Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 16

“No...stop...let them go...please....KYLO!” Kaira’s body shot up from the bed she was laying on as she took in her new surroundings in surprise.

Sweat covered her forehead and face while she raised a trembling hand to move her dark hair out of her face. Simba was curled up beside her body and remained in a deep sleep, as if his owner had not just screamed at the top of her lungs from a nightmare.

The atmosphere felt off, almost as if she wasn’t on solid ground. Her fearful eyes darted around the area and she realized she was sleeping in Alpha Crimson’s private jet. She couldn’t even remember falling asleep and didn’t feel anyone carry her to the jet. It was probably because she was so sleep deprived from having not slept properly since running from her mate.

Kaira squinted her eyes and tried to adjust to the darkness. She saw the soft glow of a lamp near the chairs that were spread out not too far from her bed. Soon all the lights turned on as Alpha Crimson threw his MacBook aside and rushed towards his mate.

“What’s wrong?” Alpha Crimson questioned with worry etched onto his handsome features. He hadn’t slept since he had to finish some work on his laptop and had seen Kaira shifting around in the bed, as if she was having a terrible nightmare.

Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant were fast asleep but awoke when they heard their Luna scream. They both jumped up, prepared for battle but only saw their Alpha comforting their Luna.

“Jeez... this is why we told you to just sleep with Luna. She wouldn’t have nightmares if her mate held her while she slept. But no, someone’s morals stopped him from doing that,” Beta Zachariah grumbled out in annoyance since he was woken up from a nice dream. Kaira’s face instantly heated up as she avoided her mate’s intense gaze.

“I’m fine. Sorry I woke you all up, please get some rest,” Kaira replied with her eyes focusing on the two men behind her mate. They nodded towards their Luna with a respectful smile and took their seat on the sofa. By the looks of the expensive material, Kaira could tell that it was comfortable enough to be slept on, but she felt bad for taking up the whole bed herself.

“Who is Kylo?” Alpha Crimson pressed on and she realized that he wasn’t going to drop it so easily. Kaira didn’t want to think about her nightmare so instead of replying, she scooted over on the bed to make room for him and tugged his hand towards her.

Alpha Crimson’s gaze softened, and he unbuttoned the top of his dress shirt before carefully sliding into the bed. Truthfully, he had wanted to get into the bed with her when they boarded his jet but he was afraid that he would take her right then and there in front of everyone. Plus, a certain dog had laid down beside her body and growled at him when he tried to adjust her blanket so he figured sleeping beside her was off-limits.

Kaira turned around and faced the small window as she allowed herself to get lost in her thoughts. She hadn’t dreamt about Kylo in a while. He was only one part of the three part nightmare that occurred in the same day all those years ago. Kaira suppressed a shiver of disgust as her memory began to replay the trauma she had avoided all these years. Tears threatened to spill and she willed her mind to think of other things but it wouldn’t listen to her.

Suddenly, a strong pair of tattoed arms wrapped around her waist and all of the thoughts attacking her mind disappeared within seconds. Kaira was truly astonished, in the past she was never able to get rid of those memories so quickly. She would lay awake all night after having woken up from a nightmare and cry until dawn.

Fearful of the effects her mate had on her, Kaira remained with her back facing him as she continued to stare out the window. She could feel his hand rubbing small circles on her back in a soothing motion and released a sigh in content. Without even realizing, she had opened her lips to reply to his previous question.

“He...” Kaira began as she swallowed the lump forming in her throat and the unshed tears fell from her eyes, she couldn’t bring herself to say his name.

“He...he was the first boy I ever loved,” Kaira almost laughed in Alpha Crimson’s face when she felt his hold around her tighten. She could already picture his stern face with his jaw clenched in anger and his brows furrowed with jealousy written on his forehead.

“I don’t mean it like that...he was my little brother. He followed me around everywhere I went like a lost puppy. His sweet smile, innocent heart,” Kaira’s tears continued to fall down as she pictured her innocent little brother all those years ago. If only she were stronger or faster, she could have saved him.

Not too far from the couple, a certain pair of nosy males were eavesdropping on their Alpha and Luna’s conversation. It started with Beta Zachariah eavesdropping and Theta Grant tried to stop him but the Beta simply mind-linked him saying, ‘Luna woke us up, now we eavesdrop! Fair and square!’.

“And, what happened to him?” Alpha Crimson asked in a gentle tone, as he continued to rub his mates back in small circles. He could feel her pain through their mate bond and wanted to take it all away from her and bear it himself.

“He became a boy with many dreams but no life to live them out,” Kaira whispered and felt herself becoming consumed by the darkness. Not the darkness in the jet, but the darkness in her mind and heart.

A moment of silence passed before Alpha Crimson spoke again, in a soft, reassuring tone that made Kaira’s stomach do backflips.

“I promise, my sweet Kaira, no matter what happens, I will be there to help you. I won’t let you witness the suffering of your loved ones anymore,” Alpha Crimson kissed the back of her head before smiling against it.

Kaira froze as she remembered hearing those same exact words, he had promised to her previously at the concert before she drugged him. She couldn’t believe that he would still promise her those words even after what she had done to him. If it weren’t for the horrible memories attacking her mind, Kaira’s heart might have melted at his intimate words.

Closing her eyes tightly, Kaira willed her body to stop thinking about that day but it was no use. Her tears continued to fall and this time she knew only her mate’s comfort could provide her temporary relief.

Without thinking, Kaira turned around and buried her face into Alpha Crimson’s warm chest for more safety. She would do anything to get rid of those memories that continued to replay in her mind. Alpha Crimson felt her tears on his bare chest as she had placed her face in the area where he had unbuttoned half of his shirt. Kaira let out a gasp since she hadn’t realized that her face had made direct contact with his skin until she felt her lips press against his muscled chest, and heard his sharp intake of breath.

“Kaira, please” Alpha Crimson groaned out, his voice deep, almost pleading with her and she could feel him trying to hold himself back. The thought of the hungry wolf having to suppress his desires made Kaira want to cackle aloud in his face. It immediately took her away from her sad thoughts and made her focus on teasing the big, bad wolf beside her.

“What?” Kaira made sure her tone sounded oblivious as she looked up to meet her mate’s hard gaze with her innocent, wide hazel eyes. She knew exactly what effect she had on him but chose to make him suffer for her own personal entertainment.

“God, you have no idea what effects you have on me, the things I want to do to you,” Alpha Crimson’s hold around Kaira tightened as he pulled her body flush against his own and took a deep breath to calm himself down. It would be a lie if Kaira said that his words hadn’t turned her on and she silently prayed for the Alpha not to pick up on her scent of lust.

‘You’ve been a virgin for 24 years, there’s no need to feel so much desire at the sound of his alluring deep voice!’ Kaira screamed internally at her own body and wanted to strangle the unsuspecting Alpha.

“Uh...I...eek!” Kaira tried to respond to him but ended up shrieking when she felt something hard poke her thighs. Her frightened, wide eyes snapped up to her mate who smirked at her innocent expression. He could feel himself grow even harder at the sight of her slightly parted red lips and innocent eyes.

“I would apologize, but I can’t help it when the most beautiful and sexiest woman is laying in my arms for the first time. Though, I’m pretty confident that I will react the same way every time you lay in my arms,” Alpha Crimson smirked towards his mate who flushed completely red when she heard what he said.

Kaira couldn’t hide her panic because she knew that the moment her Alpha mate claimed her in bed, she would become his prisoner for life and would never be able to escape from him. She averted her gaze to the door that was on the opposite side of the bed and figured that it would be a bathroom. Her pleading gaze traveled between the bathroom and her mates hungry gaze as she prayed for him to be a gentleman and go take care of his own needs with a cold shower.

Alpha Crimson almost laughed aloud when he saw the silent pleading under his mate’s innocent gaze. He wasn’t planning on doing anything to her anyway. He wanted their first time to be special and well-planned out so that he could ensure a pleasurable night for his mate. But still, he had to admit that looking down at her naturally red lips that were trembling in slight fear, it almost made him want to throw his chivalry out the window and satisfy her all night now.

“Sleep,” Alpha Crimson stated and smirked when his mate looked at him in surprise and refused to move an inch.

“Unless, you want me to...” he continued and let out a deep chuckle when Kaira screamed ‘goodnight’ and turned around to snuggle up to Simba’s tiny frame.

Alpha Crimson remained beside his mate until he heard her soft, rhythmic breathing and saw her chest rise and fall at a steady pace. He already knew that he wouldn’t be able to ever sleep in the future without hearing her breathing right beside him. And, he was perfectly fine with that.

Ever so slowly, Alpha Crimson slid off the bed, not before bending down and stealing a kiss from the unsuspecting girl’s lips. Sighing in content, he stepped away from her and headed towards the bathroom, in need of a really cold shower but stopped and rolled his eyes at his Beta and Theta who were mind-linking each other.

‘Holy shit. You don’t think he would’ve actually...’ Beta Zachariah stated in horror as Theta Grant replied hastily.

‘No way. Alpha Crimson is a distinguished and honorable man, he wouldn’t have...not in a jet of all places...’ Theta Grant trailed off, unwilling to think of the nightmares they would have suffered from if his Alpha had really done the dirty with their Luna.

‘If you two assholes weren’t here, I would already be on round four with my Luna.’ Alpha Crimson smirked at their horrified expressions as they snapped their gazes to meet his. His smirk widened even more when their eyes traveled down and saw the huge bulge in Alpha Crimson’s pants.

Alpha Crimson ignored them and went into the bathroom to take a cold shower, his thoughts were consumed with the image of his beautiful mate, her sweet red lips, innocent big hazel eyes. With those thoughts in mind, he was able to take a very long, satisfying cold shower before exiting the bathroom and slipping back into the bed. Wrapping his arms around his mate, he only lasted about two minutes before feeling his mate wiggle her behind against his manhood which resulted in it springing back to life.

“Fuck,” Alpha Crimson growled in frustration and headed back to the bathroom.

All the while, two pairs of eyes watched their Alpha in despair as they mind-linked each other, this time remembering to block their Alpha out from their conversation.

‘I now understand why Luna ran away...’ Theta Grant stated with his mouth agape as they heard the shower turn on again.

‘I know...poor Luna is just trying to sleep. Alpha is a beast!’ Beta Zachariah accused his Alpha and felt bad for his innocent little Luna.

Meanwhile, a certain girl laid in her bed holding in her laughter as she heard Alpha Crimson turning on the shower for the second time. She had woken up once she felt the bed dip when he returned from his first shower but didn’t want him to sleep beside her.

‘Desperate times, call for desperate measures!’ Kaira thought to herself as she patted her behind in gratitude for successfully getting rid of her mate.

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