Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 19

Awaking with a start, a certain young woman’s body shot forward on the huge comfortable bed she was laying on. It was mixed with her lustful scent as well as her mate’s strong scent. Her hands frantically patted down her body before she released a silent prayer, thanking the Gods for still being dressed in her nightgown.

‘I. Can’t. Fucking. Believe. Myself’ Kaira screamed in her mind and without hesitating, a loud ‘SMACK’ echoed off the walls as she slapped herself. Hard.

“Ow!” Kaira cried out in pain and caressed her red cheek with tears brimming her eyes.

Within seconds, she heard footsteps run into the bedroom and looked up to see Leighton standing in the center of the bedroom, her sharp gaze assessing the room for any threats.

Upon sensing no other person, Leighton stared at her new sister who had climbed off the bed and was caressing a slightly swollen cheek.

“Oh my God, are you okay? What happened?” Leighton questioned with worry and confusion etched onto her gentle features.

“Ahh...I slapped myself...I was just so happy, you know, waking up in Alpha Crimson-- I mean Kayden’s, bedroom and I had to slap myself to believe it” Kaira lied effortlessly but couldn’t help but let out a nervous laugh.

Leighton looked at her surprised before giving her a mischievous smile as she looked Kaira up and down. She whistled through her lips and gave Kaira a smirk that was eerily similar to her older brother.

“Damn, girl! You’re hot! I’m pretty sure my brother couldn’t keep his hands off you last night, huh? No wonder he was late to work this morning! Mom and I were shocked, he’s never ever woken up past 5 am, in fact, he usually has sleeping problems and doesn’t sleep much. But you know what they say, men are most vulnerable and tired after doing that all night,” Leighton shamelessly remarked as Kaira’s cheeks instantly heated up and her hands flew up to cover her chest. She was beginning to see the resemblance between Leighton and her mate, truly it was uncanny.

“What! No, we didn’t--wait,” Kaira began to deny her remarks but paused when Leighton’s words suddenly registered in her mind.

‘Alpha Crimson slept longer because of me? But why? Last night, I didn’t even pleasure him...but he still slept longer than he usually does? Wait, what if I did pleasure him? Would he let his guard down, thinking he won this battle and then I could use that to my advantage and run away as soon as he fell into a deep sleep?’ Kaira’s brain couldn’t help but calculate her next plan and a devious smirk made its way onto her face.

Leighton suppressed a shiver when she noticed the evil glint in Kaira’s eyes but quickly shook her head. She must’ve seen it wrong, there’s no way her innocent new sister would have such an evil expression on her sweet face.

“Anyways, get dressed! Kay went to a meeting with the council and told mom and I to take care of you and make sure you eat breakfast. He’s already so whipped, he cares about you the most!” Leighton pouted and didn’t notice Kaira subtly rolling her eyes in annoyance.

‘Oh please, the man just doesn’t want me to escape. I don’t need babysitters!’ Kaira muttered softly under her breath with an annoyed expression but quickly masked her true feelings and nodded towards her mate’s sister.

“You go down first, I’ll be down in a few minutes after I shower,” Kaira hurried into the master bedroom’s bathroom and repeatedly scrubbed her body under the smoldering hot water. She wanted to get rid of his touch from last night that seemed to still linger all over her skin.


Kaira ate her breakfast peacefully with Katherine and Leighton before asking the younger girl to bring her for a tour around their whole territory. Both women had released giggles at Kaira’s request to which she frowned at them and looked at them in confusion.

“Sweetie, our territory is big. It would take at least four, maybe five days to give you a full tour. We own the whole province,” Katherine explained as Kaira’s mouth fell into an ‘O’ shape.

“Oh, well, then can you give me a tour of the closer areas, please?” Kaira questioned with an innocent smile and prayed that these women wouldn’t suspect her. She needed to explore the area close to Alpha Crimson’s personal mansion so that she could plan out her escape.

“Alright, let me ask Kay first though!” Leighton stated and before Kaira could stop her, the younger girls eyes glazed over, indicating that she had already mindlinked her brother.

“Oh, allow me to help you, mom” Kaira stood up to help Katherine with the dishes. She had quickly learnt during breakfast that Alpha Crimson refused to let any woman into his personal mansion. Their family mansion and pack house has maids but not his personal home because he doesn’t like strangers in his home.

“Thank you, sweetie,” Katherine smiled at her thoughtful daughter and passed her the wet dishes. Kaira began to wipe the dishes with a black kitchen towel as her eyes trailed over to the breakfast table where Leighton was still mindlinking her brother.

After several minutes, Leighton skipped into the kitchen and took a hold of Kaira’s arm. She began to drag a stunned Kaira out of the house. Kaira was convinced that her mate would have declined her request to go outside so this came as a surprise.

‘Don’t tell me that man let down his guard because of what happened last night?’ Kaira was lost in her thoughts before she saw a sleek black Rolls Royce waiting outside for her and Leighton. There were two white Range Rovers parked behind the car and realization finally dawned upon Kaira.

“I’m sorry, Kay can be a bit overprotective at times...” Leighton had followed Kaira’s gaze and noticed her discomfort at the endless amount of guards.

‘Overprotective, my ass! He just wants to make sure I don’t escape. That sneaky bastard!’ Kaira cursed him to hell and back in her heart.

“No, it’s alright. He just wants us safe!” Kaira gave her a sweet smile before hopping into the Rolls Royce as the driver held the door open for the two young ladies.

“Thank you, Sir” Kaira smiled towards the older man as he held the door open and his smile widened in return.

Truthfully, many rumours had spread about Alpha Crimson’s mate in the past few weeks. Some rumours stated that Kaira ran away from Alpha Crimson because she couldn’t stand his murderous, cold-heart. Other rumours stated that she was evil and that it was Alpha Crimson who rejected her. Upon meeting her though, the guards and driver realized that there wasn’t an evil bone in their young mistress’ body.

Together, three cars set off as Leighton was determined to give Kaira a tour of as much of their territory as she could.


Kaira was utterly exhausted and deeply regretted asking Leighton to show her around their territory. The land was never-ending and within the past two hours, Kaira had been shown hundreds of locations. She had seen the nearest hospitals, malls, parks, pack house, a few school buildings and many homes along the way. She somehow managed to convince Leighton to not tour the inside of the malls and pack house so they only drove around.

Currently, they were on their way back to Alpha Crimson’s personal mansion and Kaira had lowered her window and slightly stuck her head out. She was enjoying the gentle breeze as her long, brown hair flowed with the wind. Leighton had fallen asleep beside her and Kaira didn’t have the heart to wake the poor girl up. She even instructed the driver to drive slowly to which he smiled at her thoughtfulness and drove slowly.

“Wait, stop!” Kaira demanded the driver who immediately pulled to a soft stop. He turned back to look at Kaira nervously, wondering if he had done something wrong. The two Range Rovers following them had stopped behind them as well.

“What is that?” Kaira pointed towards an abandoned looking building off to the end of the road With her superiror hearing abilities, she could hear the laughter of children inside.

“Oh that is an orphanage, Mrs. Crimson,” the drivers brows furrowed in confusion, wondering why Kaira would be interested in that old orphanage. Girls her age would be more interested in using Alpha Crimson’s money to buy pretty things at the mall.

“Well, why does it look like it’s on the verge of collapsing? And please, call me Ms. Regan or Kaira” she gritted out with her jaw clenching in anger, she hated how the man had addressed her.

“Right, my apologizes Ms. Regan. There was an attack when Alpha Crimson was out of territory recently and the orphanage suffered most of the damages. Alpha Crimson’s cousin, who was filling in for him, stated that it would cost too much to fix their old building and ordered them to split the children up and have them sent to better orphanages. The headmaster of the orphanage had refused to split the children up though. I think she spoke with Alpha Crimson but nothing happened,” the driver patiently explained as Kaira remained silent.

Kaira asked him to continue driving and he followed her orders. As she got closer to the orphanage, she rolled her window down further and smiled while waving at the children who were screaming ‘Hi’ from the broken windows. As soon as they passed the orphanage, a bloodthirsty aura filled the whole vehicle making the driver gulp nervously and clutch the wheel tightly in fear.

Upon sensing the sudden change in the car, Leighton shot up fully awake now. She turned her head around frantically, trying to find the source of fury but froze on her sister-in-law who was silently seething in anger. Leighton felt a familiar shudder of terror take over her body as she inched away from Kaira.

“ okay, Kai?” Leighton whispered fearfully but Kaira paid her no mind and spoke to the driver instead.

“Bring me to Alpha Crimson, now!” Kaira ordered with a cold voice, not even bothering to hide her killing intent.

Leighton began to panic and tried to mindlink her brother but he had his mindlink turned off. She cursed under her breath, realizing that her brother was in an important meeting with five neighboring Alpha’s in the conference hall at their pack house. She debated telling Kaira but couldn’t bring herself to speak to the fuming Kaira. She kept her mouth shut tightly and prayed that Alpha Crimson’s meeting would be over before they crashed it.

“Where is he? Permission? I don’t think so!” a young woman’s cold, intimidating voice could be heard outside the conference room, making all of the Alphas and Betas seated at the table look towards the double doors.

Alpha Crimson was seated at the head of the conference table with Beta Zachariah seated to his right and Theta Grant seated to his left. It was already nearing lunch time but the meeting still hadn’t ended, making him feel frustrated. He wanted to return home to his mate as soon as possible yet the Alphas in the room wouldn’t stop bringing up requests they had for him. He was lost in thoughts of his mate and hadn’t noticed the commotion outside.

“Where is that stupid fucker?” Kaira demanded as she threw the conference doors open before sweeping her cold gaze around the room of shocked men. She could feel the power exuding from every man seated who were either looking at her in shock or glaring at her for intruding on their meeting. She gave them a cold smile as if to say ‘fuck off, it’s none of your business’ before her eyes quickly landed on the man who caused her anger.

“YOU!” Kaira seethed in anger before almost pouncing on Alpha Crimson who had finally noticed her presence and was looking at her in surprise. Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant choked on their own spit when they saw their Luna approach their Alpha before grabbing his collar and shaking him back and forth like a sack of potatoes.

“How heartless can you be? How could you do that to those innocent kids? Split them up? Fuck you, how about you split your butt cheeks and pull your head out of your own ass!!” Kaira had screamed at the top of her lungs and birds could be seen flying outside around the tree as her voice echoed around the conference room, making the sturdy walls shake.

The Alphas and Betas seated in the conference room were gaping at Kaira. They had never seen anyone speak so disrespectfully to Alpha Crimson.


They all unconsciously sent a prayer for the poor woman’s soul but were even more surprised when Alpha Crimson gently took hold of her tiny wrists that were gripped around his shirt collar and pulled her closer to his body.

Alpha Crimson smirked down at Kaira’s shaking form as she breathed deeply from using too much energy to yell at him. He had been thinking about her the whole meeting and now that she was in front of him, he couldn’t help but let a rare smile grace his handsome face. The other men present were in shock as they had never seen the coldblooded man smile before. Theta Grant was the first to regain his senses and began to usher the other men outside for refreshments and to take a fifteen minute break while Alpha Crimson took care of personal matters.

Without bothering to check if the men had left or not, Alpha Crimson wrapped Kaira’s arms around his waist and pulled her flush against his hard chest. Kaira looked up at him startled and tried very hard to ignore the sparks erupting in her body. She continued to glare up at her mate with narrowed eyes.

“Who dared to upset my precious mate? Tell me, my sweet Kaira,” Alpha Crimson frowned as he noticed the sadness in her gaze and wanted to kill whoever upset her.

‘Uh, brother, have you lost your mind? Your mate just cussed you out in front of everyone!’ Leighton and Beta Zachariah had the same thoughts running through their mind as they watched the pair in surprise.

“Don’t pretend not to know! That poor orphanage, how could you order them to split the children up? Do you know what it’s like to grow up without the love of your parents? Do you know what it’s like to lose the last bit of family you have? How could you be so heartless? I hate you,” Kaira screamed with tears pouring down her beautiful hazel eyes.

Alpha Crimson felt his heart shatter into a million pieces while she spoke. It didn’t take a genius to understand that Kaira had personally experienced the things she just listed. Both Leighton and Beta Zachariah frowned, feeling their Luna’s pain through the bond that had been slowly building up between them and their Luna.

Alpha Crimson pulled Kaira down onto his chair with her sitting on his lap. She gazed into his ocean blue eyes and couldn’t stop her tears from falling as she continued to condemn him.

“You’re too heartless...those poor kids... I’ll never forgive you, never” Kaira hiccuped in between her hot tears and Alpha Crimson’s gaze softened as he rubbed her back and held her tightly against his chest.

Silence engulfed the whole room as he patiently waited for her to stop crying and calm down. He looked towards Beta Zachariah with a stern gaze who immediately understood what he wanted. Beta Zachariah disappeared for a few seconds before returning with the paperwork for the orphanage.

Alpha Crimson felt his mate calm down and gently lifted her face away from his chest. She had stained his white dress shirt with her tears and he gently wiped the tears away from her eyes before speaking softly.

“Is this what you were talking about, my sweet Kaira?” Alpha Crimson showed her the paperwork that already held his stamp and signature. The headmaster of the orphanage met with him early morning, after his meeting with the council, and explained what happened and what Alpha Crimson’s cousin ordered them to do. After threatening his cousin over the phone to never make such a poor decision again, Alpha Crimson signed the paperwork to begin construction for the orphanage tomorrow morning. He had even spent half a million dollars of his personal money to help repair the orphanage.

Kaira yanked the paperwork out of his hands and skimmed through it quickly. Her eyes landed on his signature and stamp at the bottom before her mouth fell into a big ‘O’ shape. She let out a nervous laugh before quickly sliding off of his lap and taking several steps away from him.

“Ah...this...I mean....he said you didn’t I thought...oh my God, I spoke about your butt cheeks in front of those Alphas and Betas!” Kaira began to ramble, horrified at her own behavior before she realized the embarrassing fact.

“Of course the part she remembers is about his ass!” Beta Zachariah stated as he and Leighton bursted into laughter.

Kaira sent them a deadly glare before shifting her eyes back to her mate who was staring at her intently. She squirmed under his heated gaze and looked at anywhere but his handsome face. She felt him take a step towards her, making her jump back before grabbing Leighton’s hand and making a run for it.

“Eek! I’m sorry! I won’t talk about your butt cheeks ever again, I promise! I’ll make dinner tonight, bye!” Kaira shouted as she quickly dragged a dumbfounded Leighton out the doors with heated cheeks.

Kaira could hear her mate chuckling behind her but sighed in relief when he did not chase after her. She was surprised that he wasn’t mad at her for embarrassing him in front of everyone. As soon as they exited the conference room, several pairs of eyes landed on her as Theta Grant and the other men were looking at her with amusement and slight interest evident in their eyes. They had heard the whole conversation and were quite impressed with the young woman who dared to go up against the almighty Alpha Crimson to protect an orphanage.

“Ah! Uh...I...I’m so sorry for interrupting your meeting with Alpha Crimson. Please forget what I said about his butt cheeks!” Kaira rambled off once again before clamping a hand over her mouth when she realized that she mentioned his butt cheeks yet again. She could hear Beta Zachariah burst into laughter once more from inside the conference room and made a mental note to get her revenge another time.

Kaira’s cheeks heated up before she pulled Leighton away from the crowd and headed towards the exit. She almost made it out safely before her mate’s velvety voice fell into her ears.

“I’ll punish you accordingly in bed tonight, my sweet Kaira,” Alpha Crimson promised with a deep chuckle as he smirked devilishly towards his mate who froze at his words for a millisecond and then sprinted out of the building.

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