Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 12

Kaira stirred awake because the vehicle she was inside of seemed to go over a bump. Her head felt heavy since the symptoms of her fever hadn’t fully left her body yet. But still, she felt fully rested for some reason and did not remember having any nightmares. It was the first time in a while where she felt like she actually fell into a deep sleep.

Rubbing her doe like eyes ever so slowly, a quiet yawn escaped her rosy lips as she looked up and was met with a sharp jawline, covered with symbolic pack tattoos. Kaira gasped loudly before sitting up and jumping to the other side of the backseat. It took her a couple seconds to register the fact that she had been resting her head on Alpha Crimson’s lap as her feet were laid out on the other end of the backseat of his Range Rover. His lingering touch that caressed her hair while she slept didn’t fade away. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant sat in the front seat with the former driving as the latter held Simba’s carry-on in his lap.

“What the fuck?” Kaira screamed as Theta Grant spit out his water and Beta Zachariah almost swerved the car into the next lane. They knew that their Luna would be pissed after waking up and noticing that they had taken her away from Beta Rick’s territory without letting her say goodbyes, but their Alpha had not listened to their advice.

Alpha Crimson stared at his mate, who just up until a moment ago had been resting on his lap like an angel with a smile on her sweet red lips. Hearing a swear word slip through those innocent lips of hers made certain desires awaken within his body. He wanted to grab her face and kiss her madly but held himself back. He raised one brow towards the flushed woman, as if daring her to repeat herself.

“ clothes! You bastard!” Kaira screamed again as she noticed a clean button up white dress shirt covering her body with a big pair of sweatpants. Both clothing pieces obviously belonged to the Alpha since his intoxicating scent rested on them.

Theta Grant sat with his mouth agape, he had never heard anyone call his Alpha such a word in his whole life. Yet, this fearless woman dared to insult him in front of others. Beta Zachariah met his excited gaze as they both only had one thought in mind: “Luna is such a badass!”

Alpha Crimson looked at his mate from head to toe before smirking at her.

“If you’re asking whether, I, your mate, the man who will live with you for the rest of your life, changed your clothes. Then, the answer is yes,” Alpha Crimson’s devilish smirk widened when his mate stared at him with her rosy lips slightly parted in shock. Her skin looked so smooth and soft, with a slight flush of pink. It made him want to claim her right then and there.

“Shameless, did every gentleman just fall off the face of earth,” Kaira mumbled angrily as she positioned herself far away from him in the backseat.

Suddenly, Kaira was pulled onto Alpha Crimson’s lap again as he snaked his arms around her tiny waist and whispered into her ear, “I never claimed to be a gentleman.”

Alpha Crimson buried his face into the crook of his mate’s neck and took a deep breath. He had been craving her scent since the moment he woke up after she drugged him. Kaira felt her heartbeat faster as Alpha Crimson began to shower her exposed neck with kisses. He nipped at a few spots before backing away and admiring his little red love bites left on her pale skin.

“I’ll let you go for now. I’m not so cruel as to use too much force on my mate when she has a fever. Be good and take your medicine once we get onto our jet after,” Alpha Crimson left a gentle kiss on the top of her head and rubbed her back in soothing circles.

Kaira, who was shocked at his intimate actions, had not even heard his last words. She pushed him away from herself and repositioned herself at the other side of the backseat as the car came to a stop. Peering outside, Kaira noticed that they were at the airport.

“Why are we—” Kaira began to question before Theta Grant exited the car and opened the door for his Luna.

“Alpha Crimson has been away from pack duties for quite some time. We need to return home quickly to take care of some matters, thus we will be taking Alpha Crimson’s private jet back to the province of Rowim,” Theta Grant reported as he held the door with one hand and Simba’s carry-on in the other.

“Didn’t I tell you that I don’t understand the language of monsters?” Kaira glared fiercely towards Theta Grant who looked like a child who was scolded by his mother. Beta Zachariah snickered at Theta Grant as he grabbed the luggages from the trunk of the Range Rover.

Kaira took Simba’s carry-on away from Theta Grant’s hand before stepping away from him and looking towards her mate. Alpha Crimson stood by the side of the car and held a hand out towards his mate. Kaira was about to laugh in his face but stopped when she saw the dent on the side of his Range Rover’s door.

“Hey, this dent! Looks like you still haven’t fixed it,” Kaira smiled mockingly at the three men as her hand touched the dent she left on the car when she punched it a few days ago.

Realization hit Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant at the same time as they stared at their Luna with shock and admiration evident in their gaze.

“That was you? With that old lady?” Beta Zachariah yelled in surprise as he looked between Kaira and the dent left on his Alpha’s favorite car.

Kaira simply nodded with a proud smile before frowning when she felt a certain man’s large hands rub the top of her head tenderly. She turned and was shocked to see Alpha Crimson smiling at her with a warm smile that she did not think he was even capable of showing.

‘Oi! Stupid cousin! Luna damaged your favorite car not once, but twice and you’re smiling proudly at her? What do you call a fool in love?’ Beta Zachariah thought to himself as he and Theta Grant followed the duo into the airport with their luggage.

Alpha Crimson led his mate into the airport with a rare smile on his face. His big, warm hand held tightly onto his mate as he proceeded to guide her towards his private gate at the airport. Kaira kept her gaze down and she could feel everyone looking towards them.

Various announcements played out in the airport as Kaira kept trying to pull her hand out of Alpha Crimson’s tight grip. It seemed as though each time she tried to pull her hand away, he would hold onto her more tightly.

“Now boarding flight 901 for the province of Nepra. Please make your way to gate ten, take off will be in 15 minutes.” Kaira felt her blood run cold when she heard the announcement in the airport. That was the same province that the old Master from the bar got her a ticket for.

She calmed her racing heart but of course, Alpha Crimson had already noticed it.

“What’s wrong? Are you sick?” Alpha Crimson questioned as he stopped walking and pulled Kaira over to sit on the bench near the restrooms.

“Ugh...Crimson, my head...” Kaira put her high school acting skills to perfect use while mumbling her words out weakly and held her mate’s hand up to her forehead.

Alpha Crimson felt her forehead and frowned when he noticed that it was a bit hot. He looked towards his Beta who immediately took out Kaira’s medication. Before they drove to the airport, Alpha Crimson made sure the pack doctor in Beta Rick’s territory conducted a thorough check up on his mate first.

“Shit, we ran out of water. I’ll run and buy some at that Starbucks,” Beta Zachariah stated as he ran off towards the other location. Kaira hid her smirk as she mentally noted ‘one down, two more to go.’

She looked at the medicine in Theta Grant’s hand and gagged, “no... I hate that medicine...Crimson, ask him to buy Advil with extra strength,” Kaira mumbled weakly again as she laid her head to rest on her mates strong shoulder.

Alpha Crimson was surprised at her intimacy but figured it was because she was still feverish. He nodded towards his Theta who began to run to the pharmacy located on the other end of the airport.

Kaira smirked once again and mentally noted ‘two done, one more to go.’ She swallowed her feelings of disgust and allowed her mate to wrap his arms around her and gently rub her shoulder in a soothing manner. As if she could not take it anymore, she sat upright and looked up at him through teary eyes.

“It hurts too much...I’ll just take the regular medicine...I’ll use the water in the washroom sink,” Kaira whispered in a hoarse voice as Alpha Crimson handed her the medicine.

Alpha Crimson began to follow her towards the bathroom but Kaira swiftly stopped him. She placed her hand on his muscled chest and was about to speak but paused when she noticed her bloody knuckles were neatly wrapped in a white gauze. She wondered who cleaned them for her but quickly shook those thoughts away.

“You can’t...other women will get scared...Simba, come to the washroom with mommy...“Kaira whispered innocently with big eyes as she gently pushed the Alpha back onto the bench and slowly walked across from him towards the bathroom. The trick was to walk slowly so that he would believe that she didn’t have any strength left.

As soon as the door of the bathroom was closed, Kaira began to pace back and forth. She had probably two to three minutes before her mate came into the bathroom to look for her.

‘Come on, think think think!’ Kaira screamed in her mind before she noticed a girl applying lipstick in the mirror. The girl was similar to Kaira’s height and had the same dark brown hair as Kaira and she was dressed in a Starbucks uniform with a hat and apron. She was clearly a human so Kaira knew that Alpha Crimson wouldn’t kill her in broad daylight since that would go against the treaty made between all werewolves and humans.

“Hey, would you like to earn $200?” Kaira whispered to the girl and thanked heavens that the airports bathroom was soundproof.

“Huh?” the girl was obviously younger than Kaira and looked at her confusedly.

“It’s really simple, I will give you $200 dollars in cash right now if you switch clothes with me. Then, all you will need to do is go outside holding my doggy carry-on and run as fast as you can away from the washroom” Kaira carefully instructed and began to take off her clothes.

“That’s it?” the girl questioned innocently as she was truthfully in need of the money since her manager at the Starbucks wasn’t giving her any extra hours.

“Yes, hurry!” Kaira took off her clothes quickly and put on the Starbucks uniform. She tied her hair into a tight bun before placing the hat on and took the young girls perfume from her handbag. After spraying herself, Kaira looked towards the girl. She was covered in Alpha Crimson’s scent since Kaira gave her the clothes and with her hair down, she looked exactly like Kaira from the back.

“Thank you so much. Please, run as fast you can in the opposite direction from here, don’t stop running,” Kaira instructed as she took Simba out of the carry on and tucked him inside her Starbucks apron. She took out her fake passport, ticket and money before handing the eager girl $200 and the now empty carry on bag.

The girl looked at Kaira as if she was crazy but shrugged and considered it her lucky day. She waved goodbye and exited the bathroom. Kaira peered through the gap of the door and saw the girl take off in the opposite direction. Alpha Crimson was seated on the bench, patiently waiting for his mate. When his gaze returned to the bathroom, he saw the back of her figure running far away from the bathroom.

Cursing under his breath, he immediately began to pursue his mate and Kaira took that as her chance to sneak out of the bathroom and used her wolf speed to sprint towards gate 10. The airport worker almost closed off the gate but Kaira screamed for her attention.

“WAIT! Katerina Pavlov, my name is Katerina Pavlov,” Kaira huffed out in between heavy breaths as the airport worker stamped her ticket and allowed her into the gate before sealing the gate shut.

Kaira quickly took her seat in the plane and fastened her seat belt as she whispered to Simba to stay quiet under her apron.

“Thank you for flying with us on this beautiful morning. Sit back and enjoy the ride, we will reach our destination of the province of Nepra in eight hours” the pilot announced in the intercom as Kaira’s heart rate finally stabilized once the plane took off.

Looking out the window towards the disappearing airport, Kaira only had one thought in mind.

‘Katerina Pavlov, my name is Katerina Pavlov now’

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