Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 17

A certain pair of deep blue eyes gazed at his mate’s peaceful sleeping form. The sun shined brightly outside the small window of the jet and he made sure to hold his hand above her face to block out the sun. Looking at his own actions, he almost laughed to himself. He had never done such caring actions for anyone in his whole life.

Meanwhile, two impatient males were waiting outside the jet in Alpha Crimson’s sleek black Range Rover. They had landed in the province of Rowim almost half an hour ago, but Alpha Crimson refused to wake up his mate. Instead, he ordered his Beta and Theta to wait outside in his car and laid down beside his mate with a satisfied smile. Unlike the previous night, she slept soundly with a smile on her gentle face, not a single trace of the nightmare was on her face.

“...Mhm...” Kaira tossed and turned before latching her fingers onto Simba and pulling him flush against her chest. Her hands rubbed his body up and down as she let out a satisfied sigh but froze completely when she noticed his well-defined back muscles.

‘Wait! Since when does Simba have such hard muscles?!?!’ Kaira’s hazel eyes shot open and came face to face with her mate, who stared down at her in obvious lust.

She instantly released her hands and sat upright with a heated face. She felt her mate’s gaze rest on her as she let out a nervous laugh and practically jumped off the bed with Simba in tow. She peeked towards the open door of the jet and saw the sun shining through. She could also hear Beta Zachariah complaining to Theta Grant about having to wait outside as Alpha Crimson ‘creeped on his mate’. His words, not hers.

“We’re home? Great! I’ll get changed, give me a few minutes please. Go wait in the car or else I think Beta Zachariah will cry!” Kaira spoke softly in the direction of her mate without meeting his eyes. Before he could speak, she quickly scurried off into the washroom to change her clothes and freshen up.

Alpha Crimson silently watched as his mate disappeared from his view. He couldn’t put his happiness into words when he heard her call their province “home”. Up until now, the province of Rowim had been his greatest responsibility. It is the biggest province in Canada and he was the Alpha of the whole province. He hadn’t really thought of it as his home until Kaira said it with her sweet, innocent smile. At that moment, he realized that the term ‘home’ only made sense if Kaira was by his side.

‘Home...Yes, we’re home, my sweet Kaira’ Alpha Crimson whispered before he exited his jet with a blinding smile and stared at his two comrades as he descended the steps.

Both men stared back at him in shock, they had never seen their cruel Alpha smile so brightly before.


The ride to Alpha Crimson’s mansion was spent in comfortable silence. Beta Zachariah drove with Theta Grant sitting in the front passenger seat. Every now and then, they glanced at the rear-view mirror and almost bursted into laughter at the sight of their poor Alpha who never once took his eyes off of his mate.

Kaira was squealing with joy as both she and Simba kept their window low and admired all of the different beautiful landscapes in the province of Rowim. Alpha Crimson simply gazed at his mate with a goofy smile on his face. He felt both pride and relief at the fact that his mate liked the province he fights so hard to protect.

The three men were oblivious to the fact that Kaira was simply planning out her escape route. Her mate’s jet had landed at the local airport in the province of Rowim so Kaira paid special attention to the area surrounding the airport once they left.

She memorized each sign, highway, and neighborhood road, in hopes of being able to accurately follow it very soon to get back to the airport when she escapes. All the while, she could feel her mate’s gaze follow her every move. It was suffocating and she wanted to strangle the oblivious man. Instead, she squealed with excitement so that the three men wouldn’t suspect her, and Simba matched her excitement.

“Beautiful...” Alpha Crimson’s whisper filled the silence in the car just as Kaira had let out another fake squeal of excitement when she saw a beautiful park. She felt her heartbeat begin to pick up and decided to close the window so that her mate would hopefully stop looking at her.

Five minutes had passed by and she could still feel his gaze resting on her. Suppressing the urge to tell him off, she turned towards the two sitting in the front and addressed them casually.

“So, Zach, can I call you Zach? And, Grant. You two close friends of Alpha Crimson?” the two men seated in the front almost jumped out of the car when they heard their Luna address them informally while addressing their Alpha formally. They dared to peek into the rear-view mirror and weren’t surprised to see their Alpha glaring at them with his sharp jaw clenched in anger.

“Aha...uh...Luna, I think Beta Zachariah would be better, right Grant?” Beta Zachariah increased his speed to Alpha Crimson’s mansion as he suffocated under the pressure released by Alpha Crimson in the car. Theta Grant shifted in his seat uncomfortably and nodded his head repeatedly. Kaira pretended to be oblivious to the situation and suddenly took a hold of her mate’s hand.

“Look, your friends don’t like me!” Kaira pouted her plump lips at her mate whose gaze darkened considerably. She gulped, not expecting his reaction to be so intense. His eyes felt like waves, luring her into his warmth.

“Luna don’t say that!” Beta Zachariah panicked and begged his Luna to show mercy. He knew how whipped his cousin was and didn’t want to become a punching bag during their weekly sparring matches with their pack warriors.

Kaira continued pouting towards her mate and twirled his fingers around in her hand while meeting his eyes with her big, innocent hazel ones. She made her expression look especially hurt and disheartened.

“Your Luna will call you as she wishes,” Alpha Crimson stated in a cold tone towards his two friends who simply nodded their heads helplessly.

‘Who’s the one who cares if Luna addresses us informally? We don’t care, we just don’t want you to fucking kill us because of your jealousy okay!’ Beta Zachariah thought to himself bitterly as he pulled into Alpha Crimson’s long driveway after typing in a code for the huge black gates.

Kaira smiled innocently towards her mate and before she could stop herself, she had leaned forward to lay a soft kiss on his warm lips, much to the surprise of all the men seated in the car. Alpha Crimson only felt her cold lips on his own for a quick second and had to fight the urge to flip her onto the seat and crash his lips onto hers.

She quickly realized her mistake and withdrew from the Alpha before he could get her entangled in his arms. Peeking up through her thick lashes with a bright red face, Kaira stole a glance at her dazed mate before high tailing it out of the car. She could hear him mutter something along the lines of ‘tease’ and could practically feel his smirk even with her back towards him.

“Come on, baby. This is our home,” Kaira cooed towards Simba who let out cheerful barks. She was about to bend down to pick him up but Alpha Crimson beat her to it.

Kaira stared in shock as Simba snuggled into her mate’s muscular arms without fighting back. She wanted to scream ‘betrayer’ but had to maintain her act so she bit her tongue from releasing a snide remark.

“Welcome home,” Alpha Crimson bent down and whispered into Kaira’s ear and kissed her pink tinted cheek. Kaira looked at his mansion in awe, she had never seen such a beautiful home before.

Without waiting for her reply, he took a hold of her hand and guided her into their home. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant followed behind them with their luggage but hesitated when they smelled the familiar scent of the former Luna and former Beta.

Kaira noticed the two men hesitate behind her and immediately stiffened. Alpha Crimson met her unsure gaze and smiled at her reassuringly before pulling her into his home. As soon as she took her first step into his living room, Kaira heard a loud popping sound and saw confetti flying everywhere. She let out a giggle and looked towards the three women standing in the center of the almost all black living room.

One of the women was older, she had aged gracefully with black hair and striking blue eyes that reminded Kaira of her mate. Beside her, there was a woman who looked a few years younger than Kaira and had similar features as the older woman. Finally, there was another older woman with fiery red hair and beautiful green eyes. In the presence of the older women, Kaira could feel their authority despite the distance between them.

“Mother, Leighton” Alpha Crimson greeted his mother and little sister without letting go of Kaira’s hand. He turned towards his mate and pointed towards his family.

“Kaira, this is my mother, Katherine, and my younger sister, Leighton . And, beside Leighton is Mary, Beta Zachariah’s mother,” Alpha Crimson introduced each member to his mate who smiled towards them. Mary’s smile faded when her eyes landed on her playboy son. Beta Zachariah felt his blood run cold as his mother glared at him for having ignored all of her phone calls while he was on the road with Alpha Crimson in search of his Luna. He gulped and hid behind Theta Grant who gave the older woman a sheepish smile.

“Hello, my name is Kaira Regan. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances,” Kaira tried to distract the older woman by introducing herself. She didn’t forget to bow her head in order to show respect to the former Luna and Beta who returned her smile.

“Nonsense, no need to be formal dear. I have been waiting many weeks to meet you! We all have been, right Lei?” Alpha Crimson’s mother, Katherine, stated with a sweet smile.

“Yeah, you gave Kay quite the chase!” Leighton snickered at her brother who sent her a glare and silent warning.

Feeling suddenly both ashamed and guilty, Kaira lowered her gaze to the floor. Katherine noticed this and smacked her daughter lightly on her arm. Leighton quickly apologized as Kaira slowly lifted her gaze and shook her head.

“No, please don’t apologize. I caused a lot of trouble for your brother. I am truly sorry, Leighton and Mrs. Katherine,” Kaira whispered through a teary-eyed smile and felt Alpha Crimson hold her hand even more tightly.

Suddenly, she was pulled away from her mate and into the arms of the older woman. Kaira stood frozen as Katherine pulled her into a warm embrace. Previously, she had thought that her hug from Ms. Yu had reminded her of her mother but this hug was an even stronger reminder. Kaira felt so warm and safe in the former Luna’s motherly hold.

“Please, call me mom” Katherine spoke gently while embracing the shewolf’s shaking form. She sent an accusing glare towards her son, who immediately held his hands up in a surrendering motion.

Kaira remained quiet with her arms resting at her side. A few moments passed by, and she expected the older woman to let her go but she did not. Kaira could feel her tears building up again as she ever so slowly raised her tired arms and wrapped them around Katherine’s back.

“I’m” Kaira whispered out and she could feel Alpha Crimson’s happiness through their bond and the duo released each other when Leighton popped another confetti while cheering about finally having a sister.

Kaira let out a laugh and looked around the room at the now familiar faces. Just for a little while, she wished she could continue to feel the warmth of a family.

Even if it wasn’t real, she was willing to trick herself for just a few moments of bliss.


“And, this is the 9th guest bedroom!” Leighton was currently giving Kaira a tour of Alpha Crimson’s personal mansion. Kaira was relieved to be left alone with the younger shewolf while the two older women were cooking in the kitchen with the housemaids.

After their introductions, Alpha Crimson was called for a council meeting since he had been gone for quite some time and had just returned. He refused to go until Kaira convinced him and told him that she would be waiting at home to have dinner with him.

“Wow, it’s very spacious. Why does Alpha Crimson have such a big home when he lives alone?” Kaira let out a short laugh and turned towards her mate’s sister who gave her a funny look. Kaira raised her brow at her, wondering why she was looking at her like that.

“Why do you call Kay by his official title? You are mates, and equals. You’re our families one and only daughter-in-law and the Luna of this pack,” Leighton questioned as she peered up at her new sister with curiosity.

“Uh...well...I guess it’s because I don’t really know what to call him,” Kaira mumbled while silently cursing under her breath. She was suppose to fool everyone into thinking she was in love with him so that they would lower their guard around her. Then she would be able to escape easily. Yet here she was already messing up on day one.

“it’s just...he means a lot to me...he’s done so much for me. I don’t know what I can call him that could accurately express my feelings for him,” Kaira quickly added and sighed in relief when Leighton blushed pink at her remarks.

“Aw, you’re so sweet! My brother is so lucky to have you as his mate! You know, you’re the very first girl to enter this home,” Leighton whispered as she linked her arm around Kaira’s arm and began to guide her towards the backyard. It was already dark outside, they had spent a lot of time touring the mansion since it was huge.

“What? That can’t be!” Kaira stated in pure shock, how could an attractive Alpha not have played around with a few girls?

“It’s true! My brother has never been with any woman. He has always waited for his mate, for you,” Leighton revealed as she pointed out the different flowers in the garden and showed Kaira the large in-ground pool. There was a beautiful terrace as well where the family often had barbecues with the Beta’s family.

“Oh.” Kaira couldn’t think of anything else to say and suggested for them to go back inside for dinner. As she stepped into the living room, Kaira saw Alpha Crimson enter the home with his Beta and Theta in tow. Katherine and Mary called for them to go into the dining room but Kaira remained standing there with her eyes fixed on her mate.

“I’m home, my sweet Kaira” Alpha Crimson stated with a gentle smile that took his sister by surprise. She had never seen her cold-hearted Alpha brother act so gentle nor smile like that before.

Without thinking, Kaira rushed towards him and threw herself into his arms with everyone’s gaze on them. Alpha Crimson’s smile widened as he looked down at her lovingly and caressed the top of her head. Kaira lifted her head away from him and smiled up at him sweetly.

“Welcome home, Kayden” Kaira whispered with her cheeks blushing red. She had never called him so intimately by his first name before and she could hear his heartbeat begin to beat incredibly fast.

And, she liked it. A lot.

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