Alpha Crimson's Unpredictable Mate

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Chapter 20

“Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” Kaira screamed with joy and gave her thanks to heaven as she sauntered into Alpha Crimson’s master bedroom. Leighton left to visit her mate who Kaira learnt is a pack warrior named Leo Attix, a sweet man who would do anything Leighton asked.

Before escaping with Leighton after that embarrassing meeting, Kaira used the excuse of needing to go to the bathroom in the pack house. Instead she sprinted into the pack house’s laundry room and stole a pair of red, lace underwear and bra from the washed pile while the maids were distracted. Although the bra and underwear were clean, it still held the faint scent of a woman and Kaira planned to use this to her advantage in the near future.

“What’s got my daughter so happy?” Katherine’s soft voice fell into Kaira’s ears as she quickly hid the underwear under the bed and turned towards her mate’s mother.

“Mom! What are you doing here?” Kaira questioned nervously as her big innocent hazel eyes wandered around the room.

“Kay asked me to keep you company. I heard what happened at the meeting...” Katherine began and Kaira instantly gulped in fear.

“I didn’t do it on purpose, mama! I swear, I didn’t intentionally embarrass Alpha Crimson, I mean Kayden, it was a misunderstanding! Yeah, a misunderstanding, aha. Please don’t be mad at me, Mama?” Kaira broke out into a cold sweat as images of the former Luna attacking her for embarrassing Alpha Crimson poured into her mind. She really didn’t want to die today, everyone knew how protective Luna’s are of their children.

A soft, melodic laugh filled the air as Katherine began to laugh at the younger woman’s rambling. She crossed the room and pulled Kaira into a gentle embrace.

“You really are the sweetest girl, aren’t you? Mama would never be angry with you, don’t you worry about a thing. I found out what happened from Kay, I am so happy to have such a brave, caring daughter who would fight her own mate to protect orphans that she never met. You make this mama very proud, thank you” Kaira hugged the older woman back and began to cry into her arms. For how many years has she yearned to hear those words from her mom and feel her mom’s warmth?

“Thanks, mama” Kaira whispered before releasing the older woman and wiping her tears away in embarrassment as the older woman nodded her head with a motherly smile.

“Also, Kay wanted me to make sure that you are alright. He noticed that you seemed shaken up by those Alphas and Betas. He would like you to know that they all work under our family, you are their ruler and there will never be a situation in which you must apologize to them. We will always protect you, dear. Do whatever you want, you will always have us there to help you, understood?” Katherine promised as the younger girl nodded her head and gave her a bright smile.

“Understood! Thank you, Mama!” Kaira gave her the sweetest smile she could and offered to make dinner for everyone.

“Oh no, that’s alright! I am going to have dinner with Leighton and Leo. Besides, my son would kill us if we intruded on your first time cooking dinner for him!” she teased as Kaira’s face flushed red and she began to ramble off nonsense again to rebuke what the older woman said.


“SOMETIMES I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH, CAN’T STOP MY THOUGHTS COME ALL AT ONCE, MAYBE I’M CRAZY MAYBE WHO KNOWS, COULDA BEEN EASY ALL ALONG, BUT SOMETIMES I THINK I THINK TOO MUCH” Kaira sang happily as she skipped around Alpha Crimson’s luxurious kitchen and made dinner. She was completely oblivious to the three men who had just entered the mansion and had stopped at the entrance of the kitchen.

Kaira had showered after Katherine left and couldn’t find any suitable pajamas to wear since all of hers were revealing nightgowns. Instead, she opted for one of Alpha Crimson’s black dress shirts that fit her like a dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra since she didn’t have the habit of doing so while at home but made sure to wear underwear under the long shirt. Her long wet hair was thrown into a messy bun so that it wouldn’t get into the food.

Seeing Kaira singing and dancing in his shirt made Alpha Crimson’s eyes darken instantly. She looked so beautiful and alluring, it made him want to take her against the dining table, the floor, the couch in the living room, and every other corner of their home. He wanted to make love to her everywhere so that every inch of their home would remind her of him while he was outside working.

Alpha Crimson turned towards Beta Zachariah and Theta Grant who were gaping at their Luna who continued to sing and dance. Both men felt their Alpha’s death stare and looked away from the oblivious woman.

“THESE BOYS AIN’T SHIT, I’M NOT HERE FOR IT. IF YOU WANT ME, ACT LIKE IT, ACT LIKE” Kaira switched to singing her other favorite song and swayed her hips seductively as dipped a spoon into the sauce she made for the pasta and brought it to her lips. It tasted perfect and she couldn’t help but moan aloud.

A deep, lustful growl filled the air making Kaira turn around and look towards the entrance of the kitchen. Her gaze landed on three pairs of feet before travelling up and looking at their faces. She instantly screamed in surprise with a bright red face before dropping the spoon onto the floor. She wanted to dig a hole into the flooring and bury herself in there.

“MINE” Alpha Crimson growled out before engulfing her small frame into a tight hug. Kaira struggled to get out of his tight hold and squirmed against his chest. It was only when her own chest rubbed against his, that she realized her mistake of not wearing a bra.

Alpha Crimson’s dark eyes snapped down to look into hers and she could see the lust swirling in his darkened ocean blue eyes. She gulped fearfully and turned towards the other two men to ask for help but noticed that they had already bolted out the door.

Kaira screamed as if she was in pain, making her mate instantly release her from his tight hold and look her over from top to bottom for any injuries. She used that to her advantage and pushed him away from her body.

Alpha Crimson’s eyes widened in disbelief when he realized that she was completely fine and had done that just to get away from him. His gaze hardened before he took one step towards her, making her take several steps away from him.

“Ahh, I’m sorry!” Kaira squeaked out before dashing out of the room and running up the stairs, away from her mate. Alpha Crimson released a possessive growl before quickly following after her.

Kaira sprinted up the stairs and into the long hallway, trying to find a safe sanctuary. She didn’t expect her mate to come home so soon tonight and his previous words were ringing in her ears.

‘I’ll punish you accordingly in bed tonight’ Alpha Crimson had stated earlier when Kaira crashed his important meeting and embarrassed him in front of everyone. Plus, she just feigned an injury to get out of his embrace and that seemed to piss him off.

Her heartbeat pounded loudly as hazel orbs frantically searched the hallway for a room she could hide in. Finally, her eyes landed on the last door at the end of the hallway. It was the only black door in the hallway and looked off-limits but her nerves were on edge so she wasn’t thinking straight.

Kaira could hear his footsteps coming up the staircase. Without wasting another second, she sprinted towards the door and entered the dark room. She flicked the lights on for a single second and noticed that she was in a luxurious office. Quickly closing the lights, she ran towards the desk and hid underneath it.

‘Please, don’t let him come in here. Please’ Kaira prayed silently but froze completely when the door opened.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are, my sweet Kaira,” Alpha Crimson teased as he slowly approached his mate. Truthfully, he wasn’t going to punish Kaira in bed as he stated earlier. He just wanted to tease her a little bit. But coming home tonight and seeing her dancing in his clothes, her sexy bare legs on display for him, he couldn’t stop his thoughts of wanting to claim her right now.

Kaira heard his dominant steps land in front of the big desk. Before he could bend down to help her out, Kaira sprung forward, practically tackling the unsuspected Alpha onto his wooden office chair that was shaped like a throne fit for a king.

“Eager, aren’t we?” Alpha Crimson teased as Kaira was straddling his waist while sitting on his lap and clung onto his neck for support.

“Uh? What, no! I... I mean... you...” Kaira began to ramble off nervously but her words got stuck in her throat when her mate slid his warm hands onto her hips and gently pressed her down on his lap.

She could feel something hard poke against her core and her cheeks flushed red when he let out a deep growl. His eyes lowered down to her alluring naturally red lips and he began to lean forward.

“Fuck, I want you so bad” Alpha Crimson groaned a loud, his eyes flickering black as he gently brushed his warm lips against Kaira’s cold lips. He hated how she always felt cold, it made him worry that she would fall ill. He wanted to give all of his warmth to her instead. His favorite way of doing that was pressing his warm lips onto hers.

Kaira was about to push him away or slap him silly but then she remembered what Leighton said about men being tired and off guard after being intimate. She wanted to test that out and see if she could catch the big, bad Alpha in a vulnerable state. She wanted to know if she could be in control for once.

Tightening her arms around his neck, Kaira leaned in closer and pressed her chest into his. She could feel him stiffen and had to suppress the shivers crawling up her back. She pressed a soft kiss onto his lips but leaned away when he was about to deepen the kiss.

“About the punishment you mentioned...” Kaira began with her hot breath fanning his face and her intoxicating scent filled his senses.

“Don’t worry, I won’t--” Alpha Crimson interrupted her and tightened his hold around her waist. He looked as if he was on the verge of breaking, making Kaira hold back a sinister laugh.

“No. I want you to punish me, Kayden” Kaira leaned into the side of his handsome face and whispered those seductive words into his ear making the tip of the Alpha’s ears turn red. Kaira smiled at the effect she had on her mate.

“Kaira” Alpha Crimson moaned her name as she pressed down on his lap. His warm hands traveled from her waist, down to her bare legs. Kaira felt the tingles spread on her legs before wind hit her face as her mate lifted her and brought her to their bedroom within seconds.

Kaira felt her back hit their huge bed, making her blink several times in surprise. She watched as her mate hovered over her, loosening his black tie from the dress shirt he was wearing. Kaira quickly switched their positions and flipped them over so that she was the one on top of him, straddling his waist.

Alpha Crimson looked up at her in surprise as she took a hold of his tie and loosened it for him. Kaira wrapped her arms around her mate and looked at him with an innocent expression. Her next words were the most shocking words the Alpha heard in his whole life.

“Last night, you pleasured me. Allow me to return the favor tonight...but I’m too shy so wear this,” Kaira whispered seductively with a bright red face. She leaned forward and began to wrap the tie around his eyes. Alpha Crimson’s hand shot up to hold her wrist, he had never been blindfolded by anyone before. He had never been in such a powerless position ever.

“Kayden, please” Kaira let out a soft whimper, making the Alpha instantly release her hand so that she could continue.

Once finished with blindfolding him, Kaira got off his lap and for a split second, she debated running out the door and away from his house. But that would need to wait. First, she needs to test out Leighton’s theory and gain her mate’s trust.

Alpha Crimson felt the loss of her warmth and reached out towards her. Kaira took his hand and brought him towards the edge of the bed so that his legs hit the floor. Alpha Crimson stiffened when her small hands traveled down to his belt buckle before taking those off with his pants. Within seconds, her small soft hands wrapped around his hard length making him release a deep, lustful growl.

“Kaira” Alpha Crimson warned as he felt her soft hands tighten around him. Kaira’s eyes widened as he became even harder at her touch and her small hand seemed tiny in comparison to his length. She gulped nervously and shifted her eyes up to his blindfolded face to make sure that he couldn’t see the doubt and fear in her eyes.

Shaking her head, she lowered her lips towards the tip of his heated length and shut her eyes tightly. She had never given anyone a blow job in all twenty four years of her life. If you had told her last week that she would be on her knees in front of her half naked Alpha Mate, she would have punched you in the face and laughed at your crazy remark.

Alpha Crimson froze when he felt her hot breath fan his hard length. He reached down towards her face and tried to push her away.

“Kaira, stop. You’re not ready,” Alpha Crimson began but his loud groan filled the room as soon as her sweet lips wrapped around him. His hands instantly dropped to her hair as he tore the elastic off and tightened his hold around it as she began to softly suck him off.

Kaira’s face flushed red as she tried her best to not show how clumsy and inexperienced she was at this. She had only seen this kind of things in movies that her friends dragged her to but even in those, they didn’t exactly give you a close up! She had no idea what the hell she was doing but the feeling of his hot length in her mouth didn’t disgust her. In fact, part of her wanted to taste more of him.

‘Oh my God, what the fuck is wrong with me?’ Kaira screamed internally as she tried to take more of him into her mouth. She released a frustrated growl because he was just too big for her smaller mouth. She wrapped her small hands around part of his length and tightened her hold, making him release a satisfying growl.

A few minutes went by and Alpha Crimson was on the verge of losing it. He had tried many times to remove the blindfold but then Kaira would grab his hands and place them into her hair again before sucking him harder, making him grip onto her hair tightly. He wanted to see his mate, the image of her on her knees with her sweet lips wrapped around him but she wouldn’t let him. It felt like he was the one getting punished.

Kaira could feel him about to release and a smug smirk graced her lips. Alpha Crimson released a terrifying growl, making Kaira gasp in surprise as he ripped his blindfold off and threw her onto the bed. She looked at him in confusion and met his darkened, lustful gaze. He could tell that it was her first time doing this and he knew that she didn’t know what was coming next. She would have choked and felt forced to swallow him as he released if he hadn’t stopped her.

“What do you think you’re doing, Alpha Crimson?” Kaira whined underneath him and tried to flip him but he wouldn’t budge.

“I should be asking you that, my little unpredictable mate. What were you going to do if I hadn’t stopped you in time?” Alpha Crimson questioned and smirked at her making her release another frustrated growl. The whole point of this was to test his limits and to see his vulnerable side after being intimate with him. Why was he ruining the plan?

“I want to taste you, Kayden” Kaira whispered with bright cheeks, making Alpha Crimson release a deep growl before attacking her sweet lips. Kaira let him do so for a few seconds before flipping their positions so that she was straddling his waist. She broke apart from the kiss while maintaining eye contact with her mate.

Slowly, she lowered herself back to his still hard length and resumed her previous attack on him. Her soft, slow sucking tortured Alpha Crimson as he fisted her hair and released into her mouth after a few moments. Kaira swallowed as much as she could before lifting herself up and looking at her Alpha mate.

His dark blonde hair was a mess, his cheeks slightly flushed with his ear tips a bright red. He looked towards her in a way he had never done so before. For the first time, he wasn’t looking at her on edge as if he was worried about her escaping. He looked at her as if he had won their battle, as if he was convinced that she loved him, making Kaira’s face instantly light up like a Christmas tree.

“Fuck, I want you so bad,” Alpha Crimson pulled her flush against him and began to attack her lips again. His hands moved to her breasts and he squeezed them, causing her to gasp in surprise. He plunged his tongue into her mouth as his hands roamed all over her heated body.

Kaira felt something hard poke into her thighs making her squeal in surprise and push him away from her body. Her frightened eyes and slightly swollen parted lips traveled up to her mate’s dark gaze as she pointed at his lower region.

“You...that....again?!” Kaira questioned innocently, making her Alpha mate release a deep chuckle.

“Only you have this effect on me, my sweet Kaira. Only you. Now, it’s my turn to pleasure you,” Alpha Crimson stated before flipping Kaira under him on their soft bed.

‘Oh, fuck my life’ Kaira froze in fear, not knowing how to get out of this situation, her eyes darted around the room nervously.

“!” Kaira screamed when her mate had begun to unbutton her shirt. Alpha Crimson looked at her with a raised brow.

“Um...I mean...not yet, please. I spent so much time cooking for you tonight, go shower and then we will eat. I’m so hungry, see my stomach’s growling!” Kaira added the last part, praying that he would believe her even though no sounds were emitted from her belly.

Alpha Crimson looked down at his mate in silence for a few more seconds before releasing a sigh and kissing her lips softly.

“I’m hungry too but not for food,” Alpha Crimson began as his eyes roamed her body before returning to her beautiful, flushed face.

“but for tonight, I will satisfy this hunger with your delicious cooking instead” Alpha Crimson smirked at her shocked expression before kissing her one more time and getting off the bed.

Kaira silently watched as her mate made his way towards the bathroom and began to fist-pump the air with a huge smile on her face.

‘Yes, yes, yes!!! This plan will work, I effect him more than I thought I would, I will definitely be able to leave once he’s vulnerable and lets his guard down!’ Kaira couldn’t suppress her squeal of excitement, making her mate look towards her before he entered the bathroom.

Alpha Crimson smirked to himself as he foolishly believed that she was happy about succeeding in her first attempt at pleasing him despite her inexperience. He thought that she was happy about fooling him into thinking that it wasn’t her first time doing that.

“Also, thank you for allowing me to be the first and only man you wrap those pretty lips of yours around, my sweet Kaira,” Alpha Crimson’s smirk widened at her flushed face and gaping mouth before he entered their bathroom while laughing.


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