Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 18

Looking around the dining room, Kaira sat in a daze as chatter filled the room. Seated at the head of the table was Alpha Crimson with Kaira sitting on his right. His mother, Katherine, sat on his left and beside her, his sister, Leighton sat chatting away happily with everyone. She certainly liked to talk a lot, unlike her stoic brother.

Beta Zachariah’s mother, Mary, sat beside Kaira and Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant sat on the same side. It had been so long since Kaira had a home cooked meal, and she desperately tried to stop the tears that threatened to spill.

“Are you alright, my sweet Kaira? Would you like something else to eat?” Alpha Crimson questioned in a gentle tone as he lifted his hand to caress her soft cheek but she flinched back in her seat.

Frowning, Alpha Crimson looked towards the other members present in the dining room who looked confused as well. He had been observing his mate since the start of the meal, other than a few words here and there, she sat there quietly with her head hanging down and barely ate the warm food on her plate.

Kaira kept her head hanging low with her long dark brown hair covering her face. Her shoulders began to shake slightly. By now, silence fell over the dining room as tears could be seen dropping from her pale face onto her lap where her hands were kept folded together tightly.

“Oh no! I’m sorry, sweety. I didn’t know what kind of food you like. Tell mom now, i’ll go make it!” Katherine quickly rose from her chair and was about to go cook something for Kaira but was stopped when she felt the petite girl latch onto her wrist.

“No, it’s okay. Really,” Kaira spoke quickly as her cheeks flushed red and her big hazel eyes glistened with unshed tears. She looked like an injured bunny, making everyone in the room want to protect her innocence.

Alpha Crimson took one look at her vulnerable, innocent face and fought the urge to pull her onto his lap. His wolf was whining as well, they both wanted to know what was bothering his mate.

“Are you sure, sweety? You don’t need to force yourself to eat, Mom won’t be upset. I can go cook something else quickly,” Katherine stated as she frowned at the young girl who was forcing a smile onto her face to reassure everyone.

“No, really. I love everything you made. It’s just...I thought of the last time I ate a home cooked meal made with so much love... and I couldn’t remember,” Kaira started off strong but her voice cracked at the end, indicating just how much pain she felt.

Alpha Crimson couldn’t control himself a second longer. He swiftly picked up his mate, who yelped in surprise as he placed her on his knees. At any other moment of the day, Kaira would have fought against his tight hold and scrambled away from the man. But right now, she craved his warmth and comfort. Plus, she wanted to fool everyone into thinking that she was in love with him.

Without further hesitation, Kaira quickly buried her face into the crook of his neck and smiled as she felt him rub her back in soothing circles. Katherine smiled at her son’s caring nature, which she hadn’t seen in a very long time. She felt incredibly grateful for her daughter-in-law who was slowly melting his cold heart.

“Don’t worry, mom will cook food for you whenever you want. Alright?” Katherine promised as Kaira lifted her head and nodded with a teary eyed smile.

“Thank” Kaira whispered and flushed red when everyone exclaimed ‘Aw’ at her cuteness. She quickly buried her face into her mate’s warm embrace and pounded her fists against his hard chest when she felt his vibrations as he chuckled at her.


After diner, Alpha Crimson disappeared into his study with Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant to complete a treaty between his pack and a neighboring pack. At first, he refused to leave Kaira alone but once the other ladies promised to take good care of her, he reluctantly left her side.

“HAHAHA, what an idiot!” Leighton exclaimed as she pointed at the theater screen. After debating what to do, the women decided to bring Kaira to Alpha Crimson’s home theater in the basement. They let Kaira choose the movie and was not really surprised when she chose ‘Lion King’. After all, her dogs name is Simba.

Kaira had a bright smile on her face as she settled into the comfortable sofa with the other three women. Mary sat on the furthest end of the sofa with Simba in her lap while Katherine sat beside her with Kaira laying down and resting her head on Katherine’s lap. Kaira couldn’t stop smiling as she felt the older woman gently rub her head affectionately throughout the movie. Kaira kept her legs hanging over the top of the sofa head in the air since Leighton had laid down as well with her head resting on Kaira’s stomach.

“Aw, no I can’t watch this part” Kaira exclaimed as she covered her eyes from watching the saddest part of the movie. No matter how many times she watched the movie, she could never bring herself to watch the part where Simba’s dad gets killed in the stampede.

“Haha, I must admit, I am quite jealous of you Katherine. You received another sweet, innocent daughter! Meanwhile, I’m still dealing with my playboy son who can’t bother with finding his mate” Mary complained as Kaira held back from snickering. Although Beta Zachariah was quite annoying, he was handsome and she could understand why many women would chase after him.

“That I must agree, we are very lucky to have Kaira in our family. Soon you will have this blessing as well, don’t worry” Katherine assured her friend as Kaira blushed from the compliment. She had never been called a blessing by anyone before.

Soon, the movie ended and almost two hours had passed. Mary was the first to notice that it was almost midnight and left to go home to her husband. Katherine remained sitting on the large black sofa since the brunette in her lap was still laying down on her lap. Leighton did not want to budge from her new sister’s comfortable side either.

Alpha Crimson practically sprinted into the room after finally getting rid of Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant. The signing for the treaty took longer than expected since there were several issues with the contract that he had to tweak.

Upon entering his home theater, his usual cold, indifferent gaze softened when he took in the sight before him of his three most important women getting along well. Katherine noticed her son before the others and laughed when she saw the impatience behind his softened gaze. From the moment he had entered, his eyes remained fixed on the young girl laying on her lap.

Kaira could feel his powerful presence enter the room and began to curse him to hell in her heart. She was hoping to spend the night in this room, away from him but of course, he just had to come find her and ruin her peaceful night. She didn’t even bother looking at him and kept her back facing him.

“Girls, it’s getting late. Let’s go home, Leighton. I’m sure your brother wants to spend some time with Kaira,” Katherine stated as she attempted to get up from the sofa but was shocked when Kaira wrapped her arms around her waist and buried her face into Katherine’s stomach like a small child would.

“Mom, don’t go. Please, spend the night here. I want to sleep with you and Lei,” Kaira whispered with her sweet voice as her face flushed red and she tried her best to avoid her mate’s intense gaze.

Katherine looked towards Leighton who was equally puzzled at Kaira’s request. They had intended to leave her alone with Alpha Crimson so that the two could bond and spend their first night together.

Kaira rolled her eyes subtly as she could practically read their thoughts. She would never spend a night alone with him in his home. What if he takes advantage of her while everyone is gone?

“Please, mom? Please, Lei? Stay” Kaira pleaded with big puppy dog eyes when she noticed their silence. She could feel them struggling internally as Alpha Crimson released more pressure in the room.

The two women wanted to stay with their cute new member of their family but they could practically feel the bloodthirsty Alpha standing beside them, glaring down at them as if to dare them to stay over tonight. Katherine cleared her throat nervously and shot her son a deadly glare.

‘You dare release your bloodthirsty aura against your own mother! Shameless child!’ Katherine thought to herself as her son shifted his cold gaze to Leighton instead.

“Ah...this...I’m afraid we cannot, Kai. Don’t worry, mom and I will come tomorrow morning, alright?” Leighton stuttered out fearfully as her brother’s eyes flashed black, indicating that his wolf was about to surface.

Without giving Kaira a chance to reply, both of the women sprinted out of the room and left Alpha Crimson’s personal mansion. Kaira still kept her back facing him as she tried to assess what just happened.

‘Those...those...those treacherous women! How could they abandon this innocent bunny in the wolf’s den?’ Kaira thought to herself bitterly as she swallowed the tears from spilling.

Lifting herself from the sofa, Kaira finally looked up at Alpha Crimson and froze in shock when she met his tender gaze. She expected him to be angry at her for trying to keep his mother and sister here but instead, he was looking at her with his warm eyes that she noticed was only for her. He never looked at anyone else with such a warm gaze, not even his own mother or sister.

Kaira hated those eyes. She hated the warmth and love in his intense gaze whenever she looked at him. She wanted him to suffer instead like she had to in the past. There was no way she would ever forgive his family. They ruined her life and if it weren’t for her twisted fate, she would not have been fated to be this monsters mate. The Moon Goddess must have been the biggest mistake of her life when she chose to make them mates.

Wanting him to suffer, Kaira remained seated but lifted her arms up towards her mate who raised a questioning brow at her.

“I’m tired, carry me” Kaira demanded as she let out a soft yawn. She wanted to punish the man and have him carry her but she did not realize that she didn’t even weigh much and the man was already itching to touch her soft skin.

Within moments, Alpha Crimson had scooped his muscular arms under her knees and her back before holding her tightly against his chest. Kaira instantly wrapped her arms around his neck and was prepared to laugh at his struggling face when he carried her upstairs but he didn’t seem the least bit fazed. In fact, he held a handsome smile on his face as tingles spread across the skin he touched on his mate. It was in that moment that Kaira realized her own mistake and cursed herself lightly.

Alpha Crimson entered the extravagant master bedroom and laid Kaira down on his bed that looked spacious enough to fit seven people. Kaira looked around the room and wasn’t surprised to see the black, grey and white interior design. Alpha Crimson watched her take in their room and sighed in relief when a small smile made its way onto her gentle face. He was prepared to change the whole room if she didn’t like it but it seems like that wasn’t the case.

“ there a shower?” Kaira questioned nervously, her eyes darting around the spacious room.

“Yes, over there. You can shower first, your clothes have been placed into our closet” Alpha Crimson stated as he showed her the luxurious bathroom and she noticed a door open beside it containing the couple’s walk-in closet.

“Uh, thanks. What about you?” Kaira questioned as an after thought. She felt bad using his things first.

“I’ll shower in the guest bathroom...Unless you want me to join y--?” Alpha Crimson smirked when his mate screamed ‘NO’ before he could even finish his sentence and ran into the bathroom. Shaking his head in amusement, he took out a pair of grey jogging pants before heading to shower.


Kaira peeked through the bathroom door and sighed in relief when she noticed that her mate hadn’t returned. She took a deep breath before sprinting towards the king sized bed. She couldn’t let him see her in these clothes. Kaira was in a rush when she was running away and had packed the first few sets of unused pajamas that she found in her closet. Those happened to be several laced, lingerie pieces that her friends gifted her in the past.

Currently, she was dressed in an almost transparent red laced nightgown with spaghetti straps. Her long wet hair cascaded down her heart shaped face and rested on the cleavage peaking out from her nightgown.

Kaira almost made it to the bed but froze in her tracks when she heard the bedroom door open. Her frightened gaze snapped up to her mate who stood there in nothing but grey sweatpants hanging dangerously low.

Kaira’s widened eyes skimmed over his toned abs and then up to his dangerously handsome face. His dirty blonde hair was wet with a few droplets of water trailing down the side of his face. Kaira swallowed hard and finally met his eyes.

Alpha Crimson’s eyes darkened as he took in his beautiful mate. His lustful, dark gaze startled her and made her take a few steps back. Within seconds, Alpha Crimson stood in front of her and pulled her flush against his bare chest before crashing his lips onto hers.

Kaira fell into a trance as her mate attacked her lips without any mercy. She felt his strong arms snake its way around her waist and within the blink of an eye, her back was pressed into the mattress. Alpha Crimson slid his tongue over Kaira’s bottom lip and growled impatiently when she refused to open her mouth. His warm hand trailed down to her breast before he gave her a light squeeze, making her gasp aloud in surprise. He smirked and took that as his chance to plunge his tongue into her mouth and explore every corner of her sweet taste.

As a virgin who had never engaged in physical contact with another male, the new sensations and pleasures rippling through Kaira’s body was too much to handle. Alpha Crimson’s lips traveled down to her slender neck as he began to suck and bite down playfully on every part of her exposed skin. Kaira let out a moan when his hand traveled further down inside her gown and cupped her wet heat. She instantly regretted not wearing any underwear, a habit she had since young. Within seconds, her Alpha mate had made her become a moaning, flushed mess underneath him.

“Alpha Crimson, please” Kaira pleaded when she felt him about to insert a finger in her but stopped his movements as if teasing her.

Alpha Crimson smirked against her neck before lifting his lustful gaze and staring deeply into her round hazel eyes and blushing cheeks. He wanted to take her right then and there but knew that she wasn’t ready just yet.

“Call my name,” Alpha Crimson demanded in a deep, hoarse voice as his finger pressed down on her heat. Kaira began to whine and looked up at him pleadingly.

“Kayden. Please, Kayden” Kaira moaned aloud and couldn’t believe the words and sounds escaping her lips. She chose to blame it on her horny, sex deprived wolf instead.

Alpha Crimson let out a satisfied growl before attacking her sweet red lips again. He inserted one long, thick finger inside his mate and growled into their kiss as he felt her tightness around his finger. He wanted to rip his own pants off and bury himself deep inside her but had to stop himself.

Kaira gasped at his sudden intrusion and could feel tears prick her eyes. She didn’t expect his finger to be so big, she couldn’t imagine letting him put his actual thing inside her. It would be too painful.

Alpha Crimson slowed his movements until her heat became accustomed to it. Once he felt her breathing calm down, he increased his speed while moving his mouth from her swollen lips down to her full breasts. Kaira screamed in pleasure as he latched onto one of her breasts while slowing down his pace inside her.

“Kayden, please. Faster,” Kaira moaned and could feel herself close to releasing. Alpha Crimson smirked and happily obliged with his mate’s request.

Kaira’s whole body withered in pleasure and felt a ripple shudder through her as she reached her climax and rode its waves down. She watched with a heated gaze as her mate slowly withdrew his finger from her heat and with his dark eyes never leaving hers, he placed his finger into his mouth and sucked off her remaining traces.

“So sweet, just like my sweet Kaira” Alpha Crimson smirked at his mate’s flushed red face before pulling her into his warm embrace. It had been a long day and he could see his mate fighting against her exhaustion. He could also tell that it was her first time experiencing such things and didn’t want to exert too much force on her.

“Sleep, little mate” Alpha Crimson whispered before snapping his fingers, making the lights go off in their bedroom. He could feel his own lower region swell and harden as his mate snuggled into his chest but chose to wait until she fell asleep before he would go take a cold shower.

Kaira couldn’t fight against her heavy eyelids anymore. It had been the longest day of her life and their night time...exercise... made her feel even more tired. She let sleep take over but not without thinking one last thought.


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