few feet away from his mate. This time, she didn’t run away and he didn’t try to catch her. Kaira looked towards him, and all of those unshed tears came pouring down. She smiled at him through tears before running towards him and throwing herself into his arms.

“All I want is
All I need is

To find somebody
I’ll find somebody”

Alpha Crimson was taken aback by his mate who held onto him tightly as if he were her sole lifeline keeping her connected to the world. The impact of her body slamming against his own almost made him fall but he quickly stabilized the both of them.

Kaira’s hands gripped onto the back of his black dress shirt and her tears coated the front of his collar. Alpha Crimson wrapped his arms around her tightly, making her finally feel safe.

He took a deep breath and sighed in content; it was his first time smelling her real scent up close. She smelt like a sweet mixture of vanilla and roses.

“I’m here, little mate. Don’t worry, give everything to me. I will bear it all for you,” Alpha Crimson whispered into his mates ear and caressed the back of her head gently.

Kaira began to pour her soul out to this coldblooded, murderous Alpha. He was instantly filled with a sense of warmth, knowing that his mate trust him enough to share such details with.

“Crimson, please, I can’t lose another person. She’s only a child. Five years old, God. I can’t. I just, I’ve watched too many people die. I prayed so much but they still died. And I... I couldn’t even... do anything. I couldn’t help any of them,” Kaira whispered in between her sobbing, never once letting go of the Alpha whose body she tightly wrapped herself around.

Alpha Crimson hummed in reply and rubbed her back in soothing circles. When her breathing calmed down, he began to speak again.

“Don’t worry, our Beta and Theta are at the hospital right now. I transferred the bounty money to their account and paid the surgery fees,” Alpha Crimson began as his mate fell silent.

“No matter what happens, I will be there to help you. I won’t let you witness the suffering of your loved ones anymore,” Alpha Crimson stated and laid a sweet kiss on top of her head.

“Promise?” Kaira whispered as she wrapped her arms around his neck even more tightly.

Alpha Crimson let out a rare smile, showcasing his pearly whites. It was the first time, in a long time, that he genuinely smiled.

“I promise, my sweet Kaira,” Alpha Crimson replied as the band was slowly ending their last song of the night.

Suddenly, the room began to sway. Alpha Crimson’s footsteps faltered and his vision became foggy. He vaguely could make out the sense of emptiness when Kaira stepped away from his body and saw her right hand trembling with a sharp object.

“Kaira Regan Crimson, what did you do?” Alpha Crimson slurred as he fell onto one knee. He tried to reach out to her but his hand fell to his side.

“I won’t apologize because I won’t mean it. Goodbye forever, Alpha Crimson,” Kaira whispered, dropping the syringe she stole from Tammy’s house onto the grass.

Alpha Crimson fought against his body to remain conscious as he saw Kaira run off towards the parking lot. He tried to mindlink his Beta and Theta but the effects of the syringe overtook his senses.

As he fell backwards onto the grass, slowing slipping into unconsciousness, the band finally concluded their last song of the night.

"But If you loved me

Why’d you leave me”

Alpha Crimson stirred in the bed with sweat glistening down his forehead. It was obvious to the Beta and Theta seated next to him that he was having a nightmare.

The duo exited the hospital the previous night having paid for all of the hospital expenses using their Alpha’s card. They only exited the hospital once the doctor assured them that the surgery for little Becca was a success. However, upon reaching outside, they felt something was severely amiss.

Their Alpha’s usual powerful presence felt more feint and they couldn’t sense their Luna’s presence at all. The two quickly hurried over to the concert field and pushed past the crowd of humans. They found their Alpha passed out with a syringe discarded beside his body.

“Luna took it too far this time! How could she do this to Crimson? Especially after using him for billions of dollars!” Beta Zachariah complained before Theta Grant covered his mouth with his hand.

“Stop. She is our Luna,” Theta Grant reprimanded him and was going to continue but was interrupted by Alpha Crimson’s scream.

“KAIRA” Alpha Crimson bolted awake and took a second to assess his surroundings.

“Why the fuck are we in Beta Rick’s pack house? Where is my mate?” Alpha Crimson grabbed his younger cousin’s collar as his eyes shifted from deep blue to black, indicating that his wolf was surfacing.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant could not allow their Alpha to be treated at the small hospital with humans so they brought him back to Alpha Rick’s territory to be treated by the pack doctor.

“My apologies, Alpha. When we found you, Luna had already escaped after using a strong pain reliever syringe on you,” Theta Grant bowed his head in submission as Alpha Crimson let go of his cousin and allowed the scenes of last night to replay in his head.

The room became eerily silent as he placed his head in his hands. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant could feel the pressure rising in the guest bedroom as each second went by. They both unconsciously took several steps away from him.

Alpha Crimson raised his head and his eyes were pitch black. Both Beta and Theta fell to the ground on one knee in submission. This time was different from when the Alpha’s wolf took over in front of Beta Carol. The bloodlust in the air was immense and would be impossible to satisfy. Their Alpha’s wolf hadn’t taken control like this since a rogue attack last year and that ended in a complete bloodbath.

“Bring me Beta Rick and Carol,” Alpha Crimson ordered as Theta Grant hesitated to comply. He didn’t want to do something his Alpha would regret.

“Yes, Alpha” Beta Zachariah complied instead and was about to exit the room but was stopped by the Alpha’s voice.

“The boy too.” Alpha Crimson’s words were short but heavy. Beta Zachariah whirled around and looked at his cousin in surprise before cowering under his glare.

“I beg your pardon, Alpha?” Theta Grant questioned as he felt bile begin to rise up his throat.

“Beta Rick’s son. The one she is so fond of. Bring him, and throw him in the dungeon with his parents,” Alpha Crimson sneered viciously before getting off the bed and walking past his frozen Beta and Theta.

‘Little mate, don’t you dare blame me. You’ve pushed me past my limits. This time, I won’t go to you. I’ll make you come running to me,’ Alpha Crimson vowed before punching the nearest wall until his knuckles turned bloody.

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