Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 1

Ten days, 6 hours, 40 minutes and 20 seconds.

That’s how long it’s been since Kaira Regan narrowly missed her Alpha mate’s grasp. Her fingers lightly tapped against her steering wheel to the music playing as she continued her drive towards her good friend’s province. She turned to see her dog, Simba, sleeping soundly in his makeshift bed in the backseat and smiled lightly.

Though, that brief moment of happiness lasted only seconds as she found herself thinking back to the events from ten days ago..

As soon as she jumped out of her pack’s daycare facilities’ window, Kaira had bolted down the street in her run down Honda Civic. She called her cousin, Maya, to make sure that she’d return to help the kids from the fire that the youngest, Miles, had accidentally started again. When her cousin assured her that she would handle it, Kaira threw her phone out the window and quickly headed to her childhood home.

“Simba, let’s go. Remember what mommy told you before? That one day a man would come looking for mommy and we would have to hide? Well, he’s here. So we need to go!” Kaira whispered with fear etched onto her gentle features. Even her wolf didn’t fight against her on this decision.

Kaira grabbed the bags that she had packed a long time ago and grabbed the stack of cash that she had hidden underneath her mattress with a burner phone. It had several thousands of dollars, enough for her to pay for lodging and food with cash to not leave a trail behind.

Kaira looked at the clock and gasped in shock. Ten minutes had already passed by. She knew that the first place Alpha Crimson would go to would be her cousins home because everyone assumed she ran there because of the fire. But even then, ten minutes is more than enough time for the powerful Alpha to shift into his wolf and head to her childhood home after noticing that she’s not at her cousin’s place.

After settling Simba into the backseat of her car within seconds, Kaira turned around with tears pouring down her big greenish brown eyes.

She knew what she had to do.

Kaira had been very careful for these last few years and never left any trail behind. She never left any clothing or anything that could carry her scent for precisely this moment. She knew that even if she ran from her mate, as long as he held something with her scent, he’d be able to find her no matter what.

Kaira shook her head in determination before using her wolf speed and grabbing gasoline bottles from her garage. Her home was isolated and there weren’t any others ones nearby which made her next actions seem more forgivable in her eyes. Kaira quickly lit a match and tossed it onto the gasoline covered home before getting into her car and speeding away.

Her heart ached as she looked into her rearview mirror and saw her childhood home burning down to nothing. But she had no other choice, the house was covered with her scent and she couldn’t risk her Alpha mate using anything of hers to track her down.

“Good evening Ma’am, your provincial passport please?” Kaira was brought out of her thoughts when she finally reached her good friend, Carol’s pack. Carol was the Beta Female of this pack and gave special permission for Kaira to visit on such short notice.

Usually visits to another province must be approved by a wolf’s Alpha so Carol and her Beta husband, Rick, found it weird that Kaira was passing by without following the proper procedures.

“Good evening, I am Beta Carol’s friend. My name is Kaira...” She whispered in a small voice as her black baseball cap covered her face from the guard posted outside the entrance of the Province of ilson.

She didn’t want the guard to see any of her features in fear of her mate torturing them for letting her hide there. She didn’t want her friends nor their pack members to get in trouble because of her.

Kaira planned everything out perfectly. She let her arm hover around her small bulging stomach and left the side of her neck exposed which showcased a fake mate marking that she got tattooed temporarily on her way there. In order to protect everyone, Kaira created the perfect lie. She was pretending as though she were pregnant and already mated.

“Of course, Ma’am. Beta Carol has already informed us. Enjoy your stay at our Province of ilson” the elderly guard noticed how the young shewolf held no scent at all even though pregnant shewolves tended to smell sweeter and stronger. He chose not to comment on it though.

Kaira muttered a low curse as she noticed the suspicions in his eyes and realized her rookie mistake. As soon as she drove into the province, she stopped on the side of the road and sprayed herself with a Cherry Blossom scented perfume. Once satisfied with her scent and appearance, she continued driving towards the main packhouse.

It was quite late into the night so there weren’t many people outside. Kaira purposefully chose this land to hide in because it was the second biggest province out of the ten provinces in Canada. The Alpha of this land was very accepting and allowed both werewolves and humans to live on the pack grounds. It was also the province that was furthest away from her home province as well as Alpha Crimson’s province of Rowim.

Kaira took deep breaths as she slowly drove along the path towards the pack house. She could see a few mates walking around holding hands and hear the laughter of children.

Once she parked, Kaira slowly crawled out of her car and opened her trunk to grab her black duffel bag. Suddenly, she could feel two pairs of arms wrap around her from behind. She stiffened, worried that they would feel her fake baby bump before realizing that she was wearing two layers of clothing. There was no way they’d be able to tell her bump was nothing more than a plastic one that she stole from a maternity shop in a mall once.

“KAI!!! I missed you so much Sweetie” Her good friend, Carol, shrieked with excitement before her mate, Rick, also wrapped his arms around Kaira.

“It’s good to see you, kid. Is everything alright?” Beta Rick questioned worriedly but he and his wife froze when Kaira turned around to face them with her slightly bulging stomach. Their eyes shifted from her stomach to her exposed neck that held her “marking”.

They seemed to have been in a trance and would not stop staring in shock. Kaira cleared her throat awkwardly before carrying the duffel bag over her shoulder and lifting a sleeping Simba into her arms.

“Pardon us, we didn’t mean to--uh stare-- it’s just, we never-- i mean you never mentioned---” Beta Carol fumbled over her words and looked towards her mate for help. Kaira looked utterly exhausted and smiled pleadingly towards her friend’s husband.

“Right, we can discuss this later on. You must be tired from the drive. Come rest, boys grab her things,” Beta Rick replied as the boys lifted her other small luggages. Kaira only packed light clothing and few living necessities.

One of the younger pack boys helping out, reached out to grab Kaira’s duffel bag but she immediately stepped away. Beta Rick and Carol looked at her surprised before she let out a small laugh.

“Haha, this one has my undergarments so I’d rather carry it myself! Thank you though!” Kaira lied as her face flushed pink from the embarrassing lie she came up with.

The young boy nodded before he and his friend carried her things up into the guest bedroom. Kaira followed behind Beta Rick and Carol quietly and gave a small reply every now and then whenever they asked a question about her drive and pack.

“You two continue talking, I’m going to whip up something for a late night snack. You need to eat properly, it won’t be good for the baby if you don’t,” Beta Carol chastised before skipping out of the room.

Kaira let out a small laugh before walking towards the window in the guest bedroom and staring out of it. She was lost in her thoughts quickly as she gazed at the full moon. Her arms automatically wrapped itself around her as she feared for her life.

“You know, I consider you my little sister. Even though you belong to another province and pack, I’ve always considered you as one of my own. If it weren’t for you protecting Carol during that rogue attack years ago, I would’ve lost her. I owe you that and much more,” Beta Rick started as he walked closer to his friend that no longer seemed like the invincible, strong woman that he remembered from his childhood.

“Ricky, I’m fine,” was Kaira’s short reply before she sat on the comfortable queen bed.

Beta Rick crouched down in front of her before taking her cold hands and placing them against his lips. Kaira meant a lot to him and his wife, if it weren’t for her, Carol and his little baby boy, Ben, would not have survived the attack four years ago.

“Ricky, I’m... fine... really... don’t worry” Kaira tried to speak reassuringly but it came out as a mere whisper with tears brimming her eyes.

Beta Rick let out a sigh before sitting on the bed beside her and wrapping on arm around her shaking shoulders. Kaira leaned into his side as tears fell down her eyes.

“I need to leave in two days,” Kaira whispered as she felt Beta Rick’s hold tighten. She began to panic and quickly lied.

“It’s not what you think, my mate didn’t want me to leave pack grounds. I’m only in my first trimester so he’s being overprotective. I have to go back home soon,” Kaira lied and prayed that her friend wouldn’t probe further.

“How come you didn’t mention anything? We only lost contact with you for a few months since our Alpha left to assist his Alpha cousin’s province as his cousin was searching for his mate in other provinces. We had to take over some alpha duties but still, you could’ve came to us or phoned us to tell us you met your mate, kid,” Alpha Rick lightly scolded the shewolf as she looked up to him guiltily.

“I’m sorry,” Kaira apologized before remembering that she forgot something or rather someone quite important.

“Oh my God, where’s Benji? I miss him so much” Just as the words left her mouth, little feet could be heard rushing into her room and jumping onto her lap.

Kai got pushed slightly backwards from the impact of the little boy. He was even more adorable than the last time she saw him. He had Beta Ricks black hair but Carols blue eyes and dimples.

“Son, be careful, your Auntie Kai is going to be a mommy soon,” Beta Rick cautioned but the duo ignored him. Instead, Benji shifted into his little black wolf and positioned himself on Kaira’s lap so that he could be pet.

“It’s okay, I missed Benji so much!” Kaira laughed as she pet the top of his fur and scratched behind his ear.

Beta Rick smiled and attempted to continue their conversation through mindlink as he didn’t want his son to hear them. He tried tirelessly but could not penetrate through Kaira’s mindlink wall. His eyes bore into hers suspiciously as she let out a nervous laugh.

“It’s my wolf, Ricky. She’s too tired and blocked everyone off, including me,” Kaira lied easily and smiled at the infant who had fallen asleep in her lap.

“Oh, really? I bet your mate is losing his mind right now then,” Beta Rick spoke carefully and observed each of Kaira’s movements.

Kaira simply smiled and let out a short laugh.

“Of course not, you think my wolf would ignore him? You’re silly,” Kaira avoided looking directly into the Betas eyes and thanked God when her friend returned to the bedroom.

“Dinners ready! The table is set, go eat while I put Benji to sleep, alright?” Carol took her son from Kaira and shooed her mate and Kaira out the room.

The two began to eat in silence until Beta Rick cleared his throat.

“We’re alone for probably another 5 minutes, so Kai, tell me the truth. What or rather, who, are you hiding from?” Beta Rick took a sip from his wine, his dark brown eyes bore into Kaira’s widened eyes.

“Ricky... I already told you...” Kaira mumbled quietly but froze when Rick let out a warning growl.

Normally, Kaira would have cowered to the pressure of his wolf since Beta Rick holds a higher status than her. But since her mate is the strongest Alpha in all of the ten provinces, that makes her his equal.

Beta Rick stared in shock as Kaira seemed unaffected by his wolf’s rising pressure on her. It almost 100 percent confirmed that her mate was no ordinary man.

“Ri, stop that right now! Why are you exuding so much power and pressure in front of Kai?” Carol smacked her mate upside the head before taking a seat beside him, across from Kai.

Kai couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her mouth when Beta Rick pouted like a lost puppy towards his mate.
Once the trio finished their meal, the couple escorted Kaira back to the guest bedroom. Before leaving her alone, they both placed a hand on her shoulder reassuringly.

“We can’t help you unless you tell us what’s going on, kid. We always have your back no matter what, you know that” Beta Rick reassured as his mate nodded her head in agreement.

“Is your mate a bad man? Did he threaten to hurt you and the baby?” Carol couldn’t help but question Kaira about her mate. She kept trying to ask during dinner but Kaira dodged all her questions.

“It’s nothing like that, I just wanted some time away from my pack. I’ll be gone in two days anyway, don’t worry,” Kaira gave her two friends a weak smile before shutting her door.

She changed into a an oversized white shirt and boxers before crawling into the queen bed and snuggling up beside Simba.

Truthfully, she hadn’t slept properly in the last ten days because she was afraid that her Alpha mate would manage to penetrate her mindlink wall and invade her dreams. Most Alpha’s have the power to communicate with their mates through dreams.

“Simba...Make sure mommy doesn’t sleep for longer than 1 hour, okay?” Kaira mumbled as she set her alarm clock for one hour exactly as well.

Little did she know, she would end up sleeping longer than that and encounter exactly what she was running from.



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