Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 14

“All passengers aboard, we have now landed in the province of Nepra. It is currently noon and we have a beautiful, sunny day greeting us outside. Thank you for flying with us, and as we say in Nepra, live your life to the fullest,” the pilot announced into the intercom as Kaira awoke with a start.

She took a look around the plane and noticed other passengers taking their luggage down from the top compartments. Kaira simply remained seated since she didn’t have any luggage. Nepra is a neutral zone, meaning there is an equal amount of werewolves and humans living on this territory. Kaira had just enough money to buy a few sets of new clothes and stay at a motel for a few days but she would have to find a small town with humans first.

Simba’s whining stirred Kaira away from her thoughts. She rubbed the top of his head before carefully hiding him within her apron and making her way through the crowded plane. Once exiting customs, she saw two men dressed in suits holding a board in their hand with the name ‘Katerina Pavlov’ written on it.

Kaira quickened her step and meant to walk away from them but they already noticed her. Both men stood in front of her, blocking her way towards the exit.

“Ms. Pavlov, our old master ordered us to pick you up and have you stay in his villa until you are ready to move forward with your plans,” one of them spoke as Kaira eyed them up and down. Despite being dressed in formal attire, both of these men looked quite scary. The one who spoke was a burly man of Asian descent and had tattoos along his neck and hands. The other one was muscular but slimmer and of Caucasian descent with piercings on his right eyebrow.

“Old...master?” Kaira questioned confusedly and took a step back. She began to panic and wonder if it might be Alpha Crimson’s trick to keep her occupied until he arrived.

“Yes, our old master is the one who made your passport. My name is Kenneth and this is my colleague, Sam,” the slimmer man noticed Kaira’s hesitant glance and pushed his burly partner aside. He didn’t want her to be afraid of them.

“Oh. I am very grateful to your old master but I couldn’t possibly impose myself on him,” Kaira sighed in relief after finding out that the old master sent them and not her mate.

“We insist, Ms. Pavlov. Our master will never forgive us if we let you suffer here. Master purchased a ticket for you to come to our province because this is his hometown. He owns a villa here that used to belong to his daughter before she...” Kenneth explained as Kaira nodded her head solemnly. The old master just wanted to keep her safe since his own daughter suffered at the hands of Alpha Crimson’s pack.

“I understand. Then, I will have to trouble you for a day or two. Thank you,” Kaira accepted their offer and followed them to their vehicle.


Upon reaching the villa, Kaira could not believe her own eyes. The drive from the airport took almost one hour but Kaira could see why. The villa was located on the outskirts of a small town inhabited by humans. It was beautiful, or rather, more than beautiful, it felt alive despite no one living there since the old master’s daughter passed away a few years ago. The architecture and interior design was absolutely mesmerizing and Kaira gawked at its beauty as she followed the two men inside the villa.

“This is your personal housemaid, Ms. Yu. She will take care of you while you are here,” Kenneth explained as Kaira snapped her attention back to them and shook hands with Ms. Yu.

“Thank you very much, Ms. Yu” Kaira smiled towards the elderly woman but was met with her cold shoulder. Kaira was surprised and looked towards Kenneth who let out a nervous laugh.

“Don’t mind her, please come this way Ms. Pavlov,” Kenneth stated as he led Kaira to the guest bedroom on the first floor.

“Thank you,” Kaira stated before removing her apron and allowing Simba to crawl onto the bed and rest on the comfortable surface.

“Of course. You should rest, I need to go and take care of some business with Sam. I will have Ms. Yu bring you up something. What would you like to drink?” Kenneth questioned as he headed towards her door.

“A glass of milk please,” Kaira requested with heated cheeks, she could never quite get rid of her habit of drinking warm milk before resting.

Kenneth smiled at her innocent face and nodded. A few moments later, a timid knock was heard and before Kaira could speak, Ms. Yu came into the room while holding a tray with a tall glass of milk.

“Drink,” Ms.Yu ordered in a cold tone and handed the glass to Kaira before swiftly leaving the room.

Kaira met eyes with Simba who let out a low growl towards the older woman. Kaira chuckled at the little pups attempt to sound scary and drank the glass of milk.

Placing the empty glass on the night table, Kaira sat on the bed and rubbed the top of Simba’s head. She wouldn’t dare fall asleep since she didn’t meet her mate in her dreams while she slept on the plane. So, if she were to sleep now, the chances of meeting him would increase.

“Don’t let...Mommy...sleep...wait...why” Kaira’s words began to slur towards the end as her body felt heavier with each second that passed by. She reached out towards the glass and sniffed it, immediately smelling something off about it.

Simba began to whine worriedly and rubbed his head against his drowsy owner. Kaira quickly grabbed Simba and opened the window. She was about to climb out the window with him but couldn’t lift her own leg. The drugs had already taken effect.

‘Run, Simba...Find that man...bring him here’ Kaira slurred out her order and placed Simba out the window before she fell to the floor.


“AHH” Kaira stood up in her dreamland with an ear-piercing scream. She was back in her favorite forest back home. But this time, she was in the forest and not the bridge.

Kaira hurried towards the bridge without stopping. She could feel him, he was there and he was watching her. Each step she took closer to him, he was watching. Finally, Kaira exited the forest and saw the bridge. In the middle of the bridge, her mate stood there, staring at her directly in her eyes. He was about to speak but Kaira sprinted towards him and tackled him into a hug.

Alpha Crimson wasn’t expecting his mate to suddenly throw herself into his arms. He immediately fell backwards with Kaira laying directly on top of his body. Kaira continued to hug his body closer to her own and kept her face buried into her mates neck.

“Kaira, get up” Alpha Crimson spoke with a gentle tone but she shook her head defiantly. The cold-blooded Alpha had no other choice but to use his strength and lift the both of them up into a sitting position.

Kaira, who feared that he would stand up, immediately wrapped her legs around his waist. She didn’t want him to stand up and attack her for escaping at the airport. The Alpha struggled to control his wolf and his own urges as his mate basically straddled him.

“Don’t think that you can avoid punishment by using such actions on me,” Alpha Crimson stated coldly before he noticed his mate’s trembling body in his arms. He began to panic and immediately took back what he said.

“I’m sorry, little mate don’t cry. It was all my fault. I promise, I won’t punish you. Where are you? I am on a flight to the province of Nepra right now,” Alpha Crimson reassured his mate but was met with more tears.

“I...don’t know...I am at a villa. They... two men...old master...drugged me...” Kaira hiccupped in between her shaky breaths as her tears wouldn’t stop falling.

Alpha Crimson’s grip around his mate tightened and his hand caressed her head gently. He pulled Kaira away from his neck and wiped her tears away from her eyes with his large, warm hands.

“Calm down, Kaira. Tell me more details, who were the men? Where is the villa?” Alpha Crimson questioned as Kaira looked into his deep blue eyes and managed to calm down.

“There is an old master who works in the local bar near the hospital that we met at last time. I purchased a fake passport from him,” Kaira began and almost stopped breathing when her mate’s eyes flashed black. She saw him struggle to control his wolf and sighed in relief when his eyes returned to blue and he gave her a tight smile.

“And then, the old master gave me the passport with an airplane ticket to this province. When I got here, two men were waiting for me and told me that the old master wanted me to stay in his place for a few days. I felt bad since his daughter died because of your pack member, and so I agreed. I came here and the housekeeper, Ms. Yu, was really cold to me. She gave me a glass of milk and left me in the guest bedroom. I felt the effects of the drugs afterwards and sent Simba to find you,” Kaira concluded as she avoided her mate’s heavy gaze. She knew that she messed up big time.

Kaira expected him to scold her and reprimand her for being so stupid but all the Alpha did was place a kiss on her forehead and apologize.

“I’m sorry, my sweet Kaira. I know exactly who you are talking about. I will find you no matter what but first, I need to wake up,” Alpha Crimson promised and looked into Kaira’s eyes expectantly.

Kaira met his firm gaze and nodded with determination. Before the Alpha could say anything else, she lifted her hand swiftly, in one hard motion to slap him right across his face. Alpha Crimson’s eyes widened in shock and flashed black again as he looked at his mate in confusion. Kaira let out a small gasp and mumbled an apology.

“I...I’m so sorry... I thought you wanted me to help you feel pain so that you can wake up” Kaira mumbled and looked anywhere but at her mate’s bruised face.

“Alphas have high pain tolerance, something like this won’t wake me up,” Alpha Crimson gritted his teeth and suppressed his wolf’s anger.

“Oh...then...” Kaira started as she brainstormed what exactly could possibly wake her mate up.

“Claim me.” Alpha Crimson spoke those two words with such confidence and passion, Kaira almost did it without thinking.

“Excuse me?” Kaira stared at him in horror with her mouth slightly parted. Alpha Crimson’s heated gaze rested on her soft, red lips and he wanted to devour her whole.

“Claim me, mark my neck and claim me as yours. The pain and pleasure will wake me up,” Alpha Crimson stated as he wrapped his arms tighter around his mate who was still straddling his lap and smirked when her face became red.

“” Kaira fumbled over her words and couldn’t suppress the heat taking over her face.

“Don’t worry, it’s your dreamland. The marking won’t stay,” Alpha Crimson assured as he met his mate’s doubtful gaze with his own strong gaze.

“Oh...okay,” Kaira thought of Simba who was struggling on his own to find Alpha Crimson and agreed to his suggestion.

Ever so slowly, Kaira lowered her face towards Alpha Crimson’s neck and placed her lips gently upon his skin. He felt her cold lips on his neck and wanted to pull them up to meet his own lips instead. He let out a shaky breath and waited patiently for his mate to mark him.

Kaira took a deep breath and elongated her teeth before sinking them into his neck in one swift motion. Both pain and pleasure filled Alpha Crimson’s body as he smirked to himself and held Kaira even closer, encouraging her to sink her teeth in further. Having tasted a bit of his sweet blood, Kaira couldn’t help but obey his request and bit into his skin deeper. Alpha Crimson’s hand caressed Kaira’s head as his other hand wrapped itself around her tiny waist and pulled her even closer to his body. Soon, all the pain was gone and only pleasure remained. Alpha Crimson had never experienced such a sensation before, he wanted to flip his mate onto the ground and claim her right then and there.

Finally coming to her senses, Kaira removed her lips from her mates neck and met his heated gaze. Her bloody lips parted in slight confusion as she thought he would disappear from her dreamland after she marked him but he was still here.

“You...why haven’t you...” Kaira stuttered out in fear and made a move to get up from his lap but his strong arm held her even closer.

“Woken up? I’ll do that in a second. All Alpha’s can wake up from dreamlands whenever they want,” Alpha Crimson smirked at his horrified mate whose lips looked ever so tempting.

“But then...why did you make me...“Kaira began to ask but stopped halfway through when her eyes widened in sudden realization.

“Be good, I’m coming for you,” Alpha Crimson simply kissed her lips and left the dreamland, leaving Kaira to cry on her own in despair.

Alpha Crimson awoke from the dream with a big smile on his face. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant looked at him in pure shock since they had never seen their Alpha smile so happily before. Both of their eyes traveled down to his neck and widened in surprise.

“Alpha, your neck!” Theta Grant stated in shock at the same time as Beta Zachariah spoke.

“Luna marked you!” Alpha Crimson let out a sly smirk and raised his tattooed hand up to his neck.

‘I’m coming for you, my sweet Kaira.’

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