Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 15

Cold water was poured over the face of the unsuspecting girl as she awoke with a start and gasped for air. She couldn’t remember how long she had been out of it for. She looked around the room and found Ms. Yu standing above her crumpled form that laid on the cold, hard floor.

“Get up!” Ms. Yu demanded as Kaira slowly lifted her heavy body into a sitting position on the floor. Noticing that the older woman was not going to help her, she let out an annoyed sigh before holding onto the bed beside her and lifting her whole body up.

As soon as Kaira stood up and sat on the bed, Ms. Yu took rope dipped in silver and tied it tightly around her wrists and feet. Kaira hissed in pain as the ropes burned her skin and her eyes flashed violet, showing that her wolf wanted to take control.

“Why?” Kaira questioned weakly with her head resting in her tied-up hands. She could still feel the effects of the drugs, they must have used a lot since they knew she wasn’t human.

Kaira could feel Ms. Yu staring at her, internally debating whether or not to reveal the reason. Kaira scuffed at her in annoyance and flaunted her tied up hands and feet towards the older woman as if to say, ‘what could I possibly do to you in this state?’. After a moment of hesitation, Ms. Yu finally revealed the truth.

“My daughter died because of your filthy pack. I told her, don’t become his mate, we can run away and start afresh, but no. She wanted to be with him and he abused her and killed her. We sought justice, my husband, old Master Yu, tried to kill that werewolf but your mate wouldn’t allow him to,” Ms. Yu explained and glared daggers at Kaira when the younger shewolf burst into a fit of laughter.

“Hahahaa... don’t tell want to kill me to get back at him? Hahahaaa” Kaira couldn’t suppress her own laughter. She felt her sanity slowly escaping her and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. From the moment she awoke from her dreamland, she wanted to drop off the face of the earth. Her mate had tricked her into marking him, how the hell could she possibly escape from him now?

Ms. Yu stared at the younger woman in disbelief before swiftly backhanding her across the face. Kaira licked the corner of her mouth and tasted a bit of blood.

“Okay. I deserved that. Don’t get me wrong, I am very sorry for the loss of your child. But you seem to be deeply misinformed,” Kaira started as she stared at the older woman who looked both guilty and angered. She could tell that Ms. Yu was frail hearted and had probably never raised her hand on anyone in her life before.

“What do you mean?” Ms. Yu questioned in confusion and sat beside Kaira on the bed. She regretted the slap as soon as her hand came into contact with the poor girls face.

“That is not my pack, I have never and will never become the Luna of the province of Rowim. Nor will I ever accept a coldblooded Alpha as my mate,” Kaira declared and almost laughed again when she noticed the shock on Ms. Yu’s face.

“ I tried to convince my daughter to runaway from her mate but she couldn’t because of the mate bond!” Ms. Yu was astonished at Kaira’s remarks and found it hard to believe.

“Simple, I hate my mate so much and would rather die than become his,” Kaira smirked towards the older woman who looked ghostly pale.

“You seem smarter than my own daughter,” Ms. Yu finally stated after a moment of silence through tears. Letting out a deep sigh, she attempted to untie the ropes around Kaira. She wanted to let Kaira run far away and give her the chance that her own daughter refused.

“Don’t!” Kaira yelled and pulled her body away from Ms. Yu who looked towards her in shock.

“Keep me tied up. Hearing what happened to your daughter and how my mate treated you and old Master Yu, sickens me. I’m tired of running away from him, he always manages to catch up to me. I need to do something different this time, I need to get close to him and then when he is in his most vulnerable state, I will break free,” Kaira explained with a devilish smile but to Ms. Yu, Kaira seemed like a smart girl. She wished her own daughter had thought like Kaira all those years ago.

“Very well, then please, allow me to help you.” Ms. Yu requested before she exited the room and quickly returned with a cheque.

“No way, I can’t accept this!” Kaira’s mouth hung open as the older woman unfolded the check and showed her the amount. Ten million dollars. Her tearful gaze met the older woman who gave her an encouraging smile.

“It may not be much, considering the fact that you will be fighting your mate who owns hundreds of billions of dollars. But please, accept this amount. Old Master Yu and I had saved this for our little girl, it would be our honour if you use it to save yourself from that vicious pack,” Ms. Yu insisted before folding the cheque and slipping it into Kaira’s pants pocket.

“I...I have no...words. Thank you, thank you so much. I promise, I will come visit you after everything settles down,” Kaira promised through tears while she once again felt powerless for having to rely on others.

“Yes, please do. You will always be welcomed in our home,” Ms. Yu smiled at the younger girl and pulled her small frame into a motherly hug. Kaira hadn’t even realized how much she missed such embraces until now.


A sleek black Bugatti parked at the front of the villa with Alpha Crimson almost breaking the door open and running into the villa’s home. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant followed suit, however all three men noted how silent and empty the villa seemed.

Kaira could feel her mates presence as soon as he stepped into the home. She was still in the same position as before with her bound up hands and feet but this time, she had duct tape covering her mouth to make her act seem more believable. The villa was completely silent because she had told Ms. Yu and her men to retreat back to old Master Yu so that her mate wouldn’t harm them at the villa.

Putting her acting skills to good use, Kaira immediately began to scream for help and made sure to look extra pitiful. The three men heard her muffled screams and Alpha Crimson approached a locked door. Without hesitating, he kicked the door down in one swift motion and his heart ached when he saw his mate bound up on the bed with a swollen cheek.

Kaira smirked behind the duct tape before letting out crocodile tears and attempting to roll off the bed. She had momentarily forgotten that her legs were tied up, making her body fall towards the cold floor. Before she could kiss the floor though, a strong pair of arms caught her and lifted her back onto the bed.

She watched in surprise as Alpha Crimson ripped off the rope around her feet and hands. His hands were burnt by the silver but he paid no mind. His rough hands trailed up towards her face and gently removed the duct tape before he let out a fierce growl at the sight of her bloody lip.

Without wasting a second, Kaira threw herself into her mates’ body and tightly wrapped her arms around his neck. Alpha Crimson was taken aback at his mate’s intimate actions since he fully expected her to yell at him for the mate marking or try to run away again.

“What took you so long? I thought I’d die and never see you again,” Kaira’s crocodile tears never stopped as she buried her face into the crook of her mate’s tattooed neck. Her hold around him tightened and the Alpha couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face.

Kaira removed her face from his neck and immediately began pounding her tiny fists against his chest with more tears falling, as she continued scolding him, “You! Stupid! Big! Jerk! Do you know how scared I was!“. Alpha Crimson smiled at her softly and allowed her to continue hitting him.

“I’m sorry, my sweet Kaira,” Alpha Crimson’s apology made both Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant stare with mouths agape. They had rushed over to save their Luna who ran away from them for the fifth time but instead of being thanked, their Alpha was being abused and the man simply smiled and apologized happily?

“Hmph! Whatever, I’m tired. Carry me to your car and bring me home,” Kaira pouted and raised her arms up for the Alpha to pick her up from the bed she was sitting on. Her eyes fell on the marking she gave him, and she had to suppress the anger that filled her whole being.

“Home?” Alpha Crimson questioned in confusion with a brow raised. He didn’t expect his mate to give up so easily. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant stared at their Luna in surprise as well. They had left her dog, Simba, in the car in case they needed to blackmail her into getting in the car and not running away. But here she was, asking to be taken home willingly.

“Yes, to Rowim. I’m sorry, okay? I’m sorry for running from you, I was just afraid...” Kaira stuttered out and her fake crocodile tears came back.

Alpha Crimson gazed at her swollen eyes and couldn’t find a hint of deceit. Sighing, he bent down and cupped the sides of her face before wiping her tears away.

“Afraid of what?” Alpha Crimson questioned earnestly, he wanted to know what would make his mate run away from him so many times.

“Afraid...of you, of your title and of my title. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone; I don’t know the first thing about a Luna’s duties. And, also...I’ve never...been with a man...and I heard that...Alpha’s were” Kaira blushed red and couldn’t bring herself to complete her lie. She had to come up with absolute nonsense towards the end of her lie in order to make her mate believe her.

Judging by the reaction of the three men, it worked. Alpha Crimson shifted his dress shirt’s collar before letting out an awkward cough while his two men behind him stood with widened eyes and red ears.

Alpha Crimson’s gaze softened as he listened to his mates reasons. At first, he planned on punishing her once he found her. He wouldn’t dare lay a finger on her to hit her or anything, but rather he planned on punishing her in bed, teasing her for hours until she begged him for release. But seeing her innocent lips utter such fears about him being rough in bed made the Alpha reconsider his plans.

“I promise, I will help you learn all about a Luna’s duties. You will be the best Luna to ever exist. And, as for the other matter, I promise I won’t do anything that you won’t like in bed,” Alpha Crimson shamelessly whispered the last part into Kaira’s ear as she shivered and flushed red again.

Beta Zachariah let out an awkward cough as he and Theta Grant averted their gazes elsewhere. Kaira looked towards the two with a surprised expression as though she had only just now noticed their presence.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry. I was only looking at my Crimson, I didn’t even notice you two,” Kaira lied straight through her pearly whites, leaving the Alpha a smiling mess as he heard the intimate way that she addressed him.

‘Oi, cousin, Luna only just accepted you, why are you so whipped already?!’ Beta Zachariah thought to himself as he wondered how his Luna could wrap his Alpha around her finger so easily.

“That is quite alright, Luna,” Theta Grant replied respectfully while examining his Luna’s condition. Her cheek was swollen with a bloody lip, while her hands and feet were bruised from the rope. The three men had no reason to believe that their Luna was lying about the kidnapping. But the fact remained that it was odd to walk into an empty house. Theta Grant made a mental note to discuss this with Alpha Crimson afterwards.

Kaira let out a tired yawn and held her arms out towards her mate, “can you please carry me? My feet and arms are sore,” she looked up at him through her doe like hazel eyes and Alpha Crimson nodded his head with a breathtaking smile that made Kaira’s heart skip a beat.

Alpha Crimson gently laid his mate onto the backseat of his car and took his seat beside her as he ordered Beta Zachariah to drive to the airport. Kaira unconsciously placed her feet on top of her mate’s lap while she hugged Simba and peppered him with kisses. She could feel her mates heated gaze and rolled her eyes at his jealousy.

‘Another reason why Alpha’s suck, who gets jealous of a dog?’ Kaira thought to herself before snickering.

“Little mate, why can’t I hear your thoughts?” Alpha Crimson questioned as he took out a tube from the first aid kit in his car. Kaira froze and raked her brain for an excuse but before she could speak, Beta Zachariah cut in.

“Luna is probably worried that you will hear her fears of what you’d do to her in bed!” Beta Zachariah shamelessly stated as Kaira’s heart raced when Alpha Crimson stared at her blushing face with lust. She awkwardly laughed but stopped when she felt a cooling sensation on her feet.

Looking towards her feet, Kaira saw her mate rubbing a cream on her skin that was littered with burn marks. She reached across and held his hands, ignoring the sparks that flew across her body.

“Stop, I’ll do it,” Kaira frowned and tried to reach for the tube. She didn’t like the idea of her mate touching any part of her body, it disgusted her.

“Why?” Alpha Crimson questioned as his dark gaze intensified. Kaira bit back a sarcastic remark and smiled at him innocently.

“You’re an Alpha. Thousands of pack members bow their heads to you. What would people say if they saw their Alpha touch a shewolf’s feet?” Kaira sugar-coated her words and pretended to sound as if she was concerned about her mate.

Alpha Crimson smiled at his mate and couldn’t stop himself from kissing her sweet red lips. He had suppressed his desire from the moment he saw her on the bed but hearing such sweet words from her made him to want take her right then and there.

Although the kiss was light and quick, Kaira felt her lips trembling because she could feel the underlying desire from his body. He wanted her and that was made very clear to her.

“Crimson!” Kaira pouted as she pointed towards the Beta and Theta who sat in the front seat and pretended not to see anything.

Alpha Crimson smirked before continuing to rub the medicine onto his mate’s feet. He hesitated for a moment before speaking again.

“Kayden.” Alpha Crimson’s remark caught Kaira off guard and she looked up at him with pursed lips. She didn’t expect him to tell her his real name.

“Huh?” She questioned unconsciously and noticed how Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant exchanged surprise glances towards each other. Nobody except for Alpha Crimson’s immediate family knew his real name. Almost every powerful Alpha hid their real name from the public since their names could easily be used against them.

“My name is Kayden. Crimson is our family name,” Alpha Crimson explained as he almost finished rubbing the medicine on her small feet.

“Oh...” Kaira replied, not knowing what else to say. She could easily say his full name and reject him now or give his full name to a witch from the southern provinces and harm him. Why would he trust her?

Alpha Crimson patted her feet and motioned for her to give her bruised hands to him. Kaira unconsciously rotated her body so that her head rested on his lap. Alpha Crimson diligently rubbed the medicine onto her hands before laughing at her confused expression. He raised his brow at her, encouraging her to ask whatever was on her mind.

“It’s just...why would you trust me with your name?” Kaira couldn’t help but ask and the car fell eerily silent as even the men sitting in the front wanted to know the reason.

Kaira hissed in pain when the medicine seeped into the skin around her wrists. Alpha Crimson brought her hand up to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her soft skin.

“Because I want you to scream my real name in pleasure on our bed every single night,” Alpha Crimson smirked as if it were the most obvious answer in the world and let out a deep chuckle as his mate buried her blushing face into his stomach and pounded her fist against his chest.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant joined in on the laughter and shook their heads at their mischievous Alpha. Meanwhile, Kaira, who still hid her face in her mate’s lap, only had one famous quote in mind.

‘He who laughs last, laughs best. You may laugh now, thinking you have won, but you may not prevail in the end.’

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